Grant 2024

Venue: Vancouver Lawn & Tennis Club Location Vancouver, BC Date April 19-21, 2024 Canada 9 USA 18 Winner Scores Morgan Latremouille, Vancouver, BC Barton Mackey, New York, NY CAN 15-8, 9-15, 14-15, 15-11 ,15-11 Robert Birrell, Calgary, AB Anderson Good, Washington, DC Jay Nash, London, ON Valentin Quan, New York, NY USA 13-15, 15-10 ,15-9 […]

Crawford 2024

Venue: Vancouver Lawn & Tennis Club Location Vancouver, BC Date April 19-21, 2024 Canada 18 USA 13 Winner Scores Cathy Brown, Vancouver, BC Susan Greene, Newton, MA CAN 15-7, 15-7, 15-8 Cathy Tuckwell, Toronto, ON Catherine Cobb, Charleston, SC Steph Edmison, Toronto, Ontario Casey Wong, Oakland, CA USA 7-15, 15-13, 15-14, 15-13 Rachel Au, Vancouver, […]

Lapham 2024

Venue: Vancouver Lawn & Tennis Club Location Vancouver, BC Date April 19-21, 2024 Canada 9 USA 10 Winner Scores Hussein Salemwalla Vancouver, BC Browning Platt New York, NY CAN 19-17, 13-11, 12-10 Richard Yendell Vancouver, BC David Adams Chicago, IL CAN 11-8, 11-4, 11-5 Ryan Haider Vancouver, BC Willie Gaynor Washington, DC USA 11-7,11-8, 11-4 […]

Lawrence-Wilkins 2024

Venue: Vancouver Lawn & Tennis Club Location Vancouver, BC Date April 19-21, 2024 Canada 8 USA 13 Winner Scores David Adams, Vancouver, BC Dennis Cusack, Portland, OR USA 15-5,15-2,15-11 Gordon Pybus, Vancouver, BC Jeffrey Pollock, Santa Fe, NM Ivars Sayfy, Ottawa, ON Jim Marver Indian River Shores, FL USA 15-3,15-7,15-7 Lynn Broman, Vancouver, BC Robert […]

Lawrence-Wilkins 2023

Lawrence-Wilkins Trophy April 21 – 23, 2023   Wilmington Country Club Wilmington, DE     Canada  14 USA   5 Scores David Locke, Toronto, ON Jack Wyant, Cincinnati, OH CAN 3 – 0 John Hungerford, Vancouver, BC Dick Rice, Rochester, NY     Michael Letourneau, Calgary, AB David Page, Chadds Ford, PA CAN 3 – 0 […]

Crawford 2023

Crawford Cup April 21 – 23, 2023   Wilmington Country Club Wilmington, DE   Canada  9 USA   22 Scores Kim Watson, Calgary, AB Emily Terry, Atlanta, GA USA 3 – 0 Ella Watson, Calgary, AB Patricia Wong, Baltimore, MD     Ruth Castellino, Vancouver, BC Catherine Cobb, Charleston, SC CAN 3 – 1 Cathy Brown, […]

Grant 2023

Grant Trophy April 21 – 23, 2023   Wilmington Country Club Wilmington, DE   Canada  10 USA   15 Scores Namsoo Oh, Toronto, ON Kleon Diamantopoul, Wilmington, DE USA 3 – 2 Robert Dube, Vaughan, ON Amrit Kanwal, Boston, MA     Danny Paolucci, Richmond Hill, ON Ted Griffith, Atlanta, GA USA 3 – 0 Ray […]

Lapham 2023

Lapham Cup April 21 – 23, 2023   Wilmington Country Club Wilmington, DE   Canada  8 USA   13 Scores Robert Birrell, Calgary, AB Barton Mackey, Wilmington, DE CAN 3 – 2 Steve Burnham, Oakville, ON Nigel Thain, Philadelphia, PA USA 3 – 2 Robert Dube, Vaughan, ON Jay Hatcher, Louisville, KY USA 3 – 0 […]

Lawrence-Wilkins 2022

Lawrence-Wilkins Trophy October 27-30 2022     Toronto Cricket Club Toronto ON     Canada 12 USA 9   Scores Brian Murray,Toronto,ON Tim Bovaird,Toronto,ON Jim Parsons,New Canaan,CT Scott Simonton,Wilmington,DE USA 15-14,15-9,14-15,10-15,15-8 Norm Crook,Burlington,ON Chris Todd,Toronto,ON Michael Pierce,Vero Beach,FL Jay Umans,New York,NY CAN 15-8,15-12,15-11 Derek Riley,Toronto,ON Clive Caldwell,Toronto,ON John Brazilian,Boston,MA Mark Pagon,Philadelphia,PA CAN 15-7,15-12,9-15,6-15,15-11 Rea Godbold,Toronto,ON […]

Crawford 2022

Crawford Trophy October 27 – 30 2022   Toronto Cricket Club Toronto ON   Canada 20 USA 7 Scores Maddie O’Connor,Toronto,ON Tara Mullins,Toronto,ON Anina Fraser,New York,NY Catherine Cobb,Charleston,SC CAN 15-13,15-3,15-6 Laura Savage,London,ON Susan Bell,Montreal,QC Vaughan Schmidt,Baltimore,MD Beth Rasin,New York,NY CAN 15-8,15-8,15-1 Stephanie Edmison,Toronto,ON Dileas MacGowan,Toronto,ON Emily Terry,Atlanta,GA Rachel Scherman,Denver,CO CAN 15-8,15-5,15-11 Nikki Todd,Toronto,ON Stephanie Hewitt,Toronto,ON […]

Grant 2022

Grant Trophy October 27-30 2022   Toronto Cricket Club Toronto ON   Canada 9 USA 22 Scores Peter McCarthy,Toronto,ON Matt Serediak,Toronto,ON Taylor Lanier,Atlanta,GA Dylan Patterson,New York,NY USA 15-11,15-9,15-13 Steve Burnham,Oakville,ON Alex Carter,Toronto,ON Eric Pearson,Charlottesville,VA Chris Haley,Baltimore,MD CAN 15-5,15-7,15-10 Namsoo Oh,Toronto,ON Chuck Van Kempen,Toronto,ON Ed Chilton,Wilmington,DE Andrew Slater,Boston,MA USA 15-6,14-15,15-8,15-8 Pranav Sharma,Montreal,QC Eric Watson,Calgary,AB Bart Mackey,New […]

Lapham 2022

Lapham Cup October 27-30 2022   Toronto Cricket Club Toronto ON   Canada 7 USA 10 Scores Bob Ferguson,Toronto,ON Jay Hatcher,Louisville,KY USA 11-2,11-3,9-11,11-13,11-9 Brian Hong,Toronto,ON Travis Hudson,New York,NY USA 11-7,11-5,11-2 John Wang,Toronto,ON Will Simonton,New York,NY USA 6-11,11-7,11-8,11-6 Steve Burnham,Oakville,ON Mick Joint,Detroit,MI USA 11-3,11-1,11-7 Matt Serediak,Toronto,ON Peter Kelly,Boston,MA CAN 11-8,11-6,13-11 Strachan Jarvis,Toronto,ON Robert Gallucio,New York,NY CAN […]

Crawford 2021

Crawford Cup November 13 2021 Racquet Club of Chicago Chicago IL Canada 4 USA 2 Winner Scores Kelly Kuru, Toronto, ON Megan Picken, Vancouver, BC Emile Kraft, Chicago, IL Laura Stuto, Denver, CO Can 2-1 Laura Savage, London, ON Sally Philp, Toronto, ON Rachel Scherman, Denver, CO Vaughan Schmidt, Baltimore, MD USA 2-1 Laura Savage, […]

Grant 2021

  Grant Trophy November 13 2021 Racquet Club of Chicago    Chicago IL Canada 4 USA 5 Winner Scores Jerome Trail, Toronto, ON Chuck Van Kempen, Toronto, ON Marty Kinsella, Chicago, IL Greg Pearce, Chicago, IL Can 3-2 Pat van Gelder, Toronto, ON Michael Hobart, Toronto, ON Liam Culman, New York, NY Randy Goodleaf, New […]

Lapham 2021

Lapham Cup November 13 2021 Racquet Club of Chicago Chicago IL Canada 2 USA 2 USA wins on games won Winner Scores William Lam, Toronto, ON William Gaynor, Washington, DC USA 3-0 Alex Carter, Toronto, ON Mick Joint, Grosse Pointe, OH Can 3-1 William Lam, Toronto, ON Jacob Beidler, Chicago, IL USA 3-0 John Hall, […]


The Lapham Cup matches between Canada and the U.S.A., dating back to 1922, are believed to be one of the oldest amateur sporting events between two countries, having been played for 90 consecutive years. The Grant Trophy matches were inaugurated in 1945, the Crawford Trophy matches in 1999, and the Lawrence-Wilkins Trophy matches in 2001. […]

The Lapham-Grant Tradition by W. Stewart Brauns, Jr

Having had the honor of playing over twenty Lapham-Grant matches and having been the U.S. team captain, I was particularly pleased to be asked to write this article. More than anything else, there is no doubt the Lapham-Grant is steeped in tradition “pressed down and running over’. But before discussing tradition, I must first set […]

Squash bragging rights in the Americas

The grand old thing is bigger than the Stanley Cup and older than any other squash trophy in existence. It has the thousands of names engraved on it, dates and scores and champagne stains. It is the symbol of squash excellence and of patriotism and no small rivalry between the two countries on either side […]

Lawrence-Wilkins 2017

Lawrence Wilkins Canada 15 USA 12 Winner Scores Stephen Cropper – Calgary, AB / Barry McDonald – Calgary, AB Harry Miley – Columbia, SC / Jerry Peters – Santa Fe, NM CAN 15-13, 15-14, 12-15, 15-6 Molson Robertson – Toronto, ON Walter Burke – Santa Fe, NM USA 9-11, 8-11, 8-11 Rea Godbold – Toronto, […]

Crawford 2017

Crawford Canada 23 USA 12 Winner Scores Jodie Nykuluk – Calgary, AB / Lolly Gillen – Toronto, ON Wendy Nolan – New York, NY / Beth Rasin – New York, NY CAN 15-9, 15-13, 15-14 Melina Turk – Yellowknife, NWT Claire Barker – Denver, CO CAN 11-5, 11-6, 11-4 Lindsay Auld – Calgary, AB / […]

Lapham 2017

Lapham Canada 8 USA 11 Winner Scores Robert Birrell – Calgary, AB Jay Hatcher – Louisville, KY CAN 11-4, 11-8, 11-8 Jay Nash – London, ON Marty Kinsella – Chicago, IL USA 10-12, 9-11, 12-10, 10-12 Jack Hoogstraten – Calgary, AB Ian Sly – Cleveland, OH USA 3-11, 5-11, 2-11 Eric Dingle – Montreal, QC […]

Grant 2017

Grant Canada 11 USA 17 Winner Scores Eric Dingle – Montral, QC / Michael Letourneau – Calgary, AB Keith Merrill – New York, NY/ Scott Fuller – New York, NY CAN 15-12, 8-15, 15-9, 15-12 Strachan Jarvis – Toronto, ON / Cory Shannon – Calgary, AB Marty Kinsella – Chicago, IL/ Will Gruner – Seattle, […]

U.S. Women Win Crawford Cup; Team Canada Sweeps Men’s Lapham-Grant Matches

The ninety-fifth Lapham-Grant Matches, or United States versus Canada Invitational Squash Challenge Matches, took place this weekend in New York City with the visiting Canadian teams taking all three men’s competitions, and the U.S. side claiming the women’s Crawford Cup. The Lapham-Grant Matches returned to New York City after a seventy-two-year hiatus. The Grant Trophy […]

Grant 2016

Grant Trophy April 14 – 17, 2016 Univ. Club of New York New York, NY Canada 27 USA 19 Winner Scores Norm Crook,Toronto,ON Raymond Bertrand,Toronto,ON Liam Culman,New York,NY Randy Goodleaf,New York,NY USA 12-15,15-13,15-7,15-14 Karl Burnham,Toronto,ON Steve Burnham,Toronto,ON Charles Parkhurst,Rye,NY William Osnato,New York,NY USA 15-10,9-15,15-13,15-10 David Jarvis,Toronto,ON Tim Bovaird,Toronto,ON Andrew Zimmerman,New York,NY Edward Shugrue,New York,NY USA […]

Lapham 2016

Lapham Cup April 14-17,2016 University Club of New York New York, NY Canada 18 USA 15 Scores Iain Crozier,Toronto,ON William Newnham,New York,NY USA 11-3,11-5,11-4 Marc Lalonde,Moncton,NB Peter Worth,New York,NY USA 8-11,13-11,12-10,11-13,11-8 Nathan Drew,Burlington,ON Robert Coakley,New York,NY Can 13-11,3-11,5-11,11-7,11-6 Jake Hooker,Calgary,AB Peter Kelly,New York,NY USA 11-6,11-7,11-9 Alex Carter,Toronto,ON Bryce Harding,Arlington,VA Can 11-9,11-6,11-5 Marc Lalonde,Moncton,NB Frank Schmidt,San […]

Crawford 2016

Crawford Trophy April 14-17, 2016 Univ. Club of New York New York NY Canada 18 USA 33 Score Sandra Shaw,London,ON Kimberley Watson,Calgary,AB Beth Rasin,New York,NY Wendy Nolan,New York,NY Can 15-8,15-10,11-15,12-5,15-13 Judy Martin,Montreal,QC Shivani Ruparell,Toronto,ON Benay Betts,Bronx,NY Tracy Greer,Berwyn,PA USA 15-8,15-9,15-13 Kimberley Watson,Calgary,AB Caitlin Hungerford,Vancouver,BC Beth Rasin,New York,NY Sarah McGowan,New York,NY USA 15-9,15-6,11-15,15-9 Carmela Kervin,Aurora,ON Susan […]

Lawrence Wilkins 2016

Lawrence-Wilkins Trophy April 14 – 17, 2016 Univ. Club of New York New York, NY Canada 17 USA 13 Won  Scores John Fauquier,Toronto,ON Dennis Bishop,Montreal,QC Tyler Thomas,Louisville,KY Theodore Marmor,New York,NY Can 15-8,15-12,12-15,15-6 Paul Fisher,Toronto,ON Tony Ross,Toronto,ON Christopher Tatum,New York,NY Robert Mosier,Costa Mesa,CA Can 15-6,15-9,7-15,11-15, 15-7 Ritchie Bell,Montreal,QC Michael Wilson,Montreal,QC Terry Eagle,Carpinteria,CA Peter Susskind,SanFranciscoCA USA 9-15,15-14,15-13,15-12 […]

Team Canada Sweeps Lapham-Grant Matches

Team Canada led the way in this year’s Lapham-Grant matches, hosted in London, Ontario, at the London Squash Club, this weekend, April 23-26, cruising to victory over Team USA with a 70-28 overall scoreline. The annual Lapham-Grant matches take place between four different competitions: the men’s singles competing for the Lapham Cup, men’s doubles competing for […]

Crawford 2015

Crawford Trophy April 23 – 26, 2015 London Squash Club London, Ontario Canada 27 USA 17 Won  Scores Rebecca Hazell,Oakville,ON Stephanie Edmison,Toronto,ON Tehani Guruge,Jersey City,NJ Logan Greer,Portland,OR USA 13-15,15-13,7-15, 7-4, Def – Injury Laurie Savage,London,ON Heather Maclean,Toronto,ON Logan Greer,Portland,OR Tehani Guruge,Jersey City,NJ USA 15-12,10-15,15-8, 15-10 Nicole Garon,Clinton,ON Anne Smith,Elginburg,ON Beth Rasin,New York,NY Wendy Nolan,New York,NY […]

Lawrence Wilkins 2015

Lawrence – Wilkins Trophy April 23 – 26, 2015 London Squash Club London, Ontario Canada 11 USA 3 Wob By Scores David Bogert,Toronto,ON Robert Dubeau,Montreal,QC Theodore Marmor,New York,NY Donald Mills,Cincinnati,OH USA 15-12,12-15,15-13, 10-15,15-13 Peter Hall,Cambridge,ON Rea Godbold,Toronto,ON Charles Ogelsby,Bryn Maur,PA Alan Fox,Long Beach,CA Can 12-15,15-8,15-10, 15-8 Molson Robertson,Toronto,ON Anthony Swift,Toronto,ON Richard Rice,Rochester,NY Kit Tatum,New London,NH […]

Lapham 2015

Lapham Cup April 23 – 26, 2015 London Squash Club London, Ontario Canada 22 USA 7 Winner Scores Trevor Tyson,London,ON Elias Sarraf,Amherst,NY Can 11-9,11-5,11-7 Cory Shannon,London,ON Peter Logan,Grosse Pointe,MI Can 11-9,13-11,13-11 Michael Blythe,Dorchester,ON Kingman Basset,Buffalo,NY Can 11-7,11-8,11-4 Nicholas Guest,Mississauga,ON Henry Clutsam,Cincinnati,OH Can 11-9,11-6,10-12,8-11,11-9 Gary Delavigne,Sarnia,ON Mark Pagon,Haverford,PA Can 11-7,11-6,11-9 Nathan Drew,Burlington,ON Beau Jamison,Cincinnati,OH Can 11-8,8-11,6-11,11-2,11-4 […]

Grant 2015

Grant Trophy April 23 – 26, 2015 London Squash Club London, Ontario Canada 17 USA 4 Winner Scores Graham Smith,London,ON Bradley Hanebury,London,ON Michael Coombe,Cincinnati,OH Jay Hatcher,Louisville,KY Can 15-9,15-14,15-13 John Bowering,London, ON     Lindsay Smith,London,ON Liam Culman,New York,NY Robert Burton,Holland,MI USA 15-10,10-15,14-15,15-14,15-4 Darryl Saari,London,ON Cory Shannon,London,ON Jay Hatcher,Louisville,KY Mark Pagon,Haverford,PA Can 15-14,15-12,4-15,10-15,15-10 Jay Nash,London,ON                       Keith Flavell,Montreal,QC Scott […]

2014 Lapham-Grant Philadelphia, PA

After a 67-year hiatus, the Lapham-Grant Matches returned to Philadelphia and The Merion Cricket Club the weekend of April 10th – 13th. The Lapham Trophy was last hosted by Merion in 1947 and the local squash community was eager to see the return of this prestigious international competition. And it was a triumphant weekend for […]

Lapham 2014

Crawford Cup April 9-110, 2014 Merion Cricket Club     Philadelphia, PA U.S.A  10 Canada  13 Julian Illingworth Dave Letourneau USA 11-7,7-11,7-11,11-7,11-6 Taylor Lanier Josh Schwartz CANADA 11-7,11-6,11-5 Ed Chilton Nigel Thain USA 8-11,11-9,11-9,11-7 Matt Domenick Brian Hong CANADA 11-5,11-1,11-5 Todd Anderson Andrew Slater CANADA 11-7,12-10,11-9 Rich Repetto Iain Crozier CANADA 11-4,11-5,10-12,11-2 Andy Nehrbas Lindsay […]

Grant 2014

Crawford Cup   April 9-110, 2014   Merion Cricket Club         Philadelphia, PA USA 24 Canada 13 Bob Burton John Fry Craig Benson Blair Finlayson CANADA 13-11,15-14,11-9 Liam Culman Dan Dolan Michael Martin Lindsay  Smith USA 15-14,15-8,11-15,15-14 Keen Butcher Jay Hatcher Keith Flavell Dave Rosen CANADA 15-10,15-7,8-15,14-15,15-6 Peter Cipriano Rich Repetto Tyler […]

Lawrence Wilkins 2014

Crawford Cup April 9-110, 2014  Merion Cricket Club          Philadelphia, PA USA  11 CANADA  8 Scott Ryan Jay Umans Jim Bruce Michael Manley USA 15-11,15-13,15-7 Peter Day Dick Rice Bob Dubeau Tom Nederpel USA 15-10,15-13,15-10 Bob Mosier Leo Pierce Ivars Sayfy Jon LeHeup CANADA 14-15,15-14,14-13,15-12 Turk Thacher Ted Marmor Peter Holland David […]

Crawford 2014

Crawford Cup April 9-11, 2014 Merion Cricket Club Philadelphia, PA             U.S.A. 27 Canada  6   Margaret Rux Joyce Davenport     USA 14-15,15-14,15-5,15-11 Catherine Cobb Lulu Chou Shivani Ruparell Carolyn Roper USA 12-15, 15-9,15-10,15-9 Kat Grant Molly Pierce Kim Watson Cathy Tuckwell USA 15-5,15-11,15-10 Whitney Roller Tracy Greer Judy […]

PREVIEW ~ 2012 Atlanta

The 2012 Lapham-Grant Matches, together with the Lawrence-Wilkins and Crawford Cup Matches between Canada and the United States, will be held in Atlanta, Georgia over the weekend of March 15-18, 2012.  This will be the 90th anniversary of one of the oldest international sport competitions in the world.  The trophies consist of the Lapham Cup, […]

RECAP ~ 2011 Toronto

Lapham Grant Matches; one of the oldest amateur sporting events between two countries in world class style last weekend. The Lapham Grant, an annual squash tournament hosted in alternative years by Canada and the US, is a grand tradition dating back to 1922. The competition is intended to match teams of relative comparable ability in […]

Lapham 2012

  Lapham Cup March 16-18,2012 Piedmont Driving Club Atlanta,GA USA 14 Canada 11 Winner Scores Ahmed M.Hamza,Atlanta,GA David M.Letourneau,Calgary,AB Can 16-14,11-9,8-11,11-7 Preston B.Quick,New York,NY Matthew Serediak,Toronto,ON Can 8-11,11-4,11-9,11-4 Justin D.Mather,Atlanta,GA Matthew Serediak,Toronto,ON Can 11-2,11-4,11-4 Allen Post,Atlanta,GA Keith Pritchard,Calgary,AB Can 7-11,11-8,11-7,11-8 Michael Coombe,Cincinnati,OH Iain Crozier,Winnipeg,MB Can 11-6,11-4,11-5 John C.Hatcher,Louisville,KY Michael Leckie,Vancouver,BC Can 11-6,11-5,11-8 Peter S.Logan,Detroit,MI Robert […]

Grant 2012

Grant Trophy March 16-18,2012  Piedmont Driving Club Atlanta,GA  USA 17 Canada 10 Winner Scores Eric Vicek,Rowayton,CT Preston B.Quick,New York,NY David M.Letourneau,Calgary,AB Matthew Serediak,Toronto,ON USA 15-10,15-10,15-11 Ahmed M.Hamza,Atlanta,GA Jeffrey Mulligan,New York,NY Michael Leckie,Vancouver,BC Timothy Loat,Toronto,ON Can 12-15,8-15,15-7,15-9,15-4 Peter N.Cipriano,New York,NY William J.Villari,Atlanta,GA Iain Crozier,Winnipeg,MB David M.Letourneau,Calgary,AB Can 11-15,15-13,10-15,15-7,15-12 Eben Hardie,Atlanta,GA Alexander Dean,San Francisco,CA Eric Watson,Calgary,AB Robert […]

Lawrence-Wilkins 2012

Lawrence-Wilkins Trophy March 16-18,2012 Piedmont Driving Club Atlanta,GA USA 9 Canada 6 Winner Scores James A.Gibbons,San Francisco,CA Richard E.Rice,Rochester,NY Jim Bruce,Toronto,ON Molson Robertson,Toronto,ON USA 16-13,18-15,11-15,9-15,15-12 Christopher B.Tatum,New York,NY Theodore R.Marmor,New York,NY Molson Robertson,Toronto,ON Robert Dubeau,Montreal,QC Can 15-10,15-6,15-10 WilliamA.Palmer,ColoradoSpringsCO Richard E.Rice,Rochester,NY Rea Godbold,Toronto,ON Molson Robertson,Toronto,ON Can 15-10,15-10,15-10 Frank A.Schmidt,San Carlos,CA Charles C.Benedict,Atlanta,GA Rea Godbold,Toronto,ON Anthony Ross,Toronto,ON […]

Crawford 2012

Crawford Cup March 16-18,2012 Piedmont Driving Club Atlanta,GA Canada 22 USA 8 Nikki Todd,Saskatoon,SK Karen Levine,Vancouver,BC Ann McGowan,New York,NY Katherine M.Rowan,Portland,OR Can 17-14,15-11,17-15 Laura Letourneau,Calgary,AB Danielle Letourneau,Calgary,AB Viveca Gruen,Brooklyn,NY Sarah McGowan,New York,NY Can 15-11,15-11,15-9 Cairn Meek,Toronto,ON Karen Levine,Vancouver,BC Viveca Gruen,Brooklyn,NY Beth A.Rasin,New York,NY Can 15-5,15-11,15-8 Judy Martin,Montreal,QC Susan Bell,Montreal,QC Marie Johnson Vicek,Rowayton,CT Katherine M.Rowan,Portland,OR USA […]

Lapham 2011

Lapham Cup February 12-13,2011 The Granite Club Toronto,ON  Canada 16  USA 9 Winner Scores Colin West,Toronto,ON Lee C.Rosen,New York,NY Can 14-12,11-3,11-9 Colin West,Toronto,ON Dylan J.Patterson,New York,NY Can 11-6,11-2,11-4 Scott Stoneburgh,Toronto,ON Lee C.Rosen,New York,NY USA 14-12,8-11,11-8,11-8 Alexander Carter,Toronto,ON Scott A.Denne,Santa Fe,NM Can 11-3,11-6,11-3 James Keene,Toronto,ON Peter N.Cipriano,New York,NY Can 12-10,11-7,11-7 Strachan Jarvis,Toronto,ON Marshall Sebring,New York,NY Can […]

Grant 2011

Grant Trophy: February 12-13,2011 The Granite Club, Toronto, ON Canada 13  USA 14 Winner Scores Scott Stoneburgh,Toronto,ON Peter N.Cipriano,New York,NY CAN 15-12,15-9,15-8 Alexander Carter,Toronto,ON Dylan J.Patterson,New York,NY Ryan Forster,Toronto,ON Will Simonton,New York,NY CAN 15-9,15-6,15-8 Colin West,Toronto,ON William Osnato,New York,NY Ryan Forster,Toronto,ON Lee C.Rosen,New York,NY CAN 15-4,15-10,15-12 Alexander Carter,Toronto,ON Aaron Zimmerman,New York,NY Scott Stoneburgh,Toronto,ON Peter N.Cipriano,New […]

Lawrence-Wilkins 2011

Lawrence-Wilkins Trophy: February 11-13 2011 The Granite Club Toronto ON Canada 4 Capt.Michael McBean,Montreal,QC USA 7 Capt.Kit Tatum,New York,N Winner Scores Edgar Bracht,Toronto,ON John H.Wyant,Cincinnati,OH Can 17-15,15-13,15-8 Norman Lee,Toronto,ON Theodore R.Marmor,New York,NY Peter Jones,Toronto,ON Kit Tatum,New York,NY Can 12-15,15-13,15-9,10-15,15-11 Ronald Bertram,Toronto,ON Dennis M.Clare,Louisville,KY Peter Frost,Toronto,ON John H.Wyant,Cincinnati,OH USA 15-6,17-16,15-8 Harold Hemstad,Toronto,ON Dennis M.Clare,Louisville,KY Edgar Bracht,Toronto,ON […]

Crawford 2011

Crawford Trophy: February 12 – 13,  2011 The Granite Club,  Toronto,  ON Canada 23  USA 8 Winner Scores Karen Jerome, Burlington, ON Beth A Fedorowich, Pittsburgh, PA Can 11-15, 15-7, 15-12, 15-5 Kirsteen Burton, Toronto, ON Julie Kessler, Ivyland, PA Carmela Kervin, Stouffville, ON Lulu C.Chou, Seattle, WA Can 15-4, 15-8, 15-8 Lolly Gillen, Toronto, […]

Lapham 2010

Lapham Cup April 30-May 2,2010 The Apawamis Club Rye,NY Canada 2 USA 23 Winner Scores Scott Stoneburgh,Toronto,ON Timothy Wyant,New York,NY USA  3-2 Iain Crozier,Winnipeg,MB Graham Bassett,Greenwich,CT USA  3-1 Alexander Carter,Toronto,ON Steven Scharff,Stamford,CT USA  3-2 Iain Crozier,Winnipeg,MB Charles Tashjian,Greenwich,CT USA  3-1 Namsoo Oh,Toronto,ON Joshua Schwartz,New York,NY USA  3-0 Richard Young,Kanata,ON Dylan Patterson,New York,NY USA  3-0 Robert […]

Grant 2010

Grant Trophy: April 30-May2, 2010 The Apawamis Club, Rye, NY Canada 4 USA 21 Winner Scores Scott Stoneburgh,Toronto,ON Timothy Wyant,New York,NY CAN 3-1 Paul Zander,Toronto,ON Maurice Clothier,New York,NY Jeffrey Deverill,Kitchener,ON Andrew Walter,New York,NY USA 3-1 Alexander Carter,Toronto,ON William Doyle,Philadelphia,PA Iain Crozier,Winnipeg,MB William Mangan,Greenwich,CT USA 3-0 Paul Zander,Toronto,ON Mark Barber,Rye,NY Iain Crozier,Winnipeg,MB John McAtee,Greenwich,CT USA 3-0 […]

Crawford 2010

Crawford Trophy: April 30 – May 2,  2010 The Apawamis Club,  Rye,  NY Canada 7 USA 14 Winner Scores Stephanie Edmison, Toronto, ON Natalie Grainger, Greenwich, CT USA  3-0 Rebecca Hazel, Toronto, ON Hope Prockop, Groton, MA USA  3-2 Julia Hamilton, Toronto, ON Diana Dowling, Riverside, CT USA  3-0 Retired Ann Langley, Moncton, NB Lily […]

Lawrence-Wilkins 2010

Lawrence-Wilkins Trophy: April 30 – May 2, 2010 The Apawamis Club, Rye, NY Canada 3 Co- Capt. Brian Murray, Toronto, ON; John Hickey, Toronto, ON; Scott Stoneburgh, Toronto, ON USA 5 Co-Capt. Peer Pedersen, Rye, NY & Ross Revenaugh, San Francisco, CA Winner Scores Michael Wilson,Montreal,QC Kit Tatum,New London,NH USA  3-0 Ritchie Bell,Montreal,QC Steve Constantine,Rye,NY […]

Lapham 2009

Lapham Cup February 20-22,2009 Club Atwater Montreal,QC Canada 8 USA 7 Winner Scores Jason DeLierre,Montreal,QC Lee Rosen,Linwood,NJ USA  3-1 Jason DeLierre,Montreal,QC Graham Bassett,Greenwich,CT Can  3-2 Benjamin Marien,Montreal,QC Joshua Schwartz,New York,NY USA  3-0 Benjamin Marien,Montreal,QC Ryan Byrnes,New York,NY Can  3-2 Maxime Blouin,Montreal,QC William Simonton,Wilmington,DE Can  3-0 Maxime Blouin,Montreal,QC Matthew McAndrew,New York,NY Can  3-0 Marc Lalonde,Moncton,NB Matthew […]

Grant 2009

Grant Trophy: February 20-22, 2009 Club Atwater, Montreal QC Canada 5 USA 8 Winner Scores Glen Wilson,Montreal,QC Joshua Schwartz,New York,NY CAN  3-0 Bart Sambrook,Montreal,QC Graham Bassett,Greenwich,CT Gregor Angus,Montreal,QC William Simonton,Wilmington,DE USA  3-1 Keith Flavell,Montreal,QC John Burke,Greenwich,CT Jeffrey Tory,Montreal,QC Matthew McAndrew,New York,NY USA  3-2 Andrew Guilfoyle,Toronto,ON Lee Rosen,Linwood,NJ Michael Downer,Montreal,QC Barrett Eynon,Cincinnati,OH USA  3-2 Timothy Bovaird,Toronto,ON […]

Lawrence-Wilkins 2009

Lawrence-Wilkins Trophy: February 20 – 22, 2009 Club Atwater, Montreal, QC Canada 3 Capt. Michael Wilson, Montreal ,QC USA 0 Co-Capts. Palmer Page, Pound Ridge, NY & Peer Pederson, Greenwich, CT Winner Scores Peter Holland,Montreal,QC Edward Marmor,New York,NY Can  3-0 Samuel Nisenboim,Toronto,ON Robert  L. Gaines,New York,NY Norman Seagram,Toronto,ON Alan A. Fox,Long Beach,CA Can  3-0 Scott […]

Crawford 2009

Crawford Trophy: February 20 – 22,  2009 Club Atwater,  Montreal,  QC Canada 4 Capt.Michael Wilson,  Montreal,  QC USA 6 Co-Capts. Palmer Page,  Pound Ridge,  NY & Peer Pederson Greenwich,  CT Winner Scores Stephanie Edmison, Toronto, ON Natalie Grainger, Greenwich, CT USA  3-0 Kirsteen Burton, Toronto, ON Marie Vicek, Greenwich, CT Lolly Gillen, Toronto, ON Diana […]

Lapham 2008

Lapham Cup February 15-17,2008 Wilmington Country Club Wilmington,DE Canada 6 USA 5 Winner Scores Andrew Guilfoyle,Toronto,ON Ayman Karim,Newark,DE USA  3-0 Robert Warden,Toronto,ON Edward Chilton,Wilmington,DE USA  3-0 Richard Young,Kanata,ON Albert McCrery,Wilmington,DE Can  3-1 Douglas Whittaker,Philadelphia,PA Jay Hatcher,Louisville,KY Can  3-0 John Frederick,Toronto,ON Adrian Cronje,Atlanta,GA Can  3-1 Ward Meek,Toronto,ON David Procter,Philadelphia,PA USA  3-0 Marc Lalonde,Moncton,NB Alexander Davis,Wilmington,DE Can […]

Grant 2008

Grant Trophy: February 15-17, 2008 Wilmington Country Club, Wilmington, DE Canada 3 USA 8 Winner Scores Andrew Slater,Toronto,ON Edward Chilton,Wilmington,DE USA  3-0 Ward Meek,Toronto,ON Ayman Karim,Newark,DE Eric Barclay,Toronto,ON David Page,Unionville,PA USA  3-2 Douglas Whittaker,Philadelphia,PA Gilbert Mateer,Philadelphia,PA Andrew Guilfoyle,Toronto,ON Todd Anderson,Wilmington,DE USA  3-0 John Hickey,Toronto,ON Scott Simonton,Wilmington,DE Michael Hobart,Toronto,ON William Harman,Wilmington,DE CAN  3-1 Robert Warden,Toronto,ON Stephen […]

Lawrence-Wilkins 2008

Lawrence-Wilkins Trophy: February 15 – 17, 2008 Wilmington Country Club, Wilmington, DE Canada 4 Capt. Marc Lalonde, Moncton, NB USA 1 Capt. Scott Simonton, Wilmington, DE Winner Scores Scott Fraser,Montreal,QC Alan Fox,Long Beach,CA USA  3-2 Norman Seagram,Toronto,ON Michael Halpert,Philadelphia,PA Michael McBean,Montreal,QC Eric Grossman,Camden,ME Can  3-1 Ritchie Bell,Montreal,QC James Semple,Wilmington,DE Lionel Jinks,Vancouver,BC Allan Terrell,Wilmington,DE Can  3-1 […]

Crawford 2008

Crawford Trophy: February 15 – 17,  2008 Wilmington Country Club,  Wilmington,  DE Canada 4 Capt. Marc Lalonde,  Moncton,  NB USA 2 Capt. Scott Simonton,  Wilmington,  DE Winner Scores Jody Warden, Toronto, ON Molly Pierce, Philadelphia, PA USA  3-1 Cathy Covernton, Vancouver, BC Jennifer Edson, Philadelphia, PA Natasha Doucas, Vancouver, BC Margaret Rux, Philadelphia, PA Can […]

Lapham 2007

Lapham Cup February 2-4,2007 Toronto Cricket S & C Club Toronto,ON Canada 7 USA 8 Winner Scores Scott Stoneburgh,Toronto,ON Daniel Sharplin,Boston,MA Can  3-0 Robert Nigro,Toronto,ON Andre Maur,Alpharetta,GA Can  3-1 Iain Crozier,Winnipeg,MB Scott Denne,St Louis,MO Can  3-2 Gregory Hutner,Toronto,ON Thad Roberts,New York,NY USA  3-0 Robert Warden,Toronto,ON Carl Baglio,New York,NY USA  3-2 Namsoo Oh,Toronto,ON Harry Curtis,Madison,NJ Can […]

Grant 2007

Grant Trophy: February 2-4, 2007 Toronto Cricket S&C Club, Toronto, ON Canada 13 USA 2 Winner Scores Scott Dulmage,Toronto,ON Scott Denne,St Louis,MO CAN 3-0 Richard Thomson,Toronto,ON Daniel Sharplin,Boston,MA Scott Stoneburgh,Toronto,ON Raymond Lindsay,Cleveland,OH CAN 3-1 Steven Belman,Toronto,ON Kevin Jernigan,San Francisco,CA Michael Costigan,Toronto,ON Carl Baglio,New York,NY CAN 3-1 John Hickey,Toronto,ON Thad Roberts,New York,ON Frederick Reid,Toronto,ON Harry Curtis,Madison,NJ […]

Lawrence-Wilkins 2007

Lawrence-Wilkins Trophy: February 2 – 4, 2007 Toronto Cricket S&C Club, Toronto, ON Canada 3 Capt. David Bogert, Toronto, ON USA 0 Capt. Gordon Anderson, Buffalo, NY Winner Scores David Brown, Toronto,ON Sandy Clark,Marina del Ray,CA Can  3-0 Michael McBean,Montreal,QC Stuart Knott,Boca Raton,FL Edgar Bracht,Toronto,ON Charles Butt,Harpswell,ME Can  3-2 Ronald Bertram,Toronto,ON IvanGlover,Sausalito,CA Peter Jones,Toronto,ON Ivan […]

Crawford 2007

Crawford Trophy: February 2 – 4,  2007 Toronto Cricket S&C Club,  Toronto,  ON CANADA 1 Capt. David Bogert,  Toronto,  ON USA 3 Capt. Gordon Anderson,  Buffalo,  NY Winner Scores Karen Jerome, Burlington, ON Libby Welch, Greenwich, CT USA  3-0 Jennifer Brown, Burlington, ON Susan Greene, Narberth, PA Jody Warden, Toronto, ON Loren Smith, New York, […]

Lapham 2006

Lapham Cup February 17-19,2006 The Jonathan Club Los Angeles,CA Canada 5 USA 10 Winner Scores Scott Stoneburgh,Toronto,ON Preston Quick,Boston,MA USA  3-1 Kenneth Flynn,Montreal,QC Ronen Goldberg,West Hills,CA Can  3-2 Darren Thomson,Calgary,AB Alan Preston,Pasadena,CA USA  3-2 Joey Roa,Calgary,AB Kevin Jernigan,San Francisco,CA USA  3-0 Andrew Slater,Scituake,MA James Masland,Westwood,CA USA  3-0 Ward Meek,Toronto,ON Nicholas Guethe,Brooklyn,NY USA  3-0 Michael Hobart,Toronto,ON […]

Grant 2006

Grant Trophy: February 17-19, 2006 The Jonathan Club, Los Angeles Canada 10 USA 5 Winner Scores Kenneth Flynn,Montreal,QC Preston Quick,Boston,MA USA 3-2 Scott Stoneburgh,Toronto,ON Jeffrey Mulligan,New York,NY Paul Deratnay,Toronto,ON Jonathan Foster,Los Angeles,CA CAN 3-0 Darren Thomson,Calgary,AB Morris Clothier,New York,NY Frederick Reid,Toronto,ON Nicholas Guethe,Brooklyn,NY CAN 3-1 Andrew Slater,Scituake,MA Kevin Jernigan,San Francisco,CA David Stevenson,Toronto,ON Eben Hardie,Atlanta,GA USA […]

Lawrence-Wilkins 2006

Lawrence-Wilkins Trophy: February 17 – 19, 2006 The Jonathan Club, Los Angeles, CA Canada 4 Capt: Michael Martin, Montreal, QC USA 1 Capt. Jonathan Foster, Los Angeles, CA Winner Scores Bernard Creighton,Montreal,QC Edward Helfeld,San Francisco,CA Can  3-1 Michael McBean,Montreal,QC David Matthews,Santa Fe,NM Norman Seagram,Toronto,ON Sandy Clark,Marina del Ray,CA Can  3-0 Scott Fraser,Montreal,QC Purdy Jordan,Mexico City,Mexico […]

Crawford 2006

Crawford Trophy: February 17 – 19 ,  2006 The Jonathan Club,  Los Angeles,  CA Canada 0 Capt: Michael Martin,  Montreal,  QC USA 1 Capt. Jonathan Foster,  Los Angeles,  CA Winner Scores Natasha Doucas, Vancouver, BC Kristin Zwart, Santa Barbara, CA USA  3-2

Lapham 2005

Lapham Cup February 18-20,2005 The Bow Valley Club Calgary,AB Canada 16 USA 1 Winner Scores Viktor Berg,Vancouver,BC Preston Quick,Boston,MA Can  3-0 David Ramsden-Wood,Calgary,AB Thad Roberts,Philadelphia,PA Can  3-0 David Letourneau,Calgary,AB Carl Baglio,New York,NY Can  3-0 Robert Ballinger,Calgary,AB Andre Maur,Alpharetta,GA Can  3-1 Dale Styner,Calgary,AB Kevin Jernigan,San Francisco,CA Can  3-0 Darren Thomson,Calgary,AB Eoin O’Neill,Redwood City,CA Can  3-0 Eric […]

Grant 2005

Grant Trophy: February 18-20, 2005 The Bow Valley Club, Calgary, AB Canada 13 USA 2 Winner Scores Victor Berg,Vancouver,BC Preston Quick,Boston,MA CAN  3-0 Dale Styner,Calgary.AB Jeffrey Mulligan,New York,NY Darren Thomson,Calgary,AB Erik Wohlgemuth,San Francisco,CA CAN  3-2 William Turk,Calgary,AB Kevin Jernigan,San Francisco,CA Eric Barclay,Vancouver,BC Carl Baglio,New York,NY CAN  3-1 Owen Myhre,Calgary,AB Thad Roberts,Philadelphia,PA Mark Van Hees,Calgary,AB Dudley […]

Lawrence-Wilkins 2005

Lawrence-Wilkins Trophy: February 18 – 20, 2005 The Bow Valley Club, Calgary, AB Canada 1 Capt. Darren Thomson, Calgary, AB USA 4 Capt. Peter Lasusa, New York, NY Winner Scores Barney Lawrence,K-Waterloo,ON James Kempenich,San Francisco,CA USA  3-0 Gordon Guyatt,Hamilton,ON Murray Smith,San Francisco,CA Michael McBean,Montreal,QC James Kempenich,San Francisco,CA USA  3-0 Joseph Siegenberg,Vancouver,BC Paul Fisher,Austin,TX Samuel Nisenboim,Toronto,ON […]

Crawford 2005

Crawford Trophy: February 18 – 20,  2005 The Bow Valley Club,  Calgary,  AB Canada 6 Capt: Darren Thomson,  Calgary,  AB USA 1 Capt: Peter Lasusa,  New York,  NY Winner Scores Leona Grigg,  Calgary,  AB Meredeth Quick,  Brooklyn,  NY USA  3-1 Nicola Martin,  Vancouver,  BC Elizabeth Steffey,  New York,  NY Leona Grigg,  Calgary,  AB Stephanie Barrett, […]

Lapham 2004

Lapham Cup February 12-15,2004 University Club San Francisco,CA Canada 11 USA 4 Winner Scores James Geddes,Vancouver,BC Rishad Pandole,Rochester,NY USA  3-0 Christopher Harley,Vancouver,BC Kevin Jernigan,San Francisco,CA Can  3-1 Bruce Marrison,Toronto,ON Anthony Catalan,Portland,OR Can  3-0 Benjamin Hatcher,Toronto,ON Eoin O’Neill,Redwood City,CA USA  3-2 Douglas MacDougall,Vancouver,BC Patrick Halls,San Francisco,CA Can  3-0 Marvin Mizinski,Vancouver,BC David Levy,San Francisco,CA USA  3-0 John […]

Grant 2004

Grant Trophy: February 12-15, 2004 University Club, San Francisco, CA Canada 7 USA 8 Winner Scores John Hickey,Toronto,ON Anthony Catalan,Portland,OR USA 3-0 Bruce Marrison,Toronto,ON Kevin Jernigan,San Francisco,CA Neil Goldsmith,Toronto,ON Patrick Halls,San Francisco,CA CAN 3-0 Brian Murray,Toronto,ON Rishad Pandole,Rochester,NY Norman Crook,Toronto,ON Eben Hardie,Atlanta,GA USA 3-1 John Hungerford,Vancouver,BC David Levy,San Francisco,CA John Frederick,Toronto,ON Stephen Berliner,Jericho,NY USA 3-0 […]

Lawrence-Wilkins 2004

Lawrence-Wilkins Trophy: February 12 – 15, 2004 University Club, San Francisco, CA Canada 1 Capt. John Hungerford, Vancouver, BC USA 3 Capt. Simon Blattner, San Francisco, CA Winner Scores Samuel Nisenboim,Toronto,ON Murray Smith,San Francisco,CA USA  3-0 Henry Tregillas,Vancouver,BC James Kempenich,San Francisco,CA Scott Fraser,Montreal,QC Paul Fisher,Austin,TX Can  3-1 Harry Guenther,Vancouver,BC James Prigoff,Sacramento,CA Lionel Jinks,Vancouver,BC Edward Helfeld,San […]

Crawford 2004

Crawford Trophy: February 12 – 15,  2004 University Club,  San Francisco,  CA Canada 2 Capt. John Hungerford,  Vancouver,  BC USA 0 Capt. Simon Blattner,  San Francisco,  CA Winner Scores Karen Jerome, Hamilton, ON Missy Wyant, Cincinnati, OH Can  3-1 Nicola Martin, Vancouver, BC Brett Elebash, San Francisco, CA Nicola Martin, Vancouver, BC Missy Wyant, Cincinnati, […]

Lapham 2003

Lapham Cup February 14-16,2003 Club Atwater Montreal,QC Canada 11 USA 6 Winner Scores Gregor Angus,Montreal,QC Charles Johnson,Scituate,MA USA  3-0 Stephen Millard,Toronto,ON Murray Gillman,Atlanta GA Can  3-2 Robert Paskulin,Toronto,ON Gary Yeager,Windmoor,PA Can  3-0 Bruce Marrison,Toronto,ON Richard Millman,Charleston,SC USA  3-0 Michael Churchill-Smith,Montreal,QC Edward Bresnitz,Bala Cynwyd,PA USA  3-0 Allan Case,Montreal,QC Nicholas Lepore,Philadelphia,PA Can  3-0 Charles Marien,Montreal,QC William Sullivan,Wilmette,IL […]

Grant 2003

Grant Trophy: February 14-16, 2003 Club Atwater, Montreal, QC Canada 14 USA 1 Winner Scores Norman Crook,Toronto,ON Andrew Purcell,Philadelphia,PA CAN 3-1 Robert Warden,Toronto,ON Kevin Jernigan,San Francisco,CA Stephen Millard,Toronto,ON Richard Danforth,Laughlintown,PA CAN 3-1 Bruce Marrison,Toronto,ON Wallace Danforth,Pittsburgh,PA Frederick Reid,Toronto,ON Gary Yeager,Wyndmoor,PA CAN 3-0 Alan Hunt,Toronto,ON Richard Danforth,Laughlintown,PA Gregor Angus,Montreal,QC Richard Millman,Charlestown,SC USA 3-0 Keith Flavell,Montreal,QC Nicholas […]

Lawrence-Wilkins 2003

Lawrence-Wilkins Trophy: February 14 – 16, 2003 Club Atwater, Montreal, QC Canada 2 Capt. George Tooley, Montreal QC USA 1 Co-Capts. Kenneth Stillman, Dallas, TX & Eric Grossman, Camdeb, ME Winner Scores Samuel Nisenboim,Toronto,ON Darwin Kingsley,Newton Square,PA USA  3-0 Jim Quarles,Montreal,QC Joel Kozol,Boston MA Norman Seagram,Toronto,ON Lee Spelke,Waltham,MA Can  3-1 Michael McBean,Montreal,QC Paul Fisher,Austin,TX Bernard […]

Crawford 2003

Crawford Trophy: February 14 – 16,  2003 Club Atwater,  Montreal QC Canada 1 Capt. George Tooley,  Montreal,  QC USA 0 Co-Capts. Kenneth Stillman,  Dallas,  TX & Eric Grossman,  Camden,  ME Winner Scores Caro Sambrook,  Toronto,  ON Patricia Millman,  Charleston,  SC Can  3-0 Karen Jerome,  Hamilton,  ON Stephanie Barrett,  Riverside,  CT          

Lapham 2002

Lapham Cup February 14-17,2002 Piedmont Driving Club Atlanta,GA Canada 3 USA 18 Winner Scores Bruce Marrison,Toronto,ON Andre Maur,Alpharetta,GA USA  3-0 Stephen Millard,Toronto,ON Diniar Alikhan,Tampa,FL USA  3-1 Paul Gardner,Toronto,ON Michelle Quibell,Atlanta,GA USA  3-0 Jim McDonough,Toronto,ON Thomas Rumpler,Kennesaw,GA USA  3-2 Alan Hunt,Toronto,ON Kevin Jernigan,San Francisco,CA USA  3-0 Peter Maule,Toronto,ON Kirk Haggarty,Grosse Pointe,MI USA  3-1 Michael Costigan,Toronto,ON Stephen […]

Grant 2002

Grant Trophy: February 14-17, 2002 Piedmont Driving Club, Atlanta, GA Canada 10 USA 3 Winner Scores Michael Costigan,Toronto,ON Gregg Finn,Scarsdale,NY CAN 3-2 Peter Maule,Toronto,ON Kevin Jernigan,San Francisco,CA Scott Leggat,Hamilton,ON James Cregan,Brooklyn,NY CAN 3-1 Steven Belman,Toronto,ON Ross Revenaugh,San Francisco,CA Paul Gardner,Toronto,ON Stephen Berliner,Jericho,NY CAN 3-0 Bruce Marrison,Toronto,ON Philip Barth,Snyder,NY Stephen Millard,Toronto,ON Patrick Miller,Baltimore,MD CAN 3-1 Alan […]

Lawrence-Wilkins 2002

Lawrence-Wilkins Trophy: February 14 – 17, 2002 Piedmont Driving Club, Atlanta, GA Canada 2 Capt. Bert Keene, Toronto, ON USA 1 Capt. Eben Hardie, Atlanta, GA Winner Scores Norman Seagram,Toronto,ON Charles Stehle,Lower Gwynedd,PA Can  3-2 Samuel Nisenboim,Toronto,ON Paul Fisher,Austin,TX Scott Fraser,Montreal,QC Lee Spelke,Waltham,MA USA  3-2 Barney Lawrence,Kitchener,ON John Callander,San Francisco,CA Michael McBean,Montreal,QC Douglas Talbott,Summerland Key,FL […]

Lapham 2001

Lapham Cup February 9-11,2001 Toronto Cricket S&C Club Toronto,ON Canada 12 USA 3 Winner Scores Tyler Millard,Toronto,ON Michael Bittner,Rochester,NY Can  3-0 Robert Nigro,Toronto,ON Scott Brehman,Berwyn,PA Can  3-0 James Geddes,Vancouver,BC Kevin Jernigan,San Francisco,CA Can  3-1 Jonathan Gale,St.Johns,NL Stephen Joyce,Buffalo,NY Can  3-0 Robert Warden,Toronto,ON James Zug Jr,New York,NY Can  3-0 Marc Lalonde,Moncton,NB Eben Hardie,Atlanta,GA USA  3-0 John […]

Grant 2001

Grant Trophy: February 9-11, 2001 Toronto Cricket S&C Club, Toronto, ON Canada 9 USA 6 Winner Scores Michael Costigan,Cambridge,ON Michael Bittner,Rochester,NY CAN 3-0 Tyler Millard,Toronto,ON Brehman Scott,Berwyn,PA Scott Leggat,Hamilton,ON Stephen Joyce,Buffalo,NY CAN 3-0 Ward Meek,Toronto,ON Lachlan McIntosh,Philadelphia,PA Robert Frost,Toronto,ON James Zug Jr,New York,NY CAN 3-1 Robert Warden,Toronto,ON Kevin Jernigan,San Francisco,CA Clive Caldwell.Toronto,ON Peter De Rose,Buffalo,NY […]

Lawrence-Wilkins 2001

The Lawrence-Wilkins Trophy is presented by Edgar Bracht of Toronto for competition between male players over 70 years of age. It was first presented in 2001. Lawrence-Wilkins Trophy: February 9 – 11, 2001 Toronto Cricket S&C Club, Toronto, ON    Canada 2 Capt.Edgar Bracht,Toronto,ON USA 1 Capt.Michael McGorry,Buffalo,PA Winner Scores Norman Seagram,Toronto,ON Nelson Graves,Buffalo,NY Can […]

Lapham 2000

Lapham Cup February 18-20,2000 Genesee Valley Club Rochester,NY Canada 7 USA 8 Winner Scores John Frederick,Toronto,ON Michael Bittner,Rochester,NY USA  3-1 Michael Costigan,Toronto,ON Christopher Burns,Rochester,NY USA  3-0 Robert Warden,Toronto,ON Gary Johnson,Portland,OR USA  3-0 Ward Meek,Toronto,ON Guy Cipriano,Madison,NJ Can  3-1 Steven Belman,Toronto,ON Marc Reinhardt,Buffalo,NY Can  3-0 Frederick Reid,Toronto,ON Michael McGorry,Buffalo,NY Can  3-1 Brian Murray,Toronto,ON Frederick Duboc,Littleton,CO USA […]

Grant 2000

Grant Trophy: February 18-20, 2000 Genesse Valley Club, Rochester, NY Canada 6 USA 7 Winner Scores Frederick Reid,Toronto,ON Michael McGorry,Buffalo,NY CAN 3-2 Michael Costigan,Toronto,ON Michael Bittner,Rochester,NY Ward Meek,Toronto,ON Christopher Burns,Rochester,NY CAN 3-2 David Stevenson,Toronto,ON Philip Barth,Snyder,NY Steven Belman,Toronto,ON Alan Dille,Denver,CO CAN 3-2 Scott Leggat,Burlington,ON Frederic Duboc,Littleton,CO Robert Warden,Toronto,ON Richard Danforth,Pittsburgh,PA CAN 3-1 Bert Keene,Toronto,ON Wallace […]

Crawford 1999

Crawford Trophy: February 19-21, 1999 Hollyburn Country Club West Vancouver BC Canada 1* Capt.Robert Smart,  Vancouver,  BC USA 1 Capt.Kevin Jernigan, San Francisco, CA Winner Scores Ruth Castellino, Vancouver, BC Susan Roberts, Seattle, WA Can  3-0 Penelope Wedd, Vancouver, BC ZerlineGoodman, Brooklyn, NY USA  3-0 *The trophy was awarded to Canada, who won the most […]

Lapham 1999

Lapham Cup February 19-21,1999 Hollyburn Country Club West Vancouver,BC Canada 12 USA 3 Winner Scores  Softball Shawn Lucas,Calgary,AB Kevin Jernigan,San Francisco,CA Can  3-1 Barry Gifford,Vancouver,BC Erik Wohlgemuth,San Francisco,CA USA  3-1 Matthew Holland,Vancouver,BC John Lau,Berkeley,CA Can  3-1 Lawrence Armstrong,Vancouver,BC Christopher Burrows,Seattle,WA Can  3-2 Kevin Johnson,Vancouver,BC Gregory Finn,Pleasantville,NY Can  3-0 Robert Ayer,Vancouver,BC Michael Rothenberg,Brooklyn,NY USA  3-1 John […]

Grant 1999

Grant Trophy: February 19-21, 1999 Hollyburn Country Club, West Vancouver, BC Canada 10 USA 1 Winner Scores Winston Cabell,Vancouver,BC Keen Butcher,San Francisco,CA CAN 3-0 Robert Smart,Vancouver,BC Kevin Jernigan,San Francisco,CA Kevin Johnson,Vancouver,BC Gregory Finn,Pleasantville,NY USA 3-1 Mark Heaney,Vancouver,BC John Lau,Berkeley,CA John Boynton,Toronto,ON Erik Wohlgemuth,San Francisco,CA CAN 3-1 Eric Barclay,Vancouver,BC Patrick Halls,San Francisco,CA Brian Covernton,Vancouver,BC Kris Surano,Danville,CA […]

Grant 1998

Grant Trophy: February 20-22, 1998 The University Club, Boston, MA Canada 3 USA 12 Winner Scores Peter McCarthy,Toronto,ON Gregory Finn,Scarsdale,NY USA 3-1 Andrew Braff,Toronto,ON George Lemmon,Villanova,PA David Stevenson,Toronto,ON Andrew Walter,Greenwich,CT USA 3-2 Ward Meek,Toronto,ON Michael McGorry,Buffalo,NY Donald Benson,Toronto,ON Douglas Lifford,Boston,MA USA 3-1 John Boynton,Toronto,ON James Fagan,Weston,MA Stuart Boynton,  ? Kirk Haggarty,Grosse Pointe,MI USA 3-1 David […]

Lapham 1998

Lapham Cup February 20-22,1998 The University Club Boston,MA Canada 3 USA 16 Winner Scores Softball Andrew Braff,Toronto,ON Kevin Jernigan,San Francisco,CA Can  3-1 Marc Lalonde,Moncton,NB Andrew Walter,Greenwich,CT Can  3-0 David Stevenson,Toronto,ON John Seidel.Toledo,OH USA  3-0 Donald Benson,Toronto,ON Kirk Haggarty,Detroit,MI USA  3-1 Craig Benson,Toronto,ON Gordon Anderson,Buffalo,NY USA  3-1 Ward Meek,Toronto,ON Tyler Hindermann,West Roxbury,MA USA  3-0 Peter McCarthy,Toronto,ON […]

Grant 1997

Grant Trophy Cup: February 21-23, 1997 Montreal Badminton and Squash Club, Montreal, QC Canada 3 USA 8 Winner Scores Brendan Clarke,Montreal,QC Gregory Finn,Pleasantville,NY USA 15-10,15-11,13-15.15-10 Charles de St.Marie,Montreal,QC James Heldring,Wayne,PA Gregor Angus,Montreal,QC Philip Barth,Snyder,NY USA 15-7,15-6,9-15,15-10 John Greenwood,Toronto,ON Peter De Rose,Buffalo,NY Scott Chapman,Montreal,QC Kirk Haggarty,Grosse Pointe,MI USA 12-15,15-12,18-13,14-16,15-12 Peter Martin,Montreal,QC Michael McGorry,Buffalo,NY Michael Downer,Montreal,QC Ronald […]

Lapham 1997

Lapham Cup February 21-23,1997 Montreal Bad.&Squash Club Montreal,QC Canada 6 USA 9 Winner Scores David Phillips,Montreal,QC Diniar Alikhan,Atlanta,GA Can 4-9,9-10,9-7,9-0,9-7 Philip Samuel,Montreal,QC Raymond Gale,Bloomfield,MI Can 9-6,9-5,4-9,9-3 Marc Lalonde,Moncton,NB Michael Rothenberg,Brooklyn,NY Can 9-4,9-1,9-1 Keith Flavell,Montreal,QC Eben Hardie,Atlanta,GA Can 9-4,6-9,9-6,10-8 Blake Jacobs,Tuscaloosa,AL Kirk Haggarty,Grosse Pointe,MI USA 9-1,10-8,9-0 Christopher Pickwoad,Montreal,QC Ronald Bobman,Atlanta,GA USA 9-1,9-2,9-3 David Ross,Moncton,NB Guy Cipriano,Chatham,NJ […]

Grant 1996

Grant Trophy: February 16-18, 1996 The Racquet Club, St. Louis, MO Canada 8 USA 11 Winner Scores John Greenwood,Toronto,ON Gordon Anderson,Buffalo,NY CAN  3-0 Frederick Beasley,Calgary,AB Richard Danforth,Pittsburgh,PA Ward Meek,Toronto,ON Ronald Bobman,Atlanta,GA CAN  3-0 David Stevenson,Toronto,ON Ming Tsai,Santa Fe,NM Scott Leggat,Burlington,ON Thomas Boldt,St Louis,MO USA  3-1 Donald Coons,Ancaster,ON William Simpson,St Louis,MO Blake Jacobs,Tuscaloosa,AL Andre Naniche,Danville,CA USA […]

Lapham 1996

Lapham Cup February 16-18,1996 The Racquet Club St Louis,MO Canada 5 USA 14 Winner Scores Hardball Donald Coons,Hamilton,ON John Seidel,Toledo,OH USA  3-1 Scott Leggat,Hamilton,ON Gordon Anderson,Buffalo,NY USA  3-2 Frederick Beasley,Calgary,AB Robert Curtis,St.Louis,MO USA  3-1 David Hetherington,Toronto,ON Thomas Boldt,St.Louis,MO USA  3-2 Thomas Watts,Toronto,ON  William Simpson,St.Louis,MO USA  3-0 Cassidy Quinn,Burlington,ON Eugene Perle,Detroit,MI USA  3-1 Peter Frost,Toronto,ON Gordon […]

Grant 1995

Grant Trophy: February 24-26, 1995 Hamilton Thistle Club, Hamilton, ON Canada 8 USA 7 Winner Scores Frederick Reid,Toronto,ON Gordon Anderson,Buffalo,NY USA  3-1 Alan Hunt,Toronto,ON Peter De Rose,Buffalo,NY David Coons,Hamilton,ON Stephen Fortunato,New York,NY CAN  3-0 Donald Coons,Hamilton,ON Philip Barth,Buffalo,NY Bert Keene,Toronto,ON David Rosen,Philadelphia,PA USA  3-2 John Greenwood,Toronto,ON Michael McGorry,Buffalo,NY Scott Leggat,Hamilton,ON Richard Danforth,Houston,TX CAN  3-0 Peter […]

Lapham 1995

Lapham Cup February 24-26,1995 Hamilton Thistle Club Hamilton.ON Canada 7 USA 10 Winner Scores Hardball Donald Coons,Hamilton,ON John Seidel,Toledo,OH USA  3-0 David Stevenson,Toronto,ON Stephen Fortunato,New York,NY USA  3-0 David Coons,Hamilton,ON Thomas Boldt,St Louis,MO Can  3-0 Ward Meek,Toronto,ON Philip Barth,Buffalo,NY USA  3-0 Sean McDonough,Burlington,ON Jeffrey Randall,Boston,MA USA  3-2 Clive Porter,Kitchener,ON Kirk Haggarty,Grosse Pointe,MI USA  3-0 Hugh […]

Lapham 1994

Lapham Cup February 25-27,1994 The Denver Athletic Club Denver,CO Canada 21 USA 4 Winner Scores Hardball Donald Coons,Hamilton,ON Gordon Anderson,Buffalo,NY USA  3-2 David Stevenson,Toronto,ON Frederic Duboc,Littleton,CO Can  3-1 Eric Barclay,Vancouver,BC Jeffrey Randall,Allston,MA USA  3-2 David Coons,Hamilton,ON Robert Bush,Engelwood,CO Can  3-0 Ward Meek,Toronto,ON Dennis Driscoll,Littleton,CO Can  3-1 Timothy Griffin,Toronto,ON Michael Tramutt,Arrada,CO Can  3-1 Frederick Beasley,Calgary,AB Taylor […]

Grant 1994

Grant Trophy: February 25-26, 1994 The Denver Athletic Club, Denver, CO Canada 13 USA 4 Winner Scores William Turk,Calgary,AB Kris Surano,Danville,CA CAN  3-0 Frederick Beasley,Calgary,AB Andre Naniche,Kingwood,TX Douglas Whitaker,Vancouver,BC Russell Welty,Denver,CO CAN  3-1 Eric Barclay Vancouver,BC Peter Weil,Denver,CO David Coons,Hamilton,ON Henry Curtis,Madison,NJ CAN  3-0 Donald Coons,Hamilton,ON Preston Quick,Boston,MA Ward Meek,Toronto,ON Frederick Duboc,Littleton,CO CAN  3-0 David […]

Grant 1993

Grant Trophy: February 19-21, 1993 Granite Club, Toronto, ON Canada 4 USA 11 Winner Scores Barney Lawrence,Kitchener,ON Darwin Kingsley,Narberth,PA CAN 15-8,15-17,15-9,15-3 John Hickey,Toronto,ON Simon Blattner,San Francisco,CA Barry Grant,Toronto,ON Bruce Horowitz,New Rochelle,NY USA 15-9,15-7,15-9 Rea Godbold,Toronto,ON Richard Rice,Rochester,NY Frederick Beasley,Calgary,AB Peter DeRose,Buffalo,NY USA 15-12,15-9,15-14 Mark Pigott,Calgary,AB Michael McGorry,Buffalo,NY Michael Easterbrook,Toronto,ON E.Taylor Quick,Lakewood,CO USA  3-0 Paul Thomas,Montreal,QC […]

Lapham 1993

Lapham Cup February 19-21,1993 Granite Club Toronto,ON Canada 8 USA 21 Winner Scores Hardball Brian Bell,Toronto,ON Kris Surano,Danville,CA USA  3-1 Douglas Deruchie,Montreal,QC Reynolds Bowers,Rochester,NY Can  3-2 Bert Keene,Toronto,ON Patrick Miller,Lutherville,MD USA  3-0 James Bentley Jr,Toronto,ON Scott Brehman,Radnor,PA Can  3-0 Peter Loveless,Hamilton,ON Darwin Kingsley,Narbeth,PA USA  3-2 Donald Coons,Hamilton,ON Gregg Finn,Scarsdale,NY USA  3-0 Andrew Slater,Toronto,ON Steven Fortunato,Princeton […]

Grant 1992

Grant Trophy: February 21-23, 1992 Buffalo Tennis And Squash Club, Buffalo, NY Canada 11 USA 4 Winner Scores Brendan Clarke,Montreal,QC Peter DeRose,Buffalo,NY CAN 3-1 Mark Barber,Toronto,ON Gordon Anderson,Buffalo,NY Frederick Reid,Toronto,ON Christopher Spahr,Greenwich,CT CAN 3-1 Alan Hunt,Toronto,ON Paul Assaiante,Baltimore,MD Victor Harding,Toronto,ON Charles Jacobs,Eggertsville,NY CAN 3-2 Sean McDonough,Burlington,On John Reese,Cold Spring Harbor,NY William McDonnell,Pickering,ON Kris Surano,Danville,CA CAN […]

Lapham 1992

Lapham Cup February 21-23,1992 Buffalo Tennis & Squash C. Buffalo,NY Canada 15 USA 6 Winner Scores Hardball Mark Barber,Toronto,ON Scott Brehman,Radnor,PA Can  3-1 Andrew Slater,Toronto,ON Philip Barth,Snyder,NY Can  3-2 Donald Coons,Ancaster,ON Peter Chiarella,Buffalo,NY Can  3-2 Sean McDonough,Burlington,ON Marc Reinhardt,Hamburg,NY Can  3-0 Ward Meek,Toronto,ON Thomas Boldt,St Louis,MO Can  3-2 Peter Hall,Dundas,ON Peter Linder,Buffalo,NY USA  3-2 John […]

Grant 1991

Grant Trophy: February 22-24, 1991 Montreal Badminton and Squash Club, Montreal, QC Canada 8 USA 7 Winner Scores Frederick Reid,Toronto,ON Scott Brehman,Radnor,PA USA 14-15,10-15,15-12,15-14,18-17 Alan Hunt,Toronto,ON Peter Chiarella,Rochester,NY Douglas Deruchie,Montreal,QC Simon Blattner,San Francisco,CA CAN 15-6,15-8,15-7 Michael Martin,Montreal,QC Henry Bruce,San Francisco,CA Richard Pound,Montreal,QC Charles Kingsley,New Haven,CT CAN 15-10,15-9,15-6 Derek Drummond,Montreal,QC Herbert Gross,Wellesley,MA Ritchie Bell,Montreal,QC James Gibbons,San […]

Lapham 1991

Lapham Cup February 22-24,1991 Montreal Bad.&Squash Club Montreal,QC Canada 12 USA 9 Winner Scores Hardball Scott Chapman,Montreal,QC Philip Barth,Snyder,NY USA 18-17,15-9,13-15,8-15,15-7 Philip Samuel,Montreal,QC Thomas Boldt,St Louis,MO USA 10-15,11-15,15-8,15-11,15-10 Frederick Beasley,Calgary,AB Jug Walia,Oklahoma City,OK Can 15-14,13-18,15-14,11-15,15-13 Donald Rooney,Montreal,QC Gregory Gonzales,Rochester,NY USA 15-9,15-11,12-15,15-10 Michael Harris,Montreal,QC Henry Bruce,Tiburon,CA USA 15-7,15-14,8-15,16-17,15-11 Nicki Lang,Montreal,QC Reynolds Bowers,Rochester,NY Can 15-11,15-7,14-15,15-6 Douglas Barker,Montreal,QC […]

Grant 1990

Grant Trophy: February 23-25, 1990 University and Bay Clubs, San Francisco, CA Canada 5 USA 8 Winner Scores Eric Barclay,Vancouver,BC Kris Surano,Danville,CA USA 15-5,17-16,14-15,15-12 Bradley Desaulniers,Vancouver,BC Andre Naniche,Walnut Creek,CA Brian Covernton,Vancouver,BC Philip Barth,Buffalo,NY USA 15-10,15-10,13-15,13-15,15-6 Andrew MacDonald,Toronto,ON Charles Jacobs,Eggertsville,NY Jack Hoogstraten,Vancouver,BC John Lau,San Francisco,CA USA 8-15,15-13,18-14,10-15,15-6 Robert Smart,Toronto,ON Edward Dold,Oakland,CA Sean McDonough,Hamilton,ON Richard Smith,San Francisco,CA […]

Lapham 1990

Lapham Cup February 23-25,1990 University & Bay Clubs San Francisco,CA Canada 10 USA 11 Winner Scores Hardball Bradley Desaulniers,Vancouver,BC Luke Evnin,San Francisco,CA Can 15-11,15-7,15-8 Sean McDonough,Hamilton,ON John Lau,San Francisco,CA USA 15-9,15-9,15-11 Jack Hoogstraten,Vancouver,BC Eben Hardie,Atlanta,GA USA 15-7,16-14,15-17,15-6 Eric Barclay,Vancouver,BC Paul Gessling,Lafayette,CA USA 15-12,13-15,15-9,15-9 Andrew MacDonald,Toronto,ON Thomas Dashiell,Berkeley,CA USA 15-9,15-7,15-5 Frederick Beasley,Calgary,AB James Marver,San Francisco,CA Can […]

Grant 1989

Grant Trophy: February 24-26,1989 Vancouver Lawn Tennis Club, Vancouver BC Canada 7 USA 4 Winner Scores Richard Jackson,Vancouver,BC Kris Surano,Danville,CA CAN 9-15,15-11,15-9,7-15,15-13 John Hungerford,Vancouver,BC Andre Naniche,San Francisco,CA Brian Covernton,Vancouver,BC Thomas Shepherd,Evanston,IL CAN 15-8,14-16,15-13,17-16 Keith Clark,Vancouver,BC William Ullman,Los Angeles,CA Sean McDonough,Hamilton,ON John Lau,Berkeley,CA USA 17-16,17-16,15-12 Frederick Beasley,Calgary,AB Paul Gessling,San Francisco,CA Eric Barclay,Vancouver,BC Christopher Burrows,Seattle,WA CAN 15-8,17-16,3-15,17-14 […]

Lapham 1989

Lapham Cup February 24-26,1989 Vancouver Lawn Tennis Club Vancouver,BC Canada 4 USA 15 Winner Scores Hardball Richard Jackson,Vancouver,BC Luke Evnin,San Francisco,CA USA  3-0 Frederick Beasley,Calgary,AB John Lau,San Francisco,CA USA  3-0 Jack Hoogstraten,Vancouver,BC Thomas Shepherd,Evanston,IL USA  3-0 Sean McDonough,Hamilton,ON William Ullman,Los Angeles,CA USA  3-0 Robert Puddicombe,Vancouver,BC Christopher Burrows,Seattle,WA USA  3-0 Timothy Bale,Vancouver,BC Paul Gessling,San Francisco,CA USA […]

Grant 1988

Grant Trophy: February 19-21, 1988 Commodore Squash Club, St. Paul, MB Canada 4 USA 7 Winner Scores Sean McDonough,Hamilton,ON Frank Fairman,St.Paul,MN USA 15-11,15-12,14-17,15-13 Frederick Beasley,Calgary,AB Robert Hensel,Wayzata,MN Andrew Mulzer,Hamilton,ON Donald Coons,Plymouth,MN USA 15-10,15-10,5-15,15-11 John Fuller,Toronto,ON Stanley Trollip,Minneapolis,MN Cassidy Quinn,Hamilton,ON John McDowell,Maple Plain,MN Can  18-16,13-15,15-9,15-8 Ian Mackay,Hamilton,ON Brian Ross,Minnetonka,MN Paul Frost,Toronto,ON Jay Isenberg,Minneapolis,MN USA 16-14,18-17,18-16 Clive […]

Lapham 1988

Lapham Cup February 19-21,1988 Commodore Squash Club St.Paul,MN  Canada 7 USA 8 Winner Scores Sean McDonough,Hamilton,ON Richard Cammack,St.Paul,MN USA 15-8,15-10,8-15,9-15,15-11 Frederick Beasley,Calgary,AB Frank Fairman,St.Paul,MN USA 15-5,12-15,15-10,15-6 Paul Frost,Toronto,ON Barclay Douglas,Leawood,KS USA 15-6,15-10,15-12 Andrew Mulzer,Hamilton,ON Jay Isenberg,Minneapolis,MN USA 15-9,15-13,18-14 Thomas Watts,Hamilton,ON Thomond R.O’Brien,St.Paul,MN USA 13-15,18-15,7-15,15-11,15-13 Hugh Murray,Hamilton,ON Theodore Marmor,New Haven,CT Can 15-5,15-11,15-10 Clive Porter,Kitchener,ON James L.Quinlan,Omaha,NE […]

Grant 1987

Grant Trophy: February 21-22, 1987 Royal Canadian Yacht Club, Toronto, ON Canada 5 USA 4 Winner Scores Timothy Peterson,Toronto,ON Charles Jacobs,Eggertsville,NY USA 15-8,15-10,15-11 Charles Wright,Toronto,ON Philip Barth III,Williamsville,NY Robert Bradley,Montreal,QC Peter DeRose,Buffalo,NY USA 15-10,15-12,15-12 Ross Bradley,Montreal,QC Stanley Trollip,Minneapolis,MN James Bentley Sr.,Toronto,ON Tefft Smith,Elmhurst,IL CAN 14-16,15-11,18-15,16-17,15-6 Ritchie Bell,Montreal,QC Theodore Marmor,New Haven,CT David Hetherington,Toronto,ON Joseph Comly III,Yardley,PA […]

Lapham 1987

Lapham Cup February 21-22,1987 Royal Canadian Yacht Club Toronto,ON Canada 7 USA 8 Winner Scores Sean McDonough,Hamilton,ON Philip C.Barth III,Williamsville,NY USA 15-12,18-15,17-14 John Frederick,Toronto,ON Peter DeRose,Buffalo,NY Can 15-10,16-18,15-14,15-7 Gerald Shugar,Toronto,ON Stanley Trollip,Minneapolis,MN Can 15-13,15-14,15-13 Michael Downer,Montreal,QC Barclay Douglas,Leawood,KS USA 18-17,15-11,13-15,15-13 Michael Jackson,Vancouver,BC Theodore Marmor,New Haven,CT USA 15-7,12-15,15-8,15-9 Gary Kritz,Kitchener,ON Charles Jacobs,Eggertsville,NY Can 7-15,15-3,14-16,15-12,15-8 John Shales,Toronto,ON […]

Grant 1986

Grant Trophy: March 1-2, 1986 Cincinnati Country Club, Cincinnati, OH Canada 3 USA 8 Winner Scores Steven Hisey,Toronto,ON Thomas Poor,Boston,MA CAN 17-15,15-6,16-14 Peter Hetherington,Toronto,ON James Barrett,Minneapolis,MN Robert Smart,Toronto,ON Gilbert Mateer,Pittsburgh,PA USA 15-11,10-15,8-15,15-13,15-8 John Boynton,Toronto,ON Leonard Bernheimer,Boston,MA Robert Bradley,Montreal,QC Edward Simmons,St.Louis,MO USA 15-6,15-4,15-6 Ross Bradley,Montreal,QC Howard Stephens,St.Louis,MO Ritchie Bell,Montreal,QC Hamilton Biggar,Cleveland,OH USA 15-9,10-15,15-13,12-15,16-13 Timothy Peterson,Toronto,ON William […]

Lapham 1986

Lapham Cup March 1-2,1986 Cincinnati Country Club Cincinnati,OH Canada 0 USA 15 Winner Scores Steven Hisey,Toronto,ON Gilbert Mateer,Pittsburgh,PA USA 15-11,9-15,11-15,18-15,15-9 Peter Hetherington,Toronto,ON William Carlin,Brooklyn,NY USA 15-12,15-11,15-12 John Boynton,Toronto,ON James Barrett,Minneapolis,MN USA 15-7,15-8,15-11 Timothy Peterson,Toronto,ON Leonard Bernheimer,Boston,MA USA 15-10,15-11,15-10 Ritchie Bell,Montreal,QC Ian Dowdeswell,Indianapolis,IN USA 13-15,15-5,15-4,15-9 Robert Smart,Toronto,ON Thomas Poor,Boston,MA USA 15-9,17-16,15-8 Ross Bradley,Montreal,QC Edward Simmons,St.Louis,MO USA […]

Grant 1985

Grant Trophy: January 18-20, 1985 Montreal Badminton and Squash Club, Montreal Quebec Canada 9 USA 2 Winner Scores Jay Gillespie,Toronto,ON David McSorley,Pittsburgh,PA CAN 15-9,15-11,15-14 Peter Martin,Montreal,QC John Lindquist,Washington,DC Ritchie Bell,Montreal,QC Hamilton Biggar,Cleveland,OH CAN 15-8,15-8,15-11 J.Smith Chapman,Montreal,QC Brian Ross,Minnetonka,MN James Bentley Sr,Toronto,ON McKinley McAdoo,Bryn Mawr,PA CAN 11-15,17-14,15-11,4-15,15-4 John Fuller,Toronto,ON Thomas Jones,Hope Valley,RI Robert Bradley,Montreal,QC Peter Gaynor,San […]

Lapham 1985

Lapham Cup January 18-20,1985 Montreal Badminton&Squash Montreal,QC Canada 10 USA 5 Winner Scores Hardball Jay Gillespie,Toronto,ON Derrick Niederman,Newton,MA Can 10-15,15-7,15-12,15-12 Peter Martin,Montreal,QC John Lindquist,Washington,DC Can 10-15,12-15,17-16,15-10,18-17 Michael Downer,Montreal,QC James Stewart,Rochester,NY Can 17-16,15-11,18-17 Hugh Murray,Hamilton,ON Earl Dworkin,Schenectady,NY USA 15-7,11-15,15-12,12-15,15-7 Colin Adair,Montreal,QC Michael Weil,Cleveland,OH Can 9-15,17-15,15-13,8-15,18-14 Derek Drummond,Montreal,QC Lawrence Indivino,Fairport,NY Can 17-16,12-15,15-10,9-15,15-9 Lorne Webster,Montreal,QC Peter McAlpine,Merion,PA USA […]

Grant 1984

Grant Trophy: February 24-26, 1984 Genesee Valley Club, Rochester, NY Canada 8 USA 1 Winner Scores John Boynton,Toronto,ON Charles Jacobs,Buffalo,NY CAN 15-11,18-17,12-15,15-13 Robert Smart,Toronto,ON Marc Reinhardt,Buffalo,NY Alan Grant,Toronto,ON Philip Barth,Buffalo,NY CAN 9-15,15-13,17-16,8-15,15-10 Peter Hall,Hamilton,ON Gilbert Mateer,Pittsburgh,PA Steven Hisey,Toronto,ON McKinley McAdoo,Philadelphia,PA CAN 15-7,15-11,18-17 Jeffrey McKay,Hamilton ON Peter McAlpine,Philadelphia,PA John Fuller,Oakville,ON Hamilton Biggar,Cleveland,OH USA 15-14,11-15,5-15,15-10,15-12 Gerald Shugar,Toronto,ON […]

Lapham 1984

Lapham Cup February 24-26,1984 Genesee Valley Club Rochester,NY Canada 9 USA 6 Winner Scores Alan Grant,Toronto,ON Gilbert Mateer,Pittsburgh,PA USA 12-15,15-12,16-18,16-15,18-16 Steven Hisey,Toronto,ON Philip Barth,Buffalo,NY Can 7-15,15-13,15-12,15-8 Peter Hall,Hamilton,ON Charles Jacobs,Buffalo,NY Can 17-16,15-12,15-8 Jeffrey McKay,Hamilton,ON Timothy Evans,Rochester,NY USA 15-8,10-15,13-15,15-11,15-7 Gerald Shugar,Toronto,ON Earl Dworkin,Schenectady,NY Can 15-10,15-9,15-6 Sean McDonough,Hamilton,ON Jack Batt,Cleveland,OH Can 10-15,15-2,15-10,10-15,15-12 Peter Frost,Toronto,ON James Stewart,Rochester,NY Can […]

Grant 1983

Grant Trophy: April 16-17, 1983 Hamilton Thistle Club, Hamilton, ON Canada 2 USA 7 Winner Scores Peter Hall,Hamilton,ON Marc Reinhardt,Buffalo,NY USA 15-12,18-17,15-12 Andrew Pastor,Toronto,ON Charles Jacobs,Buffalo,NY Donald Leggat,Hamilton,ON Philip Barth,Buffalo,NY USA 16-18,15-6,15-9,15-8 Richard Seagram,Toronto,ON Peter DeRose,Buffalo,NY John Fuller,Oakville,ON David Boyum,Brooklyn,NY USA 14-18,15-6,15-9,15-8 Gordon Guyatt,Hamilton,ON Thomas Jones,New York,NY James Bentley Sr,Toronto,ON Peter Wolff,Baltimore,MD Can 14-18,15-11,15-8,15-13 Kerry […]

Lapham 1983

Lapham Cup April 16-17,1983 Hamilton Thistle Club Hamilton.ON Canada 5 USA 10 Winner Scores Jay Gillespie,Toronto,ON David Boyum,Brooklyn,NY USA 15-10,11-15,15-9,15-11 David Hetherington,Toronto,ON Lawrence Gile,Rye,NY Can 15-3,14-18,6-15,15-13,15-13 Gerald Shugar,Toronto,ON Ian Dowdeswell,Indianapolis,IN Can 15-11,17-15,9-15,16-18,18-14 Sean McDonough,Hamilton,ON Charles Jacobs,Buffalo,NY Can 12-15,15-7,15-8,15-11 Robert French,Toronto,ON Marc Reinhardt,Buffalo,NY USA 15-11,16-15,10-15,16-15 Gary Kritz,Kitchener,ON Earl Dworkin,Schenectady,NY Can 12-15,15-10,10-15,15-11,15-11 James Bentley Sr,Toronto,ON Richard Chute,Boston,MA […]

Grant 1982

Grant Trophy: April 17-18, 1982 13th Street Racquet Club, Cleveland, OH Canada 6 USA 5 Winner Scores Jay Gillespie,Toronto,ON Charles Jacobs, Buffalo,NY CAN 15-8,15-9,8-15,15-12 David Hetherington,Toronto,ON John Nimick,Haverford,PA John Boynton,Toronto,ON David McSorley,Pittsburgh,PA CAN 12-15,15-12,15-10,15-12 Robert Smart,London,ON Gary Gentile,Pittsburgh,PA Gary Kritz,Kitchener,ON James Hense,Baltimore,MD CAN 15-13,15-12,15-11 Paul Deratnay,Toronto,ON Kenton Jernigan,Newport,RI John Fuller,Toronto,ON Jack Batt,Cleveland,OH CAN 15-13,15-10,11-15,15-7 Neil […]

Lapham 1982

Lapham Cup April 17-18,1982 13th Street Racquet Club Cleveland,OH Canada 11 USA 4 Winner Scores Jay Gillespie,Toronto,ON John Nimick,Haverford,PA Can 1-15,12-15,16-13,15-13,15-11 Paul Deratnay,Toronto,ON Kenton Jernigan,Newport,RI Can 16-14,15-7,16-15 Gerald Shugar,Toronto,ON Leonard Bernheimer,Natick,MA USA 15-4,15-9,15-9 David Hetherington,Toronto,ON Maurice Bason,Cincinnati,OH Can 9-15,15-10,15-13,15-9 Peter Frost,Toronto,ON Thomas Epps,Cleveland,OH USA 15-10,15-11,15-8 Robert Smart,London,ON Joseph Serritella,Philadelphia,PA Can 15-12,15-9,15-8 John Boynton,Toronto,ON Charles Kingsley,Stony […]

Grant 1981

Grant Trophy: February 20-22, 1981 Kitchener-Waterloo R.C., Kitchener, ON Canada 4 USA 3 Winner Scores John Boynton,Toronto,ON David Fleming-Wood,Dallas,TX CAN  3-0 Robert Smart,London,ON Thomas Jones,New York,NY Neil Desaulniers,Montreal,QC Hamilton Biggar,Cleveland,OH USA  3-2 Gary Kritz,Kitchener,ON Thomas Epps,Cleveland,OH William Herzog,Kitchener,ON Stephen Horn,Detroit,MI CAN  3-0 Terence Reidel,Kitchener,ON George Haggarty,Detroit,MI Gordon Guyatt,Hamilton,ON Alfred Hunter,Philadelphia,PA CAN  3-0 Barney Lawrence,Kitchener,ON Herbert […]

Lapham 1981

Lapham Cup February 20-22,1981 Kitchener-Waterloo Racquet Kitchener Canada 4 USA 11 Winner Scores Paul Deratnay,Toronto,ON Marc Reinhardt,Buffalo,NY Can  3-0 Peter Hall,Hamilton,ON Bruce Birgbauer,Detroit,MI Can  3-0 Default Charles Jacobs,Buffalo,NY USA  3-0 Peter Frost,Toronto,ON Maurice Bason,Cincinnati,OH USA  3-1 Sean McDonough,Hamilton,ON Stephen Horn,Detroit,MI Can  3-0 Neil Desaulniers,Montreal,QC David Fleming-Wood,Dallas,TX USA  3-1 John Fuller,Toronto,ON Brian Ross,Cincinnati,OH USA  3-2 Hugh […]

Grant 1980

Grant Trophy: February 23-24, 1980 Buffalo Tennis and Squash Club, Buffalo, NY Canada 4 USA 3 Winner Scores Peter Frost,Toronto,ON David McSorley,Pittsburgh,PA CAN 15-8,15-13,13-15,15-8 David Hetherington,Toronto,ON Gary Gentile,Pittsburgh,PA John Lennard,London,ON Charles Jacobs,Buffalo,NY USA 18-15,15-13,15-12 Gerald Shugar,Toronto,ON James Wadsworth,Buffalo,NY Barry Grant,Toronto,ON Nelson Graves,Buffalo,NY CAN 15-14,16-13,12-15,15-10 John Boynton,Toronto,ON William Dann,Buffalo,NY James Bentley Sr,Toronto,ON Hamilton Biggar,Cleveland,OH USA 15-7,16-17,12-15,15-11,15-4 […]

Lapham 1980

Lapham Cup February 23-24,1980 Buffalo Tennis&Squash Club Buffalo,NY Canada 8 USA 7 Winner Scores John Lennard,London,ON Joseph Swain,Greenwich,CT Can 15-12,9-15,15-12,15-6 David Hetherington,Toronto,ON Robert Hetherington,Buffalo,NY USA 15-7,15-13,15-17,15-4 Gerald Shugar,Toronto,ON David O’Loughlin,Pittsburgh,PA Can 15-6,15-3,15-12 Peter Frost,Toronto,ON Marc Reinhardt,Buffalo,NY USA 15-6,15-12,15-13 Neil Desaulniers,Montreal,QC Daniel Roblin,Buffalo,NY USA 16-17,15-9,15-12,17-15 James Bentley Sr,Toronto,ON John Herrick,Cleveland,OH USA 15-9,15-5,15-6 William Bewley,Toronto,ON James Stewart,Rochester,NY […]

Grant 1979

Grant Trophy: March 3-4, 1979 Badminton and Racquet Club, Toronto, ON Canada 2 USA 5 Winner Scores Peter Frost,Toronto,ON Robert Hetherington,Buffalo,NY USA 12-15,15-11,7-15,15-10,15-11 David Hetherington,Toronto,ON Palmer Page,Detroit,MI James Bentley Sr,Toronto,ON Bruce Birgbauer,Detroit,MI USA 18-14,10-15,15-5,15-8 William Bewley,Toronto,ON George Haggarty,Detroit,MI John Fuller,Oakville,ON Charles Jacobs,Buffalo,NY USA 10-15,7-15,15-8,15-12,18-14 Ian McAvity,Toronto,ON James Wadsworth,Buffalo,NY Gary Gale,Toronto,ON William Dann,Buffalo,NY USA 10-15,15-10,3-15,15-10,15-9 Barry […]

Lapham 1979

Lapham Cup March 3-4,1979 Badminton&Racquet Club Toronto,ON Canada 11 USA 4 Winner Scores William Hatch,Toronto,ON Palmer Page,Detroit,MI USA 8-15,10-15,15-12,15-12,15-12 Douglas Owens,Toronto,ON Robert Hetherington,Buffalo,NY USA 15-9,15-6,15-10 Chip Pitfield,Toronto,ON George Haggarty,Detroit,MI USA 15-11,15-13,15-9 Gerald Shugar,Toronto,ON Bruce Birgbauer,Detroit,MI Can 15-9,15-11,15-11 Richard Pound,Montreal,QC Charles Jacobs,Buffalo,NY Can 13-15,18-13,15-8,11-15,15-11 Neil Desaulniers,Montreal,QC James Wadsworth,Buffalo,NY Can 14-18,18-14,18-17,15-12 Donald Leggat,Hamilton,ON William Austin,Detroit,MI Can 9-15,15-6,4-15,15-11,15-8 […]

Grant 1978

Grant Trophy: February 25-26, 1978 The University Club, San Francisco, CA Canada 4 USA 3 Winner Scores Ian McAvity,Toronto,ON Diehl Mateer,Philadelphia,PA USA 15-13,15-17,18-17,15-12 David Hetherington,Toronto,ON Gilbert Mateer,Philadelphia,PA James Bentley Sr,Toronto,ON Charles McGinnis,Portland,OR USA 13-15,15-13,9-15,15-12,16-13 William Hatch,Toronto,ON Ronald Ragen,Portland,OR Lorne Webster,Montreal,QC David Tepper,San Francisco,CA USA 15-7,15-9,15-9 John Hickey,Toronto,ON Edward Gross,Berkeley,CA Brian Covernton,Vancouver,BC Christopher Burrows,Seattle,WA CAN 15-13,9-15,15-10,17-18,15-9 […]

Lapham 1978

Lapham Cup February 25-26,1978 The University Club San Francisco,CA Canada 4 USA 13 Winner Scores Richard Fleming,Vancouver,BC  Gilbert Mateer,Philadelphia,PA USA 13-15,9-15,15-8,18-16,15-13 Michael Greenwood,Victoria,BC Arif Sarfraz,Los Angeles,CA USA 9-15,15-12,15-5,15-10 George Morfitt,Vancouver,BC Edward Gross,San Francisco,CA USA 15-8,15-11,15-11 David Hetherington,Toronto,ON Thomas Dashiell,San Francisco,CA Can 15-10,7-15,18-16,15-8 William Hatch,Toronto,ON Leslie Harding,Seattle,WA USA 15-10,15-7,15-7 James Bentley Sr,Toronto,ON Diehl Mateer,Philadelphia,PA USA 15-13,12-15,15-12,15-6 […]

Grant 1977

Grant Trophy: February 26027, 1977 London Squash Racquets Club, London, ON Canada 6 USA 1 Winner Scores Ian McAvity,Toronto,ON George Haggarty,Detroit,MI CAN 11-15,15-13,15-13,18-14 David Hetherington,Toronto,ON Bruce Birgbauer,Detroit,MI James Bentley,Sr,Toronto,ON Donald Williams,Washington,DC USA 14-17,18-16,15-12,15-6 William Bewley,Toronto,ON Thomas Page,Philadelphia,PA Donald Leggat,Hamilton,ON John Herrick,Cleveland,OH CAN 15-12,15-8,15-9 John Fuller,Oakville,ON Charles Kingsley,New Haven,CT John Boynton,Toronto,ON Richard Austin, Detroit,MI CAN 15-6,15-10,15-11 […]

Lapham 1977

Lapham Cup    February 26-27,1977 London Squash Racquets C. London,ON Canada 8 USA 7 Winner Scores Philip Mohtadi,London,ON Thomas Page,Philadelphia,PA USA 15-11,15-12,9-15,18-16 Victor Harding,Toronto,ON Palmer Page,Trenton,NJ Can 15-11,11-15,13-15,15-12,15-12 Patrick Richardson,London,ON Bruce Birgbauer,Detroit,MI USA 15-12,15-9,15-14 Peter Hall,Hamilton,ON George Haggarty,Detroit,MI USA 11-15,15-5,15-10,11-15,15-12 Frederick Beasley,London,ON Donald Williams,Washington,DC Can 8-15,15-10,15-13,15-14 George Morfitt,Vancouver,BC John Herrick,Cleveland,OH Can 11-15,15-9,15-10,15-7 Robert Smart,London,ON Frank Blatz,Plainfield,NJ […]

Grant 1976

Grant Trophy: February 21-22, 1976 Baltimore Country Club, Baltimore, MD Canada 4 USA 3 Winner Scores Ian McAvity,Toronto,ON Sandy Martin,Baltimore,MD USA 15-11,11-15,15-8,17-16 Garry Gale,Toronto,ON Douglas Talbott,Baltimore,MD James Bentley Sr,Toronto,ON John Murphy,Rye,NY CAN 15-12,4-15,4-15,15-12,15-11 William Bewley,Toronto,ON Donald Williams,Washington,DC Donald Leggat,Hamilton,ON James Lacy,Baltimore,MD USA 15-9,18-15,15-17,15-8 Ernest Whelpton,Toronto,ON Thomas Peck,Philadelphia,PA John Fuller,Oakville,ON Frank Riggs,Baltimore,MD CAN 15-7,15-11,15-4 David Fleming-Wood,Toronto,ON […]

Lapham 1976

  Lapham Cup February 21-22,1976 Baltimore Country Club Baltimore,MD Canada 4 USA 11 Winner Scores Ian McAvity,Toronto,ON Thomas Peck,Philadelphia,PA Can 15-11,8-15,8-15,15-9,18-17 William Hatch,Toronto,ON Douglas Talbott,Baltimore,MD USA 15-2,15-6,15-7 Donald Leggat,Hamilton,ON Thomas Shulman,Dayton,OH USA 15-3,8-15,15-10,15-11 Vincent Taylor,Toronto,ON William Cullen,Philadelphia,PA USA 15-4,15-8,15-6 William Bewley,Toronto,ON Donald Williams,Washington,DC USA 15-13,14-15,15-5,15-8 James Bentley Sr,Toronto,ON John Simon,Spartanburg,SC Can 15-6,15-7,15-7 John Fuller,Oakville,ON James […]

Grant 1975

Grant Trophy: February 22-23, 1975 Montreal Badminton and Squash Club, Montreal, Quebec Canada 0 USA 7 Winner Scores David Pemberton-Smith,Montreal,QC Peter Briggs,Rowayton,NY USA 15-13,15-13,14-16,16-17,15-11 Ian McAvity,Toronto,ON Palmer Page,Trenton,NJ David Fleming-Wood,Toronto,ON Bart McGuire,Pelham Manor,NY USA 15-7,15-9,9-15,15-12 Peter Woodfine,Montreal,QC John Murphy,Rye,NY L.Mackay Smith,Montreal,QC William.T.Ketcham,New York,NY USA 13-15,15-10,15-11,15-14 James Biddell,London,ON Jeffrey Sawyer,Chicago,IL Edward Pratt,Montreal,QC Donald Williams,Springfield,VA USA 15-13,16-14,15-10 […]

Lapham 1975

Lapham Cup February 22-23,1975 MontrealBadminton&Squash Montreal,QC Canada 4 USA 11 Winner Scores Gordon Anderson,Toronto,ON Peter Briggs,Rowayton,NY Can 13-15,15-13,15-10,15-13 Michael Desaulniers,Montreal,QC Palmer Page,Trenton,NJ USA 15-7,15-12,12-15,7-15,18-16 Christopher Pickwoad,Montreal,QC Jeffrey Sawyer,Chicago,IL Can 15-12,15-2,15-9 David Hetherington,Toronto,ON Thomas Shulman,Dayton,OH USA 15-11,6-15,15-10,15-10 Michael Downer,Montreal,QC John Herrick,Cleveland,OH USA 15-7,13-16,15-7,15-7 Neil Desaulniers,Montreal,QC Denis Bourke,Boston,MA USA 17-15,15-7,8-15,15-11 James Bentley Sr,Toronto,ON Charles Kingsley,New Haven,CT Can […]

Grant 1974

Grant Trophy: February 23-24, 1974 Multnomah Athletics Club, Portland, OR Canada 5 USA 2 Winner Scores David Hetherington,Toronto,ON Frank Satterthwaite,New York,NY CAN 18-15,13-15,15-8,15-12 Thomas McCarthy,Toronto,ON Donald Williams,Fort Sill,OK David Fleming-Wood,Toronto,ON John Hutchinson,Seattle,WA CAN 10-15,11-15,15-9,15-9,18-14 Stephen Moysey,Toronto,ON John Vinton,Dallas,TX Michael Jackson,Vancouver,BC John Dennis,Corvallis,OR USA 15-9,15-5,15-9 David Thom,Victoria,BC Jack Scrivens,Portland,OR John Dowling,Vancouver,BC Edward Hobler,Chicago,IL CAN 7-15,15-6,5-15,18-15,15-9 George […]

Lapham 1974

Lapham Cup February 23-24,1974 Multnomah Athletic Club Portland,OR Canada 9 USA 6 Winner Scores Stephen Moysey,Toronto,ON Frank SatterthwaiteJr,New York,NY Can 15-13,18-17,13-18,8-15,15-5 George Morfitt,Vancouver,BC Richard Radloff,Seattle,WA Can 15-11,4-15,15-13,15-11 David Hetherington,Toronto,ON John Hutchinson,Seattle,WA USA 15-9,10-15,5-15,15-9,15-10 Robert French,Los Angeles,CA Donald Williams,Fort Sill,OK Can 15-10,15-6,14-16,15-14 William Bowen,Toronto,ON John Vinton,Dallas,TX Can 15-18,15-12,8-15,15-13,15-8 Thomas McCarthy,Toronto,ON Leslie Harding,Seattle,WA Can 11-15,3-15,17-15,15-9,15-6 Michael Jackson,Vancouver,BC […]

Grant 1973

Grant Trophy: February 24-25, 1973 The Granite Club, Toronto, ON Canada 3 USA 4 Winner Scores Gordon Anderson,Toronto,ON Michael J.Pierce,Philadelphia,PA CAN  15-18,15-7,15-10,18-17 Peter Martin,Montreal,QC J.Peter Pierce,Philadelphia,PA Craig Benson,Toronto,ON Frank Satterthwaite,New York,NY CAN 15-11,18-17,15-11 Ian McAvity,Montreal,QC Alfred Sadler,New York,NY Michael Downer,Montreal,QC Bruce Birgbauer,Detroit,MI USA 15-13,11-15,15-8,15-13 Ritchie Bell,Montreal,QC George Haggarty,Detroit,MI Donald Leggat,Hamilton,ON Charles Kingsley,New Haven,CT CAN 15-10,15-12,15-11 […]

Lapham 1973

Lapham Cup February 24-25,1973 The Granite Club Toronto.ON Canada 8 USA 7 Winner Scores Gordon Anderson,Toronto,ON Jay Nelson,New York,NY Can 11-15,15-6,13-15,15-5,15-12 Peter Martin,Montreal,QC Frank Satterthwaite,New York,NY USA 15-13,8-15,15-12,2-15,15-9 Craig Benson,Toronto,ON Michael J.Pierce,Philadelphia,PA Can 15-11,10-15,15-11,12-15,15-12 Victor Harding,Toronto,ON Bruce Birgbauer,Detroit,MI USA 9-15,15-16,15-9,17-15,15-5 Donald Leggat,Hamilton,ON J.Peter Pierce,Philadelphia,PA Can 15-12,15-9,15-12 David Hetherington,Toronto,ON Spencer Burke,St.Louis,MO Can 6-15,18-13,15-7,11-15,15-8 Michael Downer,Montreal,QC Alfred […]

Grant 1972

Grant Trophy: March 3-5, 1972 Cleveland Racquet Club, Cleveland, OH Canada 4 USA 3 Winner Scores Peter Martin,Montreal,QC Lawrence P.Terrell,Philadelphia,PA CAN 15-11,15-11,18-14 Ian McAvity,Montreal,QC Claude Beer,Philadelphia,PA Clive Caldwell,Toronto,ON David O’Loughlin,Pittsburgh,PA CAN 15-12,15-13,15-9 Gordon Anderson,Toronto,ON Lawrence O’Loughlin,Pittsburgh,PA Craig Benson,Toronto,ON William Giese,Philadelphia,PA CAN 15-6,15-12,15-12 Vincent Taylor,Toronto,ON Bruce Birgbauer,Detroit,MI Donald Leggat,Hamilton,ON John F.Herrick,Cleveland,OH CAN 15-9,8-15,15-12,13-15,15-9 Ernest Whelpton,Toronto,ON Edward […]

Lapham 1972

Lapham Cup March 3-5,1972 Cleveland Racquet Club Cleveland,OH Canada 4 USA 11 Winner Scores Peter Martin,Montreal,QC Lawrence Terrell,Philadelphia,PA USA 15-4,15-9,15-13 Clive Caldwell,Toronto,ON Lawrence O’Loughlin,Pittsburgh,PA Can 10-15,15-11,7-15,15-10,15-8 Gordon Anderson,Toronto,ON David O’Loughlin,Pittsburgh,PA Can 15-7,14-15,15-17,15-8,15-5 Ian McAvity,Montreal,QC Bruce Birgbauer,Detroit,MI USA 15-5,7-15,15-11,15-12 Craig Benson,Toronto,ON H.Burton Gay,Philadelphia,PA Can 15-7,15-11,11-15,4-15,18-13 Vincent Taylor,Toronto,ON Claude Beer,Philadelphia,PA Can 15-8,15-6,18-14 Donald Leggat,Hamilton,ON John Herrick,Cleveland,OH USA […]

Grant 1971

Grant Trophy: February 27-28, 1971 Montreal Amateur Athlete Association, Montreal, QC Canada 4 USA 3 Winner Scores David Pemberton-Smith,Montreal,QC Lawrence P.Terrell,Philadelphia,PA USA 5-15,18-15,15-12,17-14 Ian McAvity,Montreal,QC Claude Beer,Philadelphia,PA Donald Leggat,Hamilton,ON John Reese,New York,NY CAN 15-11,16-17,15-12,15-8 Barney Lawrence,Kitchener,ON Roland Oddy,New York,NY Vincent Taylor,Toronto,ON William Giese,Philadelphia,PA USA 16-15,15-12,15-12 Colin Irving,Montreal,QC Bruce Birgbauer,Detroit,MI William Hatch,Toronto,ON William T.Ketcham,New York,NY CAN […]

Lapham 1971

Lapham Cup February 27-28,1971 Montreal Amateur Athletic A Montreal,QC Canada 9 USA 6 Winner Scores Peter Martin,Montreal,QC John R.Reese,New York,NY Can 10-15,15-9,18-17,13-15,15-6 Colin Adair,Montreal,QC Lawrence P.Terrell,Philadelphia,PA Can 11-15,15-7,15-4,9-15,15-10 John W.Smith Chapman,Montreal,QC W.Roland Oddy,New York,NY Can 15-11,11-15,15-8,17-16 Derek Drummond,Montreal,QC Bruce Birgbauer,Detroit,MI USA 15-4,15-4,15-9 Richard Pound,Montreal,QC Claude Beer,Philadelphia,PA Can 15-10,11-15,15-13,17-16 Peter Woodfine,Montreal,QC William Giese,Philadelphia,PA USA 18-14,15-12,15-9 Richard […]

Grant 1970

Grant Trophy: February 28-March 1, 1970 Cincinnati Country Club, Cincinnati, OH Canada 6 USA 1 Winner Scores Peter Martin,Montreal,QC Anil Nayar,Boston,MA CAN 16-14,15-10,15-8 Ian McAvity,Montreal,QC Edward Malley,Boston,MA Donald Leggat,Hamilton,ON Roland Oddy,New York,NY CAN 15-8,18-16,15-10 Barney Lawrence,Kitchener,ON Robert Hellerson,New York,NY Gordon Guyatt,Hamilton,ON William T.Ketcham Jr,New York,NY CAN 10-15,15-12,18-13,8-15,15-12 Vincent Taylor,Toronto,ON Donald D.Mills,Cincinnati,OH William M.Hatch,Toronto,ON A.Ralph Navaro […]

Lapham 1970

Lapham Cup February 28-March 1,1970 Cincinnati Country Club Cincinnati,OH Canada 4 USA 11 Winner Scores Peter Martin,Montreal,QC Anil Nayar,Boston,MA USA 18-13,15-12,12-15,15-12 Ian McAvity,Montreal,QC Edward Malley III,Boston,MA USA 12-15,18-13,7-15,15-13,15-10 Donald Leggat,Hamilton,ON Roland Oddy,New York,NY Can 15-11,11-15,15-13,8-15,16-14 Barney Lawrence,Kitchener,ON Robert Hellerson,New York,NY USA 5-15,15-10,11-15,15-8,15-7 Vincent Taylor,Toronto,ON Thomas Shulman,Dayton,OH USA 15-14,15-10,15-11 Gordon Guyatt,Hamilton,ON William Giese,Philadelphia,PA Can 15-17,17-15,16-14,13-15,15-11 Jeffrey […]

Grant 1969

Grant Trophy: February 27-18, 1969 Men’s Athletic Recreation Club, Vancouver, BC Canada 3 USA 4 Winner Scores Donald Leggat,Hamilton,ON Samuel P.Howe III,Philadelphia,PA USA 15-10,12-15,15-7,15-9 R.G.(Barney)Lawrence,Kitchener,ON Donald Williams,New York,NY Ian McAvity,Montreal,QC Thomas Poor,Boston,MA CAN 18-17,15-10,13-15,15-8 Bruce Jaffary,Vancouver,BC Edward Malley,Boston,MA Lorne Main,Toronto,ON Seymour Knox III,Buffalo,NY USA 15-7,15-5,15-10 David Foster,Vancouver,BC Stephen Gurney,San Francisco,CA James Macken,Vancouver,BC Thomas Brucker,Seattle,WA CAN […]

Lapham 1969

Lapham Cup February 27-28.1969 Vancouver Lawn Tennis&BC Vancouver,BC Canada 2 USA 13 Winner Scores Colin Adair,Montreal,QC Samuel P.Howe III,Philadelphia,PA USA 11-15,15-14,18-17,Retired John W.Smith Chapman,Montreal,QC Thomas Poor,Boston,MA USA 15-13,10-15,15-12,18-16 Vincent Taylor,Toronto,ON Edward Malley,Boston,MA USA 7-15,15-8,6-15,15-12,15-5 V.Neil Desaulniers,Vancouver,BC Donald Williams,New York,NY USA 15-8,15-4,7-15,15-10 Lawrence Barclay,Vancouver,BC Richard Sterne,San Francisco,CA Can 15-8,14-16,14-15,6-3,Retired Werner Forster,Vancouver,BC Stephen Gurney,San Francisco,CA USA 15-12,15-4,12-15,15-9 […]

Grant 1968

Grant Trophy: February 17-18, 1968 Wilmington Country Club, Wilmington, DE Canada 4 USA 3 Winner Scores Colin Adair,Montreal,QC Benjamin Heckscher,Philadelphia,PA CAN 11-15,13-18,15-8,15-13,15-10 Ian McAvity,Montreal,QC Christian Spahr,Philadelphia,PA Barney Lawrence,Kitchener,ON G.Diehl Mateer Jr,Philadelphia,PA CAN 18-13,15-13,15-11 Donald Leggat,Hamilton,ON Palmer Page,Philadelphia,PA James Coons,Hamilton,ON James Lacy,Baltimore,MD USA 15-10,15-7,15-11 Hugh Murray,Hamilton,ON William Sykes,Philadelphia,PA Lorne Webster,Montreal,QC S.McGill Gawthrop,Wilmington,DE USA 15-4,15-8,15-7 Jeffrey Williams,Montreal,QC […]

Lapham 1968

Lapham Cup February 17-18,1968 Wilmington Country Club Wilmington,DE Canada 6 USA 9 Winner Scores Colin Adair,Montreal,QC Samuel P.Howe III,Philadelphia,PA Can 12-15,15-10,15-13,15-9 Ian McAvity,Montreal,QC Victor Seixas,Jr,Philadelphia,PA USA 15-11,15-11,15-6 Donald Leggat,Hamilton,ON Darwin P.Kingsley III,Philadelphia,PA Can 14-17,13-16,15-10,15-13,15-11 Hugh Murray,Hamilton,ON Carter Ferguson,Philadelphia,PA Can 14-17,15-11,15-12,18-14 James Coons,Hamilton,ON William Sykes,Philadelphia,PA Can 15-11,15-9,15-10 Barney Lawrence,Kitchener,ON Daniel B.Pierson,Philadelphia,PA USA 15-12,10-15,15-14,13-15,15-6 Ted Tilden,Montreal,QC Seymour […]

Grant 1967

Grant Trophy: February 26, 1967 B&R, TRC, TCSCC, Toronto, ON Canada 3 USA 4 Winner Scores Donald Leggat,Hamilton,ON Darwin P.Kingsley,Philadelphia,PA USA 15-12,15-14,15-14 Barney Lawrence,Kitchener,ON Thomas Jones,New York,NY David Pemberton-Smith,Montreal,QC Randolph Robb,Buffalo,NY CAN 15-9,15-8,15-9 Ian McAvity,Montreal,QC Seymour Knox III,Buffalo,NY John Bassett Jr,Toronto,ON Arthur Sicular,New York,NY CAN 15-10,18-17,13-15,15-11 Douglas Brock,Toronto,ON William Dann,Buffalo,NY Jeffrey Williams,Montreal,QC Charles Murphy,Chicago,IL USA […]

Lapham 1967

Lapham Cup February 25,1967 Hamilton Thistle Club Hamilton,ON Canada 10 USA 5 Winner Scores David Pemberton-Smith,Montreal,QC Thomas Jones,New York,NY Can 15-7,15-13,13-15,3-15,15-10 John Bassett Jr,Toronto,ON Peter Lyman,Rochester,NY Can 15-8,15-10,14-15,15-10 Donald Leggat,Hamilton,ON Darwin Kingsley III,Philadelphia,PA Can 12-15,15-8,15-6,17-15 Hugh Murray,Hamilton,ON Charles Murphy,Chicago,IL Can 15-7,16-17,15-9,15-10 John Foy,Toronto,ON Dudley Lyons,New York,NY Can 15-8,15-9,15-8 Barney Lawrence,Kitchener,ON Seymour Knox III,Buffalo,NY USA 15-10,15-12,15-13 […]

Grant 1966

Grant Trophy: February 19-20, 1966 Buffalo Tennis and Squash Club, Buffalo, NY Canada 3 USA 4 Winner Scores Barney Lawrence,Kitchener,ON William T.Ketcham Jr,New York,NY Can 15-12,15-11,15-6 Donald Leggat,Hamilton,ON Howard Davis,New York,NY Lorne Main,Toronto,ON William Dann,Buffalo,NY Can 15-6,15-8,15-10 John Foy,Toronto,ON Nelson Graves,Buffalo,NY Douglas Brock,Toronto,ON Victor Niederhoffer,Chicago,IL USA 15-11,15-7,10-15,15-9 John Bassett Jr,Toronto,ON Charles Murphy,Chicago,IL Lorne Webster,Montreal,QC Seymour […]

Lapham 1966

Lapham Cup February 19-20,1966 Buffalo Tennis&SquashClub Buffalo,NY Canada 7 USA 8 Winner Scores Donald Leggat,Hamilton,ON Victor Niederhoffer,Chicago,IL Can 15-7,15-11,10-15,9-15,17-16 Andrew Mulzer,Hamilton,ON Donald Williams,Philadelphia,PA USA 15-12,5-15,15-1,6-15,15-6 John Bassett Jr,Toronto,ON Peter Lyman,Rochester,NY Can 15-10,15-11,8-15,15-13 Douglas Brock,Toronto,ON Anthony Crociata,Detroit,MI Can 11-15,15-13,15-12,15-6 Hugh Murray,Hamilton,ON Alden Johnson,Buffalo,NY Can 10-15,15-11,15-8,13-15,15-12 John Foy,Toronto,ON Ian McAvity,New York,NY Can 15-8,12-15,15-6,15-12 Barney Lawrence,Kitchener,ON Howard Davis,New […]

Grant 1965

Grant Trophy: February 26-28, 1965 Montreal Amateur Athlete Association, Montreal, QC Canada 4 USA 3 Winner Scores David Pemberton-Smith,Montreal,QC Robert Hetherington,Boston,MA CAN 15-12,17-18,15-9,16-15 Colin Irving,Montreal,QC Robert Dewey,New York,NY Donald Leggat,Hamilton,ON Charles Kingsley,New Haven,CT CAN 15-12,15-10,12-15,15-11 Douglas Brock,Toronto,ON Thomas Kent,New York,NY Brendan Macken,Montreal,QC David Maxwell,Philadelphia,PA CAN 15-10,15-9,15-10 Paul Ouimet,Montreal,QC Peter Lyman,Rochester,NY Hugh Hallward,Montreal,QC Donald Scott,Philadelphia,PA USA […]

Lapham 1965

Lapham Cup February 26-28,1965 Montreal Amateur AthleticAss Montreal,QC Canada 6 USA 9 Winner Scores John W.Smith Chapman,Montreal,QC Robert Hetherington,Boston,MA USA 18-17,15-6,15-11 David Pemberton-Smith,Montreal,QC Robert Dewey,New York,NY Can 15-8,15-6,15-7 Donald Leggat,Hamilton,ON Charles Kingsley,New Haven,CT Can 15-7,10-15,15-13,15-11 Douglas Brock,Toronto,ON Thomas Kent,New York,NY USA 15-9,15-5,15-12 Derek Drummond,Montreal,QC David Maxwell,Philadelphia,PA Can 18-15,11-15,15-13,15-7 Brendan Macken,Montreal,QC Peter Lyman,Rochester,NY USA 18-14,15-11,15-12 Peter […]

Grant 1964

Grant Trophy: March 1, 1964 Buffalo Tennis and Squash Club, Buffalo, NY Canada 3 USA 4 Winner Scores Donald Leggat,Hamilton,ON Ralph E.Howe,New York,NY CAN 11-15,15-10,14-17,17-16,15-12 Barney Lawrence,Kitchener,ON William T.Ketcham Jr,New York,NY David Pemberton-Smith,Montreal,QC Stephen S.Gurney,Buffalo,NY USA 15-9,8-15,15-12,15-5 Hugh Murray,Hamilton,ON Randolph Robb,Buffalo,NY Paul Ouimet,Montreal,QC James Manning,Rochester,NY CAN 15-9,15-10,15-9 Douglas Brock,Toronto,ON Thomas Jones,New York,NY Fraser Coristine,Montreal,QC W.Stewart […]

Lapham 1964

Lapham Cup February 29,1964 Genesee Valley Club Rochester,NY Canada 6 USA 9 Winner Scores David Pemberton-Smith,Montreal,QC Ralph Howe,New York,NY USA 14-16,10-15,15-11,15-13,15-12 Donald Leggat,Hamilton,ON Thomas Jones,New York,NY Can 9-15,15-9,15-10,8-15,15-6 Hugh Murray,Hamilton,ON Stephen S. Gurney,Buffalo,NY Can 12-15,15-14,15-12,15-14 Douglas Brock,Toronto,ON Peter Lyman,Rochester,NY Can 15-6,15-12,11-15,11-15,15-11 Barney Lawrence,Kitchener,ON Anthony Crociata,Detroit,MI USA 15-14,15-6,18-17 James Coons,Hamilton,ON Frank P.Smith,Rochester,NY Can 9-15,15-12,15-9,15-11 Gordon Guyatt,Hamilton,ON […]

Grant 1963

Grant Trophy: March 2-3, 1963 Badminton & Racquet Club, Toronto, ON Canada 4 USA 3 Winner Scores Donald Leggat,Hamilton,ON Samuel P.Howe III,Philadelphia,PA CAN 15-12,15-10,10-15,15-7 Barney Lawrence,Kitchener,ON Claude Beer,Philadelphia,PA Ernest Howard,Toronto,ON William T.Ketcham Jr,New York,NY CAN 11-15,15-14,15-8,15-14 John Foy,Toronto,ON Thomas Jones,New York,NY Douglas Brock,Toronto,ON J.Milton Street,Boston,MA USA 6-15,15-12,15-9,18-13 Richard Gaunt,Montreal,QC Lawrence Sears,Boston,MA Colin Irving,Montreal,QC Joseph T.Hahn,Detroit,MI […]

Lapham 1963

Lapham Cup March 2-3,1963 Badminton&Racquet Club Toronto,ON Canada 11 USA 4 Winner Scores Donald Leggat,Hamilton,ON Samuel P.Howe III,Philadelphia,PA USA 15-9,15-12,15-11 Ernest Howard,Toronto,ON Claude Beer,Philadelphia,PA Can 15-11,15-13,8-15,10-15,15-13 John Foy,Toronto,ON Thomas Jones,New York,NY Can 15-5,15-8,8-15,15-11 Douglas Brock,Toronto,ON Lawrence Sears,Boston,MA Can 15-11,7-15,15-9,1-15,15-11 Richard Gaunt,Montreal,QC John Brownell,Cleveland,OH Can 15-10,15-3,15-10 Colin Irving,Montreal,QC Richard Austin,Detroit,MI USA 7-15,15-8,9-15,17-16,18-13 Hugh Murray,Hamilton,ON William T.Ketcham […]

Grant 1962

Grant Trophy: March 3-4, 1962 Aetna Life Insurance Co., Hartford, CT Canada 1 USA 6 Winner Scores John W.Smith Chapman,Montreal,QC William T.Ketcham Jr,New York,NY USA 15-10,15-8,4-15,12-15,15-11 Colin Irving,Montreal,QC James M.Ethridge III,Greenwich,CT Paul Ouimet,Montreal,QC James H.Whitmoyer,Philadelphia,PA USA 15-11,15-12,15-13 Donald Leggat,Hamilton,ON George L.Doetsch,Baltimore,MD Ilay Ferrier,Montreal,QC W.Stewart Brauns Jr,New York,NY USA 15-10,17-16,7-15,15-13 Hugh G.Hallward,Montreal,QC Joseph T.Hahn,Montclair,NJ Richard Gaunt,Montreal,QC […]

Lapham 1962

Lapham Cup March 3-4,1962 Hartford Golf Club Hartford,CT Canada 4 USA 11 Winner Scores John W.Smith Chapman,Montreal,QC Samuel P.Howe III,Philadelphia,PA USA 9-15,15-5,12-15,15-13,15-12 Donald Leggat,Hamilton,ON William J.Tully,New York,NY USA 15-6,15-9,15-11 Richard Gaunt,Montreal,QC C.W.Henry Foster,Boston,MA Can 15-8,15-18,15-2,15-12 Anthony Lafleur,Montreal,QC Richard Stewart,Hartford,CT USA 15-9,15-6,15-8 Colin Irving,Montreal,QC William Howe,New Haven,CT USA 15-12,15-13,15-6 Brendan Macken,Montreal,QC James H.Whitmoyer,Philadelphia,PA USA 15-10,15-9,15-12 William […]

Grant 1961

Grant Trophy: March 4-5, 1961 Montreal Badminton and Squash Club, Montreal, QC Canada 5 USA 3 Winner Scores Paul Ouimet,Montreal,QC Benjamin Heckscher,Philadelphia,PA USA  3-0 Anthony Wolever,Montreal,QC James M.Ethridge III,Greenwich,CT Robin Lees,Ottawa,ON Joseph T.Hahn,Montclair,NJ USA  3-2 Donald Leggat,Hamilton,ON David Maxwell,Philadelphia,PA James Spencer,Montreal,QC John Brownell,Cleveland,OH CAN  3-2 Hugh G.Hallward,Montreal,QC Lawrence Brown,Rochester,NY Brendan Macken,Montreal,QC Walter G.Diehl,Philadelphia,PA CAN  3-0 […]

Lapham 1961

Lapham Cup March 4-5,1961 Montreal Bad.& Squash Club Montreal,QC Canada 7 USA 8 Winner Scores Donald Leggat,Hamilton,ON Benjamin Heckscher,Philadelphia,PA USA 15-10,10-15,15-11,15-9 Robin Lees,Ottawa,ON W.Allston Flagg Jr,New York,NY Can 15-8,8-15,15-10,15-5 Gordon Guyatt,Hamilton,ON John Brownell,Cleveland,OH USA 18-17,15-9,15-5 James Spencer,Montreal,QC David Maxwell,Philadelphia,PA Can 15-9,16-17,15-13,11-15,17-16 James McKeon,Toronto,ON Thomas Leonards,Philadelphia,PA USA 11-15,12-15,15-13,15-10,15-12 Fraser Coristine,Montreal,QC Joseph T.Hahn,Montclair,NJ USA 15-11,18-17,15-12 Sidney Hetherington,Toronto,ON […]

Lapham 1960

Lapham Cup March 5,1960 Indianapolis Athletic Club Indianapolis,IN Canada 9 USA 6 Winner Scores Donald Leggatt,Hamilton,ON Robert Stuckert,Milwaukee,WI Can 15-11,15-10,18-15 John Foy,Toronto,ON Paul Massey,Indianapolis,IN Can 18-13,15-12,17-16 William Hatch,Toronto,ON Richard Austin,Detroit,MI Can 8-15,16-15,15-10,15-11 Gordon Guyatt,Hamilton,ON Wallace G.Diehl,Indianapolis,IN Can 15-13,15-11,15-18,15-6 Richard Gaunt,Port Hope,ON Henry McNeeley,Minneapolis,MN Can 15-11,17-15,12-15,17-15 Julian Hutchinson,Toronto,ON Charles Murphy,Chicago,IL USA 6-15,18-13,15-11,15-10 Hugh Murray,Hamilton,ON Thomas Leonards,Philadelphia,PA […]

Grant 1959

Grant trophy: March 7-8, 1959 Badminton & Racquet Club, Toronto, ON Canada 3 USA 4 Winner Scores John Foy,Toronto,ON James M.Ethridge III,Greenwich,CT USA  3-2 Ernest Howard,Toronto,ON William T.Ketcham Jr.New York Donald Leggat,Hamilton,ON Arthur H.Barker,New York,NY CAN  3-0 Denis Whitaker,Hamilton,ON W.Stewart Brauns Jr,New York Fraser Coristine,Montreal,QC Peter Lyman,Rochester,NY USA  3-0 David Mathias,Montreal,QC Donald Williams,Lawton,OK C.A.(Bill) Burk,Montreal,QC […]

Lapham 1959

Lapham Cup March 7-8,1959 Granite and B&R Clubs Toronto,ON Canada 10 USA 5 Winner Scores Donald Leggat,Hamilton,ON John Bowen,Chicago,IL Can 15-6,15-13,15-7 Ernest Howard,Toronto,ON William T.Ketcham,New York,NY Can 15-12,15-10,15-12 William O’Malley,Toronto,ON Arthur H.Barker,New York,NY Can 15-7,15-5,12-15,17-16 John Foy,Toronto,ON Donald Williams,Lawton,OK Can 17-18,15-6,15-3,15-8 Hugh Hallward,Montreal,QC W.Stewart Brauns Jr,New York,NY USA 14-15,15-12,4-15,15-13,15-8 C.A.(Bill) Burk,Montreal,QC Peter Lyman,Rochester,NY USA 15-9,15-10,15-7 […]

Grant 1958

Grant Trophy: March 8-9, 1958 Field Club of Greenwich, Greenwich, CT Canada 0 USA 7 Winner Scores Donald Leggat,Hamilton,ON James Ethridge III,Greenwich,CT USA 15-9,15-7,12-15,15-9 Paul Ouimet,Montreal,QC Carl Badger,Greenwich,CT Lorne Webster,Montreal,QC Germain Glidden,Norwalk,CT USA 11-15,15-11,15-12,10-15,15-12 Hugh Hallward,Montreal,QC H.Chester Thompson,Greenwich,CT James Prendergast,Toronto,ON Braman B.Adams,Greenwich,CT USA 3-15,10-15,18-14,15-11,18-17 John Churchill-Smith,Montreal,QC William T.Ketcham,New York,NY Ralph Rimmer,Hamilton,ON W.Stewart Brauns Jr,New York,NY […]

Lapham 1958

Lapham Cup March 8-9,1958 Field Club of Greenwich Greenwich,CT Canada 6 USA 9 Winner Scores Donald Leggat,Hamilton,ON W.Allstom Flagg Jr,New York,NY Can 15-8,15-11,5-15,17-18,15-10 Ralph Rimmer,Hamilton,ON Germain Glidden,New York,NY USA 5-15,15-12,15-12,15-10 William Hatch,Toronto,ON William T.Ketcham,New York,NY USA 15-11,15-8,10-15,15-8 Sidney Hetherington,Toronto,ON W.Stewart Brauns Jr,New York,NY Can 12-15,15-6,18-16,15-12 David Mathias,Montreal,QC Sherwood E.Buckland,Ottawa,ON Can 15-9,7-15,15-14,11-15,18-17 Patrick Whitaker,Toronto,ON William A.Easton,Rochester,NY […]

Lapham 1957

Lapham Cup March 2,1957 Hamilton Thistle Club Hamilton,ON Canada 11 USA 4 Winner Scores Walter D.O’Malley,Toronto,ON W.Allston Flagg Jr,New York,NY USA 15-18,15-10,11-15,15-12,15-9 Donald Leggat,Hamilton,ON Ray Widelski,Buffalo,NY Can 14-16,8-15,15-3,16-14,15-5 John Foy,Toronto,ON Alden Johnson,Buffalo,NY Can 9-15,15-3,15-13,15-18,15-11 Lorne Main,Toronto,ON Edward H.Jocoy,New York,NY USA 13-15,12-15,15-6,15-10,15-12 W.Denis Whitaker,Hamilton,ON Seymour Knox III,Buffalo,NY Can 15-8,10-15,15-11,11-15,15-10 R.G.R.(Barney)Lawrence,Kitchener,ON A.Warren Smith Jr,Buffalo,NY USA 18-15,5-15,15-10,18-15 John […]

Lapham 1956

Lapham Cup February 25,1956 The Agawam Hunt Club Providence,RI Canada 4 USA 11 Winner Scores Henry Hussey,Toronto,ON Audley Clarke,Providence,RI USA 15-10,15-7,15-10 George Valois,Montreal,QC John P.Humes,New York,NY USA 15-8,15-17,15-6,15-9 James Spencer,Montreal,QC Charles Williamson,Providence,RI USA 15-13,15-11,12-15,15-16,15-11 Hugh Hallward,Montreal,QC Thomas Leonards,Philadelphia,PA USA 13-18,15-3,15-6,12-15,15-10 William Hatch,Toronto,ON Stuyvesant Wainwright,Washington,DC Can 15-10,15-8,10-15,15-5 Sidney Hetherington,Toronto,ON Harold Boddorff,Boston,MA Can 15-11,10-15,15-10,15-11 Gilles Cote,Quebec City,QC […]

Lapham 1955

Lapham Cup March 12,1955 Quebec Winter Club Quebec City,QC Canada 7 USA 6 Winner Scores Gordon Symons,Montreal,Qc W.Allston Flagg Jr,New York,NY USA 15-10,15-9,11-15,11-15,15-12 John Foy,Toronto,ON William T.Ketcham,New York,NY USA 15-7,12-15,15-8,11-15,15-10 Redmond Quain Jr,Ottawa,ON Ashton Crosby,Washington,DC Can 17-15,13-16,15-11,15-10 Brendan Macken,Toronto,ON R.H.Adam Foster,Harvard Univ.,MA Can 15-6,15-6,15-13 Pierre Cote,Quebec City,QC Hugh K.Foster,Boston,MA USA 17-15,15-13,9-15,15-7 Lee Snelling,Ottawa,ON Stewart Brauns,New […]

Lapham 1954

Lapham Cup March 20,1954 Hartford Country Club Hartford,CT Canada 1 USA 14 Winner Scores Ernest Howard,Toronto,ON Henri Salaun,Cambridge,MA USA 12-15,15-10,15-12,17-15 Timothy O’Keefe,Montreal,QC Germain Glidden,New York,NY USA 15-14,15-11,15-12 John Foy,Toronto,ON Hunter Lott,Philadelphia,PA USA 10-15,15-2,18-16,13-15,15-9 Brendan Macken,Montreal,QC William Howe,New Haven,CT USA 9-15,15-8,15-10,11-15,15-8 Pierre Cote,Quebec City,QC Michael Ward,Short Hills,NJ USA 15-11,15-11,12-15,15-11 Donald Boxer,Toronto,ON Peter Van Slyck,Hartford,CT USA 7-15,15-13,15-10,15-17,15-10 […]

Grant 1953

Grant Trophy: March 21-23, 1953 Montreal Amateur Athletic Club, Montreal, QC Canada 5 USA 3 Winner Scores Alan Lee,Montreal,QC David McMullin,Philadelphia,PA CAN 15-10,15-12,14-18,15-12 Ilay Ferrier,Montreal,QC Henry W.Putnam,Cedarhurst,NY Timothy O’Keefe,Montreal,QC Arthur Barker,New York,NY USA 15-12,15-13,10-15,18-17 Karl Wiele,Montreal,QC Harry Conlon Jr,Buffalo,NY Anthony Wolever,Montreal,QC J.Milton Street,Boston,MA USA 15-11,15-17,15-5,10-15,15-10 Paul Ouimet,Montreal,QC David Watts,Boston,MA Brendan Macken,Montreal,QC Edward Ewald,Detroit,MI CAN 10-15,10-15,15-9,15-8,15-11 […]

Lapham 1953

Lapham Cup March 21-22,1953 Montreal Amateur Athl.Assn Montreal.QC Canada 6 USA 9 Winner Scores Ernest Howard,Toronto,ON Harry Conlon Jr,Buffalo,NY USA 12-15,15-12,15-13,15-12 John Martin,Montreal,QC David Watts,Boston,MA Can 12-15,15-12,15-7,15-4 Denis Whitaker,Hamilton,ON Milton Street,Boston,MA USA 15-9,15-10,11-15,11-15,15-4 Jack Leibel,Toronto,ON Arthur Barker,New York,NY USA 6-15,15-11,15-11,15-6 Timothy O’Keefe,Montreal,QC William T.Ketcham,New York,NY Can 15-9,15-9,15-9 Redmond Quain Jr,Ottawa,ON Huntington P.Welch,New Haven,CT USA 11-15,15-8,14-15,15-12,15-12 […]

Lapham 1952

Lapham Cup March 22,1952 Genesee Valley Club Rochester,NY Canada 9 USA 6 Winner Scores Ernest Howard,Toronto,ON Sandy Parker,Pittsburgh,PA Can 15-9,15-11,15-7 Jack Shusterman,Toronto,ON Montgomery Pooley,Buffalo,NY USA 15-6,10-15,15-5,15-13 Jack Leibel,Toronto,ON John Durand,Rochester,NY Can 15-8,15-9,11-15,13-15,15-7 George Youngs,Toronto,ON Paul Massey,Cleveland,OH USA 15-11,15-9,15-8 Ralph Rimmer,Hamilton,ON Edward Ewald,Detroit,MI Can 15-11,15-13,12-15,15-4 Arthur Boddington,Toronto,ON Donald Marvin,Washington,DC Can 17-15,15-12,15-7 Peter Landry,Port Hope,ON Eugene O’Connor,Baltimore,MD […]

Lapham 1951

Lapham Cup March 17-18,1951 Carlton Club Toronto,ON Canada 7 USA 8 Winner Scores Ernest Howard,Toronto,ON Edward Hahn,Detroit,MI USA 15-8,17-16,5-15,17-16 Jack Leibel,Toronto,ON Henri Salaun,Boston,MA USA 15-5,15-9,11-15,15-9 Arthur Boddington,Toronto,ON Harry Conlon Jr,Buffalo,NY USA 16-13,18-17,17-14 Frank Gibson,Hamilton,ON Joseph Hahn,Detroit,MI USA 15-14,15-12,15-10 Ralph Rimmer,Toronto,ON Montgomery Pooley,Buffalo,NY USA 15-10,10-15,15-5,17-14 Denis Whitaker,Hamilton,ON Louis Schaefer,Buffalo,NY USA 15-9,9-15,14-15,15-6,16-13 R.G(Barney) Lawrence,Toronto,ON John Durand,Rochester,NY Can […]

Lapham 1950

Lapham Cup March 17,1950 The Agawam Club Providence,RI Canada 6 USA 7 Winner Scores Sidney Hetherington,Toronto,ON Henri R.Salaun,Boston,MA USA 15-5,15-10,15-8 Peter Landry,Port Hope,ON Donald Jackson,Providence,RI USA 15-14,15-10,9-15,10-15,15-11 Frank Gibson,Hamilton,ON Stanley G.Haskins,Providence,RI Can 15-8,15-7,15-10 Denis Whitaker,Hamilton,ON Harold Baker,New York,NY USA 15-12,15-5,14-15,16-18,15-11 Fraser Coristine,Montreal,QC Darwin P.Kingsley Jr,New York,NY USA 15-3,7-15,15-6,15-5 Arthur Boddington,Toronto,ON Russell Peabody,Providence,RI Can 12-15,15-8,15-13,15-9 Pierre […]

Grant 1949

Grant Trophy: March 13, 1949 Buffalo Tennis & Squash Club, Buffalo, NY Canada 1 USA 4 Winner Scores Timothy O’Keefe,Montreal,QC Neil Sullivan,Philadelphia,PA CAN 15-6,15-7,15-18,15-11 Karl Wiele,Montreal,QC David McMullin,Philadelphia,PA Frank M.Gibson,Hamilton,ON Gordon Cabe,Baltimore,MD USA 12-15,15-8,15-9,15-14 William W.Chipman,Montreal,QC John Doetsch,Baltimore,MD Harold V.Peterson,Toronto,ON John Flaherty,Philadelphia,PA USA 15-7,15-12,9-15,16-18,15-11 Sidney C.Hetherington,Toronto,ON Hugh Wallace,Wilmington,DE Alastair Grant,Montreal,QC J.Frederick Rogers,Buffalo,NY USA 12-15,15-6,15-7,15-11 William […]

Lapham 1949

Lapham Cup February 19,1949 Quebec Winter Club Quebec City,QC Canada 7 USA 3 Winner Scores Timothy O’Keefe,Montreal,QC Donald Jackson,Providence,RI USA 15-14,15-12,14-16,15-18,16-13 Harald A.R.Martin,Montreal,QC Stanley G.Haskins,Providence,RI USA 15-11,10-15,15-11,15-5 William S.Noyes,Toronto,ON Neil Powell,Boston,MA Can 15-7,15-12,15-5 Frank M.Gibson,Hamilton,ON Charles C.Madeira,Providence,RI Can 14-15,15-9,15-9,16-14 Fraser Coristine,Montreal,QC Charles E.Brainard,Hartford,CT USA 18-13,15-13,9-15,15-10 Alan Lee,Montreal,QC William P.Black,Boston,MA Can 10-15,15-7,15-6,15-10 Timothy Dunn,Quebec City,QC Tevis […]

Lapham 1948

Lapham Cup January 31,1948 Hartford Golf Club West Hartford,CT Canada 5 USA 10 Winner Scores William S.Noyes,Toronto,ON Andrew C.Ingraham,New York,NY USA 18-13,17-15,18-14 Jack Leibel,Toronto,ON Germain G.Glidden,New York,NY USA 15-13,15-9,15-11 Harald A.R.Martin,Montreal,QC Joseph T.Hahn,Detroit,MI Can 15-6,15-8,12-15,11-15,15-11 Timothy O’Keefe,Montreal,QC Alexander S.Parker,Boston,MA Can 14-18,15-13,15-8,15-9 Fraser Coristine,Montreal,QC James G.Batterson,Hartford,CT USA 14-15,15-10,15-10,14-18,15-4 Kurt Wiele,Montreal,QC David Livingston,Boston,MA USA 15-8,15-13,15-7 Sidney G.Hetherington,Toronto,ON […]

Grant 1948

Grant Trophy: April 3, 1948  Montreal Amateur Athlete Association, Montreal, QC Canada 1 USA 6 Winner Scores Timothy O’Keefe,Montreal,QC John J.Smith,New York,NY CAN  3-2 Karl Wiele,Montreal,Montreal,QC M.Donald Grant,New York,NY William Noyes,Toronto,ON John R.Fetcher,Philadelphia,PA USA  3-0 Alastair Grant,Montreal,QC David McMullin,Philadelphia,PA Frank M.Gibson,Hamilton,ON Joseph Hahn,Detroit,MI USA  3-0 William W.Chipman,Montreal,QC Howard Davis,Detroit,MI Harald A.R.Martin,Montreal,QC Richard Remsen,New York,NY USA […]

Grant 1947

Grant Trophy: February 15-16, 1947 Merion Cricket Club, Philadelphia, PA Canada 2 USA 9 Winner Scores Frank M.Gibson,Montreal,QC Charles M.P.Brinton,Philadelphia,PA USA 15-12,15-6,16-18,15-16,15-10 William W.Chipman,Montreal,QC John R.Fetcher,Philadelphia,PA Clarence Booth,Montreal,QC Neil J.Sullivan,Philadelphia,PA USA 15-11,15-10,13-15,15-9 Dwight Magee,Montreal,QC William E.Slack,Philadelphia,PA Karl Weile,Montreal,QC Davis McElroy,New York,NY CAN 15-10,11-15,15-14,15-13 Peter Kenrick,Montreal,QC Wilcox B.Adsit,New York,NY George Rattee,Montreal,QC David McMullin,Philadelphia,PA USA 15-18,15-7,15-12,15-6 Charles […]

Lapham 1947

Lapham Cup February 1,1947 Hamilton Thistle Club Hamilton,ON Canada 9 USA 6 Winner Scores William S.Noyes,Toronto,ON Joseph T.Hahn,Detroit,MI Can 12-15,15-13,15-8,15-11 Jack Liebel,Toronto,ON John P.Humes,New York,NY Can 12-15,15-9,15-11,15-10 Frank M.Gibson.Montreal,QC John D.Reindel,New York,NY USA 11-15,15-11,17-18,15-7,18-16 Sidney G.Hetherington,Toronto,ON J.William Johnson,Buffalo,NY Can 9-15,15-11,15-8,14-18,18-16 Harald A.R.Martin,Montreal,QC Louis Schaeffer,Buffalo,NY USA 12-15,18-15,15-9,15-13 William Mickle,Toronto,ON David Livingston,Boston,MA Can 15-11,15-8,11-15,15-12 Horace V.P. Lewis,Toronto,ON […]

Lapham 1946

Lapham Cup January 19,1946 Harvard Club Boston,MA Canada 2 USA 13 Winner Scores William S.Noyes,Toronto,ON Andrew C.Ingraham,New York,NY USA 15-12,18-16,15-8 Harald A.R.Martin,Montreal,QC Harold W.Kaese,Boston,MA USA 15-5,12-15,15-6,15-6 John L.Leibel,Toronto,ON Germain G.Glidden,New York,NY Can 16-17,16-14,15-10,14-18-15-9 Timothy O’Keefe,Montreal,QC Stanley W.Pearson Jr,Philadelphia,PA USA 15-7,18-16,12-15,15-12 Leonard G.V.Schlemm,Montreal,QC Sherman Howes,Boston,MA USA 12-15,15-10,15-11,15-8 T.Douglas Sinclair,Montreal,QC John R.Fetcher,Philadelphia,PA USA 15-11,15-11,15-10 Sidney G.Hetherington,Toronto,ON Alexander […]

Grant 1946

Grant Trophy: April 5-7, 1946 Montreal Amateur Athlete Association, Montreal, QC Canada 4 USA 7 Winner Scores T.Douglas Sinclair,Montreal,QC Charles M.P.Brinton,Philadelphia,PA CAN 18-15,15-11,15-12 Timothy O’Keefe,Montreal,QC Mifflin Large,Philadelphia,PA Frank M.Gibson,Montreal,QC M.Donald Grant,New York,NY CAN 15-13,18-17,14-15,15-10 William W.Chipman,Montreal,QC John J.Smith,New York,NY Alan Lee,Montreal,QC David McMullin,Philadelphia,PA USA 14-15,15-9,15-7,15-9 Fraser Coristine,Montreal,QC Stanley W.Pearson Jr,Philadelphia PA William S.Noyes,Toronto,ON Germain G.Glidden,New […]

Grant 1945

Grant Trophy: January 13, 1945 Canada 1  USA 10 Winner Scores Alastair Grant,Montreal,QC David McMullin,Philadelphia,PA USA 15-9,15-11,15-11 Sam Morrison,Montreal,QC William E.Slack,Philadelphia,PA T.Douglas Sinclair,Montreal,QC Clifford Sutter,New York,NY USA 15-10,15-5,15-6 George A.Roberts,Montreal,QC J.Bart.McGuire,Greenwich,CT Clarence Booth,Montreal,QC Neil J.Sullivan,Philadelphia,PA USA 15-8,10-15,15-9,15-6 Dwight Magee,Montreal,QC Roy R.Coffin,Philadelphia,PA Hugh McKay,Montreal,QC M.Donald Grant,New York,NY USA 16-13,15-7,15-4 Johnny Johnston,Montreal,QC John J.Smith,New York,NY George Rattee,Montreal,QC […]

Lapham 1945

Lapham Cup February 3,1945 Badminton & Racquet Club Toronto,ON Canada 12 USA 3 Winner Scores William S.Noyes,Toronto,ON Thomas L.Golibart,Detroit,MI Can 13-15,15-5,15-5,15-9 Thomas D.Boynton,Toronto,ON Louis Schaefer,Buffalo,NY USA 17-14,15-9,15-8 Jack K.McCausland,Toronto,ON J.Frederick Rogers,Buffalo,NY Can 17-14,15-5,8-15,15-8 Horace V.P.Lewis,Toronto,ON Richard Bostwick,Wilmington,DE Can 15-12,15-12,15-10 Sidney G.Hetherington,Toronto,ON Herbert D.Lancaster,New York,NY Can 15-9,15-10,15-9 T.Douglas Sinclair,Montreal,QC John McSorley Jr,Pittsburgh,PA Can 13-15,15-11,13-15,15-13,18-15 Douglas McKnight,Toronto,ON […]

Lapham 1944

Lapham Cup January 16,1944 University Club New York,NY Canada 3 USA 12 Winner Scores Timothy O’Keefe,Montreal,QC Charles M.P.Brinton,Philadelphia,PA USA 18-16,15-12,15-12 William S.Noyes,Toronto,ON Richard V.Wakeham,New York,NY Can 15-12,13-15,15-11,15-7 Sidney G.Hetherington,Toronto,ON Cyrus H.Polley,Buffalo,NY USA 16-15,15-10,15-10 T.Douglas Sinclair,Montreal,QC Donald L.Norris,New York,NY Can 15-10,15-9,18-13 Alastair Grant,Montreal,QC John R.Fetcher,Philadelphia,PA USA 15-7,18-15,15-10 Harold V.Peterson,Toronto,ON David McMullin,Philadelphia,PA USA 15-8,15-7,15-9 Henry Johnson,Montreal,QC David […]

Lapham 1943

Lapham Cup February 27,1943 Montreal Amat. Athl.Assn Montreal,QC Canada 8 USA 4 Winner Scores William S.Noyes,Toronto,ON James Reynolds,New York,NY Can 15-8,15-7,15-9 T.Douglas Sinclair,Montreal,QC John A.Doolittle,Albany,NY USA 15-11,13-15,13-15,15-8,18-13 Campbell Radcliffe,Toronto,ON Andrew N.Winslow Jr,Boston,MA Can 15-4,15-5,15-11 William W.Chipman,Montreal,QC Abraham M.(Sonny)Sonnabend,Boston,MA USA 18-16,15-13,15-9 Frank M.Gibson,Montreal,QC Arthur B.Belden,Rochester,NY Can 15-11,15-10,15-10 Alastair Grant,Montreal,QC Carlyle Norwood,New York,NY Can 15-11,15-11,18-13 B.Montgomery Wood,Toronto,ON […]

Lapham 1942

Lapham Cup January 24,1942 Genesee Valley Club Rochester,NY Canada 2 USA 13 Winner Scores William S.Noyes,Toronto,ON Charles M.P.Brinton,Philadelphia,PA USA 15-10,15-9,15-7 W.M.(Blondie) Vickers,Toronto,ON Andrew C.Ingraham,New York,NY USA 15-12,15-11,15-10 Timothy O’Keefe,Montreal,QC Joseph T.Hahn,Detroit,MI USA 18-16,15-9,15-10 Sidney G.Hetherington,Toronto,ON J.William Johnson,Buffalo,NY USA 15-10,15-6,15-10 T.Douglas Sinclair,Montreal,QC John A.Doolittle,Albany,NY USA 15-9,15-13,15-4 B.Montgomery Wood,Montreal,QC John McSorley Jr,Pittsburgh,PA USA 15-5,13-15,15-9,15-8 Edward L.Baker,Toronto,ON Henry […]

Lapham 1941

Lapham Cup February 1,1941 Badminton & Racquet Club Toronto,ON Canada 7 USA 8 Winner Scores Jesse Baldwin,Montreal,QC H.Hunter Lott Jr,Philadelphia,PA USA 15-9,15-5,15-4 Jack K.McCausland,Toronto,ON Charles M.P.Brinton,Philadelphia,PA USA 15-9,15-3,9-15,15-9 Timothy O’Keefe,Montreal,QC Andrew C.Ingraham,New York,NY USA 15-13,15-8,4-15,12-15,15-5 Campbell Radcliffe,Toronto,ON Arthur H.Barker,New York,NY USA 15-8,15-9,15-17,15-8 Hubert Martin,Hamilton,ON J.Frederick Rogers,Buffalo,NY Can 15-9,15-6,15-8 Horace V.P.Lewis,Toronto,ON Hiley Ditmars,Boston,MA USA 15-9,15-4,18-15 T.Douglas […]

Lapham 1940

Lapham Cup February 24,1940 Hartford Golf Club West Hartford,CT Canada 10 USA 5 Winner Scores Thomas D.Boynton,Toronto,ON H.Sherman Howes,Boston,MA USA 12-15,15-11,16-13,15-7 Jesse Baldwin,Montreal,QC Eugene Sullivan,Boston,MA Can 16-17,15-12,15-12,15-16,15-10 Hubert Martin,Hamilton,ON Arthur H.Barker,New York,NY Can 18-13,15-14,15-8 Harald A.R.Martin,Montreal,QC Davis R.McElroy,New York,NY Can 15-11,15-16,15-10,12-15,15-12 Campbell Radcliffe,Toronto,ON John A.Doolittle,Albany,NY Can 15-12,10-15,18-14,18-17 Timothy O’Keefe,Montreal,QC Walter Camp III,New Haven,CT Can 15-5,15-3,9-15,7-15,18-16 […]

Lapham 1939

Lapham Cup January 28,1939 Carlton Club Toronto,ON Canada 11 USA 4 Winner Scores Hubert Martin,Hamilton,ON Roger B.Merriman,Pittsburgh,PA Can 15-9,16-17,15-9,15-13 Harald A.R.Martin,Montreal,QC William Swartz,Pittsburgh,PA  USA 15-10,11-15,15-9,6-15,15-6 Sheldon Stephens,Montreal,QC Arthur H.Barker,New York,NY Can 10-15,18-17,15-13,15-14 Thomas D.Boynton,Toronto,ON Marvin Smith,Buffalo,NY Can 18-14,15-11,15-14 Jesse Baldwin,Montreal,QC David O’Loughlin,Pittsburgh,PA USA 15-13,15-11,17-14 Frank Smye,Hamilton,ON John D.Reindel,Detroit,MI USA 9-15,15-13,15-13,15-6 William Noyes,Toronto,ON Roy R.Coffin,Philadelphia,PA Can […]

Lapham 1938

Lapham Cup February 5-6,1938 Harvard Club Boston,MA Canada 2 USA 13 Winner Scores Hubert Martin,Hamilton,ON Germain G.Glidden,New York,NY USA 15-9,15-11,15-9 Harald A.R.Martin,Montreal,QC Harold K.Cross,Boston,MA Can 11-15,15-12,18-17,15-10 Campbell Radcliffe,Toronto,ON H.Sherman Howes,Boston,MA USA 15-4,15-8,15-11 Frank Smye,Hamilton,ON Edward G.Hoehn,Boston,MA USA 15-12,17-16,18-17 Melvin Kenny,Toronto,ON Richard V.Wakeman,Boston,MA USA 15-6,15-4,15-9 Montgomery Gunn,Toronto,ON Arthur H.Barker,New York,NY USA 12-15,15-13,15-7,15-8 D.Argue Martin,Hamilton,ON Roger B.Merriman,Pittsburgh,PA […]

Lapham 1937

Lapham Cup January 16,1937 Montreal Amat.Athl.Club Montreal,QC Canada 8 USA 7 Winner Scores Hubert Martin,Hamilton,ON Cyrus H.Polley,Buffalo,NY Can 15-13,2-15,17-14,15-10 Harald A.R.Martin,Montreal,QC J.Lindsay Ware,Boston,MA Can 15-13,15-6,18-16 Sheldon Stephens,Montreal,QC Jack G.Cornish,Boston,MA USA 15-10,15-4,15-12 William W.Chipman,Montreal,QC Arthur H.Barker,New York,NY USA 15-12,15-8,15-8 Horace V.P.Lewis,Toronto,ON J.Frederick Rogers,Buffalo,NY Can 11-15,15-12,12-15,15-6,15-9 Douglas Johnson,Quebec City,QC Stanley Galowin,New York,NY USA 15-8,15-7,15-6 D.Argue Martin,Hamilton,ON Charles […]

Lapham 1936

Lapham Cup January 18,1936 The University Club Detroit,MI Canada 2 USA 10 Winner Scores Hubert Martin,Hamilton,ON Andrew C.Ingraham,Cleveland,OH USA 15-10,15-9,15-9 Harald A.R.Martin,Montreal,QC Cyrus H.Polley,Buffalo,NY USA 15-12,18-17,15-9 W.M.(Blondie) Vickers,Toronto,ON Leonard Weir,Cleveland,OH USA 17-16,15-10,12-15,15-8 Alfred Powis Jr,Montreal,QC J.Dudley Pope,Chicago,IL USA 15-6,15-7,7-15,15-7 Redmond Quain,Ottawa,ON David M.Davidow,Detroit,MI USA 15-10,15-9,15-9 Melvin Kenny,Toronto,ON J.Frederick Rogers Jr,Buffalo,NY USA 7-15,15-5,15-13,8-15,18-16 Campbell Radcliffe,Toronto,ON Herbert […]

Lapham 1935

Lapham Cup January 12,1935 Montreal Amat.Athl.Assn. Montreal,QC Canada 4 USA 11 Winner Scores Hubert Martin,Hamilton,ON E.Rotan Sargent,Boston,MA USA 12-15,15-11,15-11,11-15,15-8 Alfred Powis Jr,Montreal,QC Cyrus H.Polley,Buffalo,NY USA 15-13,15-11,12-15,16-18,15-11 Herbert D.Lancaster,Quebec City,QC Germain G.Glidden,Boston,MA USA 16-17,15-12,15-9,15-3 Harald A.R.Martin,Montreal,QC H.Sherman Howes,Boston,MA Can 17-15,15-12,15-11 J.Alfred Duchesneau,Montreal,QC Jack C.Cornish,Boston,MA USA 15-7,15-11,15-6 Paul-Emile Roy,Quebec City,QC George F.Goodyear,Buffalo,NY Can 13-15,15-14,15-12,15-7 William W.Chipman,Montreal,QC Abraham […]

Lapham 1934

Lapham Cup January 12,1934 Rockaway Hunting Club Cedarhurst,NY Canada 1 USA 10 Winner Scores D.Argue Martin,Hamilton,ON Beekman H.Pool,New York,NY USA 11-15,15-11,12-15,15-9,15-9 Jack K.McCausland,Toronto,ON Neil J.Sullivan,Philadelphia,PA USA 18-14,15-12,12-15,15-8 Herbert D.Lancaster,Montreal,QC Cyrus H.Polley,Buffalo,NY USA 15-7,15-13,15-8 Hubert Martin,Hamilton,ON William E.Coyle,Montclair,NJ  Cdn 12-15,15-7,15-2,15-12 Redmond Quain,Ottawa,ON A.Willing Paterson,Philadelphia,PA USA 12-15,15-11,15-3,18-16 Alfred Powis Jr,Montreal,QC W.Harold Baugher,Baltimore,MD USA 15-7,11-15,15-10,14-17,15-5 Harald A.R.Martin,Hamilton,ON E.Rotan […]

Lapham 1933

Lapham Cup January 28,1933 (Club Unknown) Toronto Canada 11 USA 4 Winner Scores D.Argue Martin,Hamilton,ON Robert L.Debevoise,New York,NY Can 15-3,15-8,15-4 Jack K.McCausland,Toronto,ON John T.Nitterauer,Buffalo,NY Can 15-14,15-10,15-11 Jack H.Chipman,Toronto,ON Cyrus H.Polley,Buffalo,NY USA 17-16,15-4,10-15,15-12 Hubert Martin,Hamilton,ON Adrian W.Smith,Buffalo,NY Can 18-17,15-6,15-11 Harald A.R.Martin,Hamilton,ON Charles Brainard,Hartford,CT Can 11-15,15-7,15-10,15-8 Stephen M.Greey,Toronto,ON Darwin P.Kingsley Jr,New York,NY Can 15-8,15-7,15-11 Philip H.Greey,Toronto,ON Henry […]

Lapham 1932

Lapham Cup February 13,1932 Hartford Golf Club West Hartford,CT Canada 0 USA 8 Winner Scores D.Argue Martin,Hamilton,On J.Lawrence Pool,New York,NY USA 9-15,15-10,15-7,17-18,15-13 Jack K.McCausland,Toronto,ON Thomas E.Jansen,Boston,MA USA 15-11,18-15,10-15,16-13 J.Alfred Duchesneau,Montreal,QC G.Holmes Perkins,Boston,MA USA 15-18,12-15,15-10,15-5,15-6 Redmond Quain,Ottawa,ON Adrian W.Smith,Buffalo,NY USA 15-8,13-15,15-17,15-9,18-14 Alfred Powis Jr,Montreal,QC Ralph A.Powers,Boston,MA USA 15-10,15-10,17-16 Herbert D.Lancaster,Quebec City,QC Paul E.Callanan,Hartford,CT USA 15-11,15-10,9-15,15-12 Harald […]

Lapham 1931

Lapham Cup January 17,1931 Quebec Winter Club Quebec City,QC Canada 6 USA 5 Winner Scores J.Alfred Duchesneau,Montreal,QC Ralph A.Powers,Boston,MA USA 15-9,15-10,8-15,15-4 Sidney H.(Choppy)Dobell,Montreal,QC Cyrus H.Polley,Buffalo,NY USA 15-8,15-6,15-4 Paul-Emile Roy,Quebec City,QC C.Waring Gillespie,New York,NY USA 14-18,6-15,15-9,15-10,15-10 George D.Huband,Montreal,QC Henry E.Mills,New York,NY Can 15-9,15-4,15-9 Herbert D.Lancaster,Montreal,QC E.Stephen Wright,Chicago,IL Can 15-4,12-15,18-15,13-15,15-5 Alfred Powis Jr,Montreal,QC H.Hurd Hutchins,New York,NY USA […]

Lapham 1930

Lapham Cup February 9,1930 Maryland Club Baltimore,MD Canada 1 USA 8 Winner Scores D.Argue Martin,Hamilton,ON J.Lawrence Pool,New York,NY USA 15-4,10-15,15-8,15-11 Jack K.McCausland,Toronto,ON Herbert N.Rawlings,New York,NY USA 15-2,15-13,8-15,15-4 Alfred Powis Jr,Montreal,QC W.Harold Baugher,Boston,MA USA 15-12,15-3,12-15,15-7 Paul-Emile Roy,Quebec City,QC Francis Symington,Baltimore,MD USA 11-15,11-15,17-15,15-10,15-12 J.Alfred Duchesneau,Montreal,QC Joseph de V.Keefe,Philadelphia,PA USA 15-10,15-12,15-2 Albert Poupore,Toronto,ON Harold Caster,Philadelphia,PA USA 15-8,15-9,17-16 Herbert […]

Lapham 1929

Lapham Cup March 23,1929 Hamilton Thistle Club Hamilton,ON Canada 8 USA 4 Winner Scores D.Argue Martin,Hamilton,ON J.Lawrence Pool,New York,NY Can 15-5,15-11,15-12 Jack H.Chipman,Toronto,ON Philip K. Keenan,Montclair,NJ USA 6-15,15-18,15-12,15-13,15-8 W.M.(Blondie) Vickers,Toronto,ON Lathrop S.Haskins,New York,NY USA 12-15,17-18,18-17,15-12,15-11 Paul-Emile Roy,Quebec City,QC Percy R.Pease,New York,NY USA 8-15,11-15,15-5,15-10,15-11 Jack K.McCausland,Toronto,ON Jesse C.Dann Jr,Buffalo,NY Can 8-15,17-15,15-12,13-15,15-12 J.Alfred Duchesneau,Montreal,QC Cyrus H.Polley,Buffalo,NY Can […]

Lapham 1928

Lapham Cup January 28,1928 Buffalo Tennis & Squash C. Buffalo,NY Canada 1 USA 14 Winner Scores D.Argue Martin,Hamilton,ON Herbert N.Rawlins,New York,NY USA 15-13,14-15,15-1,15-13 Jack H.Chipman,Toronto,ON Sydney P.Clark,Philadelphia,PA USA 15-11,15-12,7-15,18-15 Horace V.P.Lewis,Toronto,ON Laurence M.Bailliere,Baltimore,MD USA 15-11,15-11,15-9 Reginald J.Elliott,Hamilton,ON Tevis Huhn,New York,NY USA 15-4,15-12,15-8 Donald D.Gunn,Toronto,ON Seymour Knox,Buffalo,NY USA 15-1,15-13,15-8 A.Ralph McKay,Hamilton,ON Thomas N.Bourke,Detroit,MI USA 15-6,15-5,15-9 Herman […]

Lapham 1927

Lapham Cup February 5,1927 The Carlton Club Toronto,ON Canada 6 USA 9 Winner Scores Jack H.Chipman,Toronto Ralph A.Powers,Boston,MA USA 15-10,15-7,13-15,15-10 D.Argue Martin,Hamilton,ON Tevis Huhn,New York,NY USA 18-16,17-18,18-16,15-8 Horace V.P.Lewis,Toronto,ON Paul E.Callanan,Boston,MA Can 12-15,18-16,18-15,15-7 Stephen M.Greey,Toronto,ON Joseph de V.Keefe,Philadelphia,PA Can 15-9,12-15,18-17,18-16 George M.Bertram,Toronto,ON Sydney Clark,Philadelphia,PA USA 18-16,15-10,15-8 W.M.(Blondie) Vickers,Toronto,ON Ray F.De Voe,New York,NY Can 15-9,12-15,18-17,18-16 Arthur […]

Lapham 1926

Lapham Cup February 7-8,1925 Montreal Racket Club Montreal,QC Canada 5 USA 10 Winner Scores Jack H.Chipman,Toronto,ON Ralph A.Powers,Boston,MA USA 15-8,15-8,14-15,15-10 Kenneth Cassels,Ottawa,ON Sydney P.Clark,Philadelphia,PA USA 15-13,5-15,15-11,12-15,15-11 D.Argue Martin,Hamilton,ON Paul E.Callanan,Boston,MA Can 15-10,10-15,12-15,15-12,15-10 J.Beverley Robinson,Toronto,ON Joseph De V.Keefe,Philadelphia,PA USA 15-10,10-15,18-17,15-11 Philip Mackenzie,Montreal,QC C.Sewall Clark,Philadelphia,PA USA 15-8,15-12,15-13 Redmond Quain,Ottawa,ON Foster S.Kellogg,Boston,MA Can Default William S.Greening,Toronto,ON William F.Harrity,Philadelphia,PA […]

Lapham 1925

Lapham Cup February 7-8,1925 Montreal Racket Club Montreal,QC Canada 5 USA 10 Winner Scores Jack H.Chipman,Toronto,ON Ralph A.Powers,Boston,MA USA 15-8,15-8,14-15,15-10 Kenneth Cassels,Ottawa,ON Sydney P.Clark,Philadelphia,PA USA 15-13,5-15,15-11,12-15,15-11 D.Argue Martin,Hamilton,ON Paul E.Callanan,Boston,MA Can 15-10,10-15,12-15,15-12,15-10 J.Beverley Robinson,Toronto,ON Joseph De V.Keefe,Philadelphia,PA USA 15-10,10-15,18-17,15-11 Philip Mackenzie,Montreal,QC C.Sewall Clark,Philadelphia,PA USA 15-8,15-12,15-13 Redmond Quain,Ottawa,ON Foster S.Kellogg,Boston,MA Can Default William S.Greening,Toronto,ON William F.Harrity,Philadelphia,PA […]

Lapham 1924

Lapham Cup February 8-9,1924 Merion Cricket Club Philadelphia,PA Canada 1 USA 14 Winner Scores Jack H.Chipman,Toronto,ON Charles C.Peabody,Boston,MA USA 15-10,15-9,15-9 D.Argue Martin,Hamilton,ON Wallace F.Johnson,Philadelphia,PA USA 15-9,15-7,15-12 George M.Bertram,Toronto,ON Ralph A.Powers,Boston,MA USA 15-10,15-11,15-8 Redmond Quain,Ottawa,ON William F.Harrity,Philadelphia,PA USA 15-11,9-15,15-13,15-11 John F.Lash,Toronto,ON Tevis Huhn,Philadelphia,PA USA 15-5,15-12,18-13 Kenneth Cassels,Ottawa,ON Laurence M.Bailliere,Baltimore,MD USA 15-10,15-12,15-8 Alan F.Coventry,Toronto,ON L.Foster,Boston,MA USA 15-12,15-12,18-15 […]

Lapham 1923

Lapham Cup March 17-18,1923 University Club Toronto,ON Canada 3 USA 9 Winner Scores Reginald P.Parmenter,Toronto,ON W.George Myers,Philadelphia,PA USA 16-18,15-7,18-15,10-15,15-6 Herbert P.Briggs,Toronto,ON Richard L.Maxon,Detroit,MI USA 7-15,15-5,15-8,18-16 Joseph Labrecque,Quebec City,QC S.Francis Reeves,Philadelphia,PA USA 15-7,10-15,15-5,15-5 Jack H.Chipman,Toronto,ON Sydney P.Clark,Philadelphia,PA USA 10-15,15-7,10-15,15-11,15-12 Christopher C.Robinson,Toronto,ON Francis P.Frazier,Boston,MA USA 15-10,9-15,15-8,18-17 Redmond Quain,Ottawa,ON Harold B.Plimpton,Boston,MA USA 18-17,15-12,15-7 George M.Bertram,Toronto,ON Robert C.Bray,Boston,MA USA […]

Lapham 1922

Lapham Cup April 1,1922 Boston Athletic Association Boston,MA Canada 2 USA 11 Winner Scores Eugene Savard,Quebec City,QC T.Barnett Plimpton,Boston,MA USA 15-7,15-7,15-8 Arthur R.Chipman,Montreal,QC S.Francis Reeves,Philadelphia,PA USA 18-13,15-9,15-12 Daniel J.O’Donahoe,Montreal,QC William R.K.Mitchell,Philadelphia,PA USA 15-8,15-11,15-12 Joseph A.Labrecque,Quebec City,QC Harold Plimpton,Boston,MA USA 15-10,16-13,15-8 Stephen B.White,Montreal,QC Sidney P.Clark,Philadelphia,PA USA 15-8,15-11,15-12 Philip Mackenzie,Montreal,QC Henry V.Greenough,Boston,MA USA 15-11,15-8,15-8 Arthur J.Hills,Toronto,ON Herbert […]