Lapham Cup February 12-13,2011
The Granite Club Toronto,ON
 Canada 16  USA 9 Winner Scores
Colin West,Toronto,ON Lee C.Rosen,New York,NY Can 14-12,11-3,11-9
Colin West,Toronto,ON Dylan J.Patterson,New York,NY Can 11-6,11-2,11-4
Scott Stoneburgh,Toronto,ON Lee C.Rosen,New York,NY USA 14-12,8-11,11-8,11-8
Alexander Carter,Toronto,ON Scott A.Denne,Santa Fe,NM Can 11-3,11-6,11-3
James Keene,Toronto,ON Peter N.Cipriano,New York,NY Can 12-10,11-7,11-7
Strachan Jarvis,Toronto,ON Marshall Sebring,New York,NY Can 14-12,11-8,12-10
Iain Crozier,Winnipeg,MB Aaron Zimmerman,New York,NY Can 11-8,11-6,11-1
Iain Crozier,Winnipeg,MB Marshall Sebring,New York,NY Can 11-4,11-4,11-5
Jeffrey Deverill,Cambridge,ON Will Simonton,New York,NY Can 10-12,11-3,11-5,11-8
Jeffrey Deverill,Cambridge,ON Matthew P.McAndrew,New York,NY Can 11-13,11-5,11-0,11-7
Jeffrey Andersen,Toronto,ON Harrison D.Sebring,New York,NY Can 14-12,11-8,11-7
Robert Hong,Toronto,ON William Osnato,New York,NY Can 11-2,11-4,11-3
Robert Paskulin,Toronto,ON Harrison D.Sebring,New York,NY USA 14-12,9-11,11-2,14-12
Robert Paskulin,Toronto,ON Eben Hardie,Atlanta,GA USA 11-13,11-7,13-15,11-7,11-4
Andrew Guilfoyle,Toronto,ON Daniel Frisch,New York,NY Can 8-11,11-8,11-6,11-7
John Frederick,Toronto,ON Frank Schmidt,San Carlos,CA Can 11-3,11-6,11-4
John Frederick,Toronto,ON Alladin Mitha,Louisville,KY USA 11-7,10-12,8-11,12-10,11-3
Michael Hobart,Toronto,ON Robert S.Burton,Atlanta,GA Can 11-7,11-5,11-8
Blair Cook,Halifax,NS John C.Hatcher,Louisville,KY USA 11-8,5-11,12-14,11-7,11-8
Blair Cook,Halifax,NS Robert S.Burton,Atlanta,GA Can 11-8,11-6,11-6
Robert Wyma,Saskatoon,SK Scott Simonton Sr,Wilmington,DE Can 11-7,11-7,11-9
Robert Wyma,Saskatoon,SK John C.Hatcher,Louisville,KY USA 11-5,11-5,9-11,11-0
John Hickey,Toronto,ON Jared Abrams,New York,NY USA 11-5,11-7,11-7
Robert Pugsley,Toronto,ON Robert Bolling,Wilmington,DE USA 11-8,11-7,7-11,11-9
Molson Robertson,Toronto,ON Jared Abrams,New York,NY USA 11-9,14-12,7-11,14-12
Capt.Michael Hobart,Toronto,ON Co.Capts.Matthew P.McAndrew,New York
                  William Osnato,New York

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