Lapham Trophy – In 1922, Henry G. Lapham of Brookline, Mass. donated the ‘Internation Squash Racquets Lapham Trophy’ for singles competition.



Grant Trophy – In 1944, Alastair Grant of Montreal, donated the ‘International Doubles Squash Racquets Grant Trophy’ to what is now called Squash Canada.  Since 1953 the two events have been combined in a singles gala weekend.




Lawrence-Wilkins Trophy – In 2001, Ed Bracht of Toronto, donated the Lawrence-Wilkins trophy for doubles play for those players who would no longer qualify for the Grant team but wish to continue to play.  This group is open to all ‘legends’ who have contributed significantly to squash regardless of age.  The trophy honors Barney Lawrence of Toronto, Ontario and Howard Wilkins of Wichita, Kansas.

Crawford Cup – The Crawford Cup was donated in 1999, for ladies play, by William Y. Crawford of Vancouver in honor of his wife, Richenda, who had died of cancer.  The cup was subsequently misplaced and has been replace by another.  But the name remains, in honor of the Crawfords, both of whom made tremendous contributions to our sport.