Lapham Cup March 7-8,1959
Granite and B&R Clubs Toronto,ON
Canada 10 USA 5 Winner Scores
Donald Leggat,Hamilton,ON John Bowen,Chicago,IL Can 15-6,15-13,15-7
Ernest Howard,Toronto,ON William T.Ketcham,New York,NY Can 15-12,15-10,15-12
William O’Malley,Toronto,ON Arthur H.Barker,New York,NY Can 15-7,15-5,12-15,17-16
John Foy,Toronto,ON Donald Williams,Lawton,OK Can 17-18,15-6,15-3,15-8
Hugh Hallward,Montreal,QC W.Stewart Brauns Jr,New York,NY USA 14-15,15-12,4-15,15-13,15-8
C.A.(Bill) Burk,Montreal,QC Peter Lyman,Rochester,NY USA 15-9,15-10,15-7
Henry Hussey,Toronto,ON Thomas Jones,Rochester,NY USA 15-11,15-13,15-10
Sidney Hetherington,Toronto,ON James M.Ethridge III,Greenwich,CT USA 18-17,8-15,15-5,15-9
Denis Whitaker,Hamilton,ON John Blossom,Cincinnati,OH Can 9-15,17-18,18-16,15-8,15-11
Peter Mackell,Montreal,QC Frederick Danforth,Buffalo,NY USA 15-13,15-2,15-7
David Mathias,Montreal,QC Steven Gurney,Buffalo,NY Can 15-14,11-15,15-11,16-17,15-8
Lewis Gunn,Toronto,ON Henry Fulbright,Rochester,NY Can 7-15,15-7,15-9,15-6
Fraser Coristine,Montreal,QC Gerald Taylor,Detroit,MI Can 2-1,Retired
Ted Tilden,Montreal,QC Clint Mahlkie,Detroit,MI Can 15-8,15-13,15-7
John Bassett,Toronto,ON Everett Grant,Boston,MA Can 15-12,15-14,13-15,15-12
Capt.William Boake,Toronto,ON Capt.James M.Ethridge III,Greenwich,CT
Canada 6 Jesters Club of England 0
Henry Hussey,Toronto,ON Timothy Summers Can 15-6,18-15,15-7
John Foy,Toronto,ON Hugh de B.Priestley Can 15-11,15-12,18-13
William O’Malley,Toronto,ON W.David N.Vaughan Can 15-8,15-8,15-16,15-6
Donald Leggat,Hamilton,ON Robin L.Lees Can 15-13,11-15,18-15,11-15,15-6
Ernest Howard,Toronto,ON Colin P.Sharman Can 15-8,15-6,17-18,15-8
Lewis Gunn,Toronto,ON Sir Charles McLeod Can 10-15,15-13,15-8,15-11
Capt.William Boake,Toronto,ON Capt.W.David N.Vaughan
Jesters Club of England 3 USA 1
Robin L.Lees William T.Ketcham,New York,NY Jes 16-15,15-9,17-15
Hugh de B.Priestley W.Stewart Brauns Jr,New York,NY Jes 17-18,15-10,15-8,15-13
Sir Charles McLeod Clint Mahlkie,Detroit,MI Jes 16-15,15-10,14-16,13-15,15-13
Timothy Summers Peter Lyman,Rochester,NY USA 15-9,15-6,15-5
Capt.W.David N.Vaughan Capt.James Ethridge III,Greenwich,CT