Lapham Cup April 30-May 2,2010
The Apawamis Club Rye,NY
Canada 2 USA 23 Winner Scores
Scott Stoneburgh,Toronto,ON Timothy Wyant,New York,NY USA  3-2
Iain Crozier,Winnipeg,MB Graham Bassett,Greenwich,CT USA  3-1
Alexander Carter,Toronto,ON Steven Scharff,Stamford,CT USA  3-2
Iain Crozier,Winnipeg,MB Charles Tashjian,Greenwich,CT USA  3-1
Namsoo Oh,Toronto,ON Joshua Schwartz,New York,NY USA  3-0
Richard Young,Kanata,ON Dylan Patterson,New York,NY USA  3-0
Robert Paskulin,Toronto,ON Brian Leonard,Harrison,NY USA  3-1
Paul Zander,Toronto,ON Brian Leonard,Harrison,NY USA  3-0
Richard Young,Kanata,ON Field Pickering,Old Lyme,CT Can  3-0
John Frederick,Toronto,ON William Mangan,Greenwich,CT USA  3-1
John Frederick,Toronto,ON Thomas Clayton,Rye,NY USA  3-0
Michael Hobart,Toronto,ON William Simonton,Wilmington,DE USA  3-0
Clive Caldwell,Toronto,ON Mark Barber,Rye,NY USA  3-0
Peter Sidgewick,Toronto,ON John Burke,Greenwich,CT USA  3-0
Neil Cawse,Oakville,ON Kevin Klipstein,New York,NY USA  3-0
Robert Wyma,Saskatoon,SK Steven Mandel,Greenwich,CT USA  3-0
Brian Murray,Toronto,ON Gordon Anderson,Buffalo,NY USA  3-1
Robert Wyma,Saskatoon,SK Charles Parkhurst,Greenwich,CT USA  3-2
Paul Smith,Toronto,ON Bruce Brickman,Greenwich,CT USA  3-0
Andrew Anderson,Toronto,ON Michael Walsh,Rye,NY USA  3-0
Robert De Valk,Ottawa,ON Robert Robben,Old Greenwich,CT Can  3-2
Robert De Valk,Ottawa,ON Field Pickering,Old Lyme,CT USA  3-0
Vincent Taylor,Ottawa,ON Brian Walsh,Rye,NY USA  3-2
Vincent Taylor,Ottawa,ON Christopher Mitrano,Darien,CT USA  3-1
Anthony Altilia,Toronto,ON Mark Hayden,Greenwich,CT USA  3-0
Capt.Brian Murray,Toronto,ON Capt.Peer Pedersen,Rye,NY
Co-Capts.John Hickey,Toronto,ON Co-Capt.Ross Revenaugh,San Francisco,CA
                 Scott Stoneburgh,Toronto,ON


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