Grant Trophy: March 21-23, 1953

Montreal Amateur Athletic Club, Montreal, QC

Canada 5 USA 3 Winner Scores
Alan Lee,Montreal,QC David McMullin,Philadelphia,PA CAN 15-10,15-12,14-18,15-12
Ilay Ferrier,Montreal,QC Henry W.Putnam,Cedarhurst,NY
Timothy O’Keefe,Montreal,QC Arthur Barker,New York,NY USA 15-12,15-13,10-15,18-17
Karl Wiele,Montreal,QC Harry Conlon Jr,Buffalo,NY
Anthony Wolever,Montreal,QC J.Milton Street,Boston,MA USA 15-11,15-17,15-5,10-15,15-10
Paul Ouimet,Montreal,QC David Watts,Boston,MA
Brendan Macken,Montreal,QC Edward Ewald,Detroit,MI CAN 10-15,10-15,15-9,15-8,15-11
Thomas Boynton,Montreal,QC Leonard Weiner,Detroit,MI
John Martin,Montreal,QC William T.Ketcham,New York,NY CAN 18-16,9-15,11-15,15-9,15-10
Gordon Symons,Montreal,QC Huntington Welch,New Haven,CT
Sidney Hetherington,Toronto,ON Henry McNeeley,Minneapolis,MN USA 12-15,15-10,11-15,15-9,15-8
Lee Snelling,Ottawa,ON Stewart Brauns,New York,NY
Henry Johnson,Montreal,QC Russell Peabody,Providence,RI CAN 15-12,17-14,15-13
C.A.(Bill) Burk,Montreal,QC Roy Hock,Rochester,NY
William Noyes,Toronto,ON James Wilkie,Hartford,CT CAN 12-15,12-15,15-12,15-9,15-9
Frank Gibson,Toronto,ON Charles Brainard,Hartford,CT
Capt.Timothy O’Keefe,Montreal,QC

Note.This was the first year the Lapham Cup and Grant Trophy were played at the same time in the same city.