The Lawrence-Wilkins Trophy is presented by Edgar Bracht of Toronto
for competition between male players over 70 years of age. It was first presented in 2001.

Lawrence-Wilkins Trophy: February 9 – 11, 2001
Toronto Cricket S&C Club, Toronto, ON 


Canada 2
Capt.Edgar Bracht,Toronto,ON
Capt.Michael McGorry,Buffalo,PA
Winner Scores
Norman Seagram,Toronto,ON Nelson Graves,Buffalo,NY Can 3-0
Peter Frost,Toronto,ON William Dann,Buffalo,NY
James Bentley Sr,Toronto,ON Darwin Kingsley,Philadelphia,PA Can 3-2
Barney Lawrence,Kitchener,ON Philip Dougherty,Rochester,NY
Donald Leggat,Hamilton,ON Howard Wilkins,Wichita,KS USA 3-1
William Crawford,Vancouver,ON Eric Grossman,Camden,ME