Lawrence-Wilkins Trophy: February 11-13 2011
The Granite Club Toronto ON

Canada 4
Capt.Michael McBean,Montreal,QC
Capt.Kit Tatum,New York,N
Winner Scores
Edgar Bracht,Toronto,ON John H.Wyant,Cincinnati,OH Can 17-15,15-13,15-8
Norman Lee,Toronto,ON Theodore R.Marmor,New York,NY
Peter Jones,Toronto,ON Kit Tatum,New York,NY Can 12-15,15-13,15-9,10-15,15-11
Ronald Bertram,Toronto,ON Dennis M.Clare,Louisville,KY
Peter Frost,Toronto,ON John H.Wyant,Cincinnati,OH USA 15-6,17-16,15-8
Harold Hemstad,Toronto,ON Dennis M.Clare,Louisville,KY
Edgar Bracht,Toronto,ON Kit Tatum,New York,NY USA 15-17,15-13,15-8,15-18,15-12
Norman Seagram,Toronto,ON Richard E.Rice,Rochester,NY
Norman Lee,Toronto,ON Tyler Thomas,Louisville,KY USA 18-17,13-15,15-11, 15-12
Peter Holland,Montreal,QC Theodore R.Marmor,New York,NY
Harold Hemstad,Toronto,ON Richard E.Rice,Rochester,NY USA 13-15,15-6,15-10,15-10
Bernard Creighton,Montreal,QC Tyler Thomas,Louisville,KY
Peter Frost,Toronto,ON Robert Mosier,Costa Mesa,CA USA 12-15,15-13,8-15,15-12,15-2
Michael McBean,Montreal,QC George Kellner,New York,NY
Ronald Bertram,Toronto,ON George Kellner,New York,NY USA 15-17,15-11,16-15,16-13
Norman Seagram,Toronto,ON Alan L.Fox,Long Beach,CA
Scott Fraser,Montreal,QC Kenneth M.Stillman,Dallas,TX USA 11-15,15-17,15-13,15-12,15-10
Norman Seagram,Toronto,ON John H.Wyant,Cincinnati,OH
Peter Holland,Montreal,QC Alan L.Fox,Long Beach,CA Can 15-12,12-15,8-15,15-11,15-8
Michael McBean,Montreal,QC Eric Grossman,Camden,ME
Scott Fraser,Montreal,QC Kenneth M.Stillman,Dallas,TX Can 15-14,15-9,15-8
Peter Jones,Toronto,ON Eric Grossman,Camden,ME

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