Lapham Cup February 19-21,1999
Hollyburn Country Club West Vancouver,BC
Canada 12 USA 3 Winner Scores
Shawn Lucas,Calgary,AB Kevin Jernigan,San Francisco,CA Can  3-1
Barry Gifford,Vancouver,BC Erik Wohlgemuth,San Francisco,CA USA  3-1
Matthew Holland,Vancouver,BC John Lau,Berkeley,CA Can  3-1
Lawrence Armstrong,Vancouver,BC Christopher Burrows,Seattle,WA Can  3-2
Kevin Johnson,Vancouver,BC Gregory Finn,Pleasantville,NY Can  3-0
Robert Ayer,Vancouver,BC Michael Rothenberg,Brooklyn,NY USA  3-1
John Furlong,Vancouver,BC Patrick Halls,San Francisco,CA Can  3-0
Arun Bakhski,Calgary,AB Frank Schmidt,San Francisco,CA Can  3-0
John Boynton,Toronto,ON Hamish Fordwood,San Francisco,CA Can  3-1
Thomas Nederpel,Hamilton,ON John Stewart,San Francisco,CA Can  3-0
Bruce Russell,Vancouver,BC Hank Bruce,San Francisco,CA USA  3-2
Joseph Siegenberg,Vancouver,BC Alan Fox,Long Beach,CA Can  3-1
Winston Cabell,Vancouver,BC Keen Butcher,San Francisco,CA Can  3-1
Timothy Kehler,Vancouver,BC Kris Surano,Danville,CA Can  3-0
Eric Barclay,Vancouver,BC Edward Dold,Oakland,CA Can  3-0
Capt.Robert Smart,Vancouver,BC Capt.Kevin Jernigan,San Francisco,CA
The last year that Hardball was played  in the Lapham Cup