RECAP – 2013 Vancouver

Canada have won each of the four of the coveted Lapham-Grant trophies defeating the United States in the Lapham-Grant matches that took place April 28-30 at the Vancouver Lawn Tennis and Badminton Club in Vancouver, BC. In the men’s singles Lapham Cup matches, Canada defeated the United States with an overall match score of 18-5  […]

Lapham 2013

Lapham Cup   April 26- 28,2013     Vancouver LT & B Club   Vancouver, BC     Canada 18 USA 4 Winner Scores David M. Letourneau,Calgary.AB   Gilly Lane,Wyndmoor,PA Can 9-11,11-7,11-9,13-15,11-8 Justin Todd,Vancouver,BC   Gilly Lane,Wyndmoor,PA USA 8-11,12-10,11-7,11-5 Brian Hong,Toronto,ON   Aidan Harrison,Lake Forest,IL Can 11-6,11-6,11-4 Morgan Latremouille,Vancouver,BC   Eric Pearson,Bakersfield,CA Can 9-11,9-11,11-9,11-4,12-10 Michael […]

Grant 2013

Grant Trophy April 26-28,2013           Vancouver LT & B Club Vancouver,BC            Canada 17  USA 8 Winner Scores Justin Todd,Vancouver,BC Viktor Borg,Vancouver,BC   Chris Walker,Greenwich,CT Aidan Harrison,Lake Forest,IL USA 15-13,12-15,15-13,15-9 Will Mariani,Toronto,ON Viktor Borg,Vancouver,BC   Chris Walker,Greenwich,CT Gilly Lane,Wyndmoor,PA USA 15-11,15-9,15-11 Justin Todd,Vancouver,BC David Letourneau,Calgary,AB   Eric […]

Lawrence-Wilkins 2013

Lawrence-Wilkins Trophy April 26-28,2013           Vancouver LT & B Club Vancouver,BC            Canada 10  USA 5 Winner Scores Michael Wilson,Montreal,QC David Bogert,Toronto,ON   Kit Tatum,New York,NY Richard Rice,Rochester,NY USA 15-9,15-9,15-11 Richard Martin,Vancouver,BC Michael Manley,Toronto,ON   Frank Schmidt,San Carlos,CA Clark Amos,St. Louis,MO Can 15-10,15-10,15-10 Michael Wilson,Montreal,QC Michael Manley,Toronto,ON […]

Crawford 2013

Crawford Trophy April 26-28,2013           Vancouver LT & B Club Vancouver,BC            Canada 13  USA 10 Winner Scores Carolyn Russell,Vancouver,BC Marci Sier,Toronto,ON   Amanda Sobhy,Sea Cliff,NY Sarah West,San Francisco,CA USA 15-9,15-12,15-6 Emma Parke,Vancouver,BC Natasha Doucas,Vancouver,BC   Sarah West,San Francisco,CA Katherine Johnson,Portland,OR USA 13-15,6-15,15-7,15-12,15-14 Cathy Covernton,Vancouver,BC Jackie Moss,Calgary,AB […]

Lapham-Grant teams prepare to face off in Vancouver

The Unites States and Canadian teams for the Lapham-Grant matches have been announced, with the neighboring nations vying for a chance at the Lapham Cup, Grant Trophy, Crawford Trophy, and Lawrence-Wilkins Trophy in the tournament to be held this weekend. Taking place April 26-28 at the Vancouver Lawn Tennis and Badminton Club in Vancouver, BC, […]