The Unites States and Canadian teams for the Lapham-Grant matches have been announced, with the neighboring nations vying for a chance at the Lapham Cup, Grant Trophy, Crawford Trophy, and Lawrence-Wilkins Trophy in the tournament to be held this weekend.

Taking place April 26-28 at the Vancouver Lawn Tennis and Badminton Club in Vancouver, BC, the annual Lapham-Grant matches take place between four different competitions – the men’s singles competing for the Lapham Cup, men’s doubles competing for the Grant Trophy, women’s singles and doubles competing for the Crawford Trophy, and the ‘legends’ doubles – male players over 65 years of age —  competing for the Lawrence-Wilkins Trophy.

Lapham Grant TrophyLast year’s tournament in Atlanta, GA saw the United States emerge victors in the Lapham Cup, the Grant Trophy, and the Lawrence-Wilkins Trophy while Canada took the Crawford Cup.

“The Lapham-Grant United States vs. Canada invitational team challenge matches are one of the great traditions in all of squash,” said Peter Lasusa, Chairman of the Board of U.S. Squash and Lapham Cup and Grant Trophy participant.

“Being selected to participate is an honor that all US and Canadian squash players can aspire to.  Team selection is intended to honor both our highest national level open and age group singles and doubles players who play alongside those members of the U.S. squash community who provide the national and grass roots organizing leadership that make our game what it is.

“The intense high quality competition with Canada’s finest, combined with spirited play from the great enthusiasts of our game are what make the Lapham-Grant most memorable to me.”

The Lapham Cup matches have been played every year since 1922, with the Grant Trophy matches inaugurated in 1945, the Crawford Trophy matches in 1999, and the Lawrence-Wilkins Trophy matches in 2001.

Lapham-Women's-teamAlex Dean, captain of the United States Lapham-Grant team, compares being selected to the team to playing on a Ryder Cup or Walker Cup team in golf.

“One isn’t playing for himself – he or she is playing for their team and their country,” Dean said.

“There aren’t many team matches outside of collegiate squash and it’s a different feeling, a different energy.  Despite the intensity of the matches there is a special relationship between the sides.  It’s a fun and clean competition that boasts good sportsmanship as a core value.  No one wants to win without earning their fair share of the match, and nothing tastes better than when the winning side gets to sup champagne from the trophy.”

United States:

Lapham Grant Team: Preston Quick, Chris Walker, J.P. Rothie, Gilly Lane, Eric Pearson, Aidan Harrison, Alex Dean (Captain), Kevin Orphan, Jay Hatcher, Peter Dunne, Scott Simonton,  John Lau, Bryce Harding, Randy Goodleaf, Scott Fuller, Will Simonton, Peter Lasusa, John Stewart, Dan Dolan, Jim Marver, Bob Burton, Eoin O’Neil, Scott Denne, Alladin Mitha, Alec Sokolow, Liam Culman, Bill O’Leary, Mark Pagon, Jay Prince

Lawrence-Wilkins Team: Jerry Peters (Captain), Ted Marmor, Dick Rice, Eric Grossman, Bob Mosier, Dennis Clare, Frank Schmidt, Clark Amos, Ken Stillman, Jack Wyant, Kit Tatum, Tyler Thomas, George Kellner

Crawford Team: Sarah West (Captain), Amanda Sobhy, Kristen Lange, Katherine Rowan, Phoebe Trubowitz, Susan Rose, Lulu Chao, Sarah McGowan, Margaret Hartigan, Ann McGowan, Sarah Odell, Catherine Cobb, Tracy Greer


Lapham Grant Team: Dave Letourneau, Brian Hong, Justin Todd, Michael Leckie (Captain), Alex Carter, Iain Crozier, Winston Cabell, Mark Ridgeway, Tim Martin, Andrew Guilfoyle, Greg Desualniers, Robert Birrell, Ward Meek, John Hickey, Fred Reid, Ingus Silgailis, R Brian Murray, Robert Pacey, Bobby Genovese, Ray Bertrand, John Hungerford, Gavin Cooper, Marc Lalonde, Norm Crook, Keith Flavell, Michael Martin, Tom Evans, Roland Haebler, Geoffrey Scott, Bruce Matthews, Viktor Berg

Lawrence-Wilkins Team: Michael Jackson (Captain), David Bogert, Mike Manley, Tony Ross, Jon LeHeup, Jim Kalman, Rob Forrest, Mike McBean, Scotty Fraser, Bob Debeau, Ed Bracht, Martin Kaffka, Mike Wilson, Dale Lucas, Richard Martin, Jim Bruce, Rae Godbold, Lynn Broman

Crawford Team: Natasha Doucas (Captain), Marci Sier, Jackie Moss, Ruth Castellino, Sue Kaffka, Emma Parke, Lolly Gillen, Karen Levine, Anne Smith, Cathy Tuckwell, Susan Bell, Judy Martin, Cathy Covernton

Complete results since the tournament’s inaugural year – 1922 — are available under the historical data banner of the tournament’s website

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