U.S. Women Win Crawford Cup; Team Canada Sweeps Men’s Lapham-Grant Matches

The ninety-fifth Lapham-Grant Matches, or United States versus Canada Invitational Squash Challenge Matches, took place this weekend in New York City with the visiting Canadian teams taking all three men’s competitions, and the U.S. side claiming the women’s Crawford Cup. The Lapham-Grant Matches returned to New York City after a seventy-two-year hiatus. The Grant Trophy […]

Grant 2016

Grant Trophy April 14 – 17, 2016 Univ. Club of New York New York, NY Canada 27 USA 19 Winner Scores Norm Crook,Toronto,ON Raymond Bertrand,Toronto,ON Liam Culman,New York,NY Randy Goodleaf,New York,NY USA 12-15,15-13,15-7,15-14 Karl Burnham,Toronto,ON Steve Burnham,Toronto,ON Charles Parkhurst,Rye,NY William Osnato,New York,NY USA 15-10,9-15,15-13,15-10 David Jarvis,Toronto,ON Tim Bovaird,Toronto,ON Andrew Zimmerman,New York,NY Edward Shugrue,New York,NY USA […]

Lapham 2016

Lapham Cup April 14-17,2016 University Club of New York New York, NY Canada 18 USA 15 Scores Iain Crozier,Toronto,ON William Newnham,New York,NY USA 11-3,11-5,11-4 Marc Lalonde,Moncton,NB Peter Worth,New York,NY USA 8-11,13-11,12-10,11-13,11-8 Nathan Drew,Burlington,ON Robert Coakley,New York,NY Can 13-11,3-11,5-11,11-7,11-6 Jake Hooker,Calgary,AB Peter Kelly,New York,NY USA 11-6,11-7,11-9 Alex Carter,Toronto,ON Bryce Harding,Arlington,VA Can 11-9,11-6,11-5 Marc Lalonde,Moncton,NB Frank Schmidt,San […]

Crawford 2016

Crawford Trophy April 14-17, 2016 Univ. Club of New York New York NY Canada 18 USA 33 Score Sandra Shaw,London,ON Kimberley Watson,Calgary,AB Beth Rasin,New York,NY Wendy Nolan,New York,NY Can 15-8,15-10,11-15,12-5,15-13 Judy Martin,Montreal,QC Shivani Ruparell,Toronto,ON Benay Betts,Bronx,NY Tracy Greer,Berwyn,PA USA 15-8,15-9,15-13 Kimberley Watson,Calgary,AB Caitlin Hungerford,Vancouver,BC Beth Rasin,New York,NY Sarah McGowan,New York,NY USA 15-9,15-6,11-15,15-9 Carmela Kervin,Aurora,ON Susan […]

Lawrence Wilkins 2016

Lawrence-Wilkins Trophy April 14 – 17, 2016 Univ. Club of New York New York, NY Canada 17 USA 13 Won  Scores John Fauquier,Toronto,ON Dennis Bishop,Montreal,QC Tyler Thomas,Louisville,KY Theodore Marmor,New York,NY Can 15-8,15-12,12-15,15-6 Paul Fisher,Toronto,ON Tony Ross,Toronto,ON Christopher Tatum,New York,NY Robert Mosier,Costa Mesa,CA Can 15-6,15-9,7-15,11-15, 15-7 Ritchie Bell,Montreal,QC Michael Wilson,Montreal,QC Terry Eagle,Carpinteria,CA Peter Susskind,SanFranciscoCA USA 9-15,15-14,15-13,15-12 […]