2014 Lapham-Grant Philadelphia, PA

After a 67-year hiatus, the Lapham-Grant Matches returned to Philadelphia and The Merion Cricket Club the weekend of April 10th – 13th. The Lapham Trophy was last hosted by Merion in 1947 and the local squash community was eager to see the return of this prestigious international competition. And it was a triumphant weekend for […]

Lapham 2014

Crawford Cup April 9-110, 2014 Merion Cricket Club     Philadelphia, PA U.S.A  10 Canada  13 Julian Illingworth Dave Letourneau USA 11-7,7-11,7-11,11-7,11-6 Taylor Lanier Josh Schwartz CANADA 11-7,11-6,11-5 Ed Chilton Nigel Thain USA 8-11,11-9,11-9,11-7 Matt Domenick Brian Hong CANADA 11-5,11-1,11-5 Todd Anderson Andrew Slater CANADA 11-7,12-10,11-9 Rich Repetto Iain Crozier CANADA 11-4,11-5,10-12,11-2 Andy Nehrbas Lindsay […]

Grant 2014

Crawford Cup   April 9-110, 2014   Merion Cricket Club         Philadelphia, PA USA 24 Canada 13 Bob Burton John Fry Craig Benson Blair Finlayson CANADA 13-11,15-14,11-9 Liam Culman Dan Dolan Michael Martin Lindsay  Smith USA 15-14,15-8,11-15,15-14 Keen Butcher Jay Hatcher Keith Flavell Dave Rosen CANADA 15-10,15-7,8-15,14-15,15-6 Peter Cipriano Rich Repetto Tyler […]

Lawrence Wilkins 2014

Crawford Cup April 9-110, 2014  Merion Cricket Club          Philadelphia, PA USA  11 CANADA  8 Scott Ryan Jay Umans Jim Bruce Michael Manley USA 15-11,15-13,15-7 Peter Day Dick Rice Bob Dubeau Tom Nederpel USA 15-10,15-13,15-10 Bob Mosier Leo Pierce Ivars Sayfy Jon LeHeup CANADA 14-15,15-14,14-13,15-12 Turk Thacher Ted Marmor Peter Holland David […]

Crawford 2014

Crawford Cup April 9-11, 2014 Merion Cricket Club Philadelphia, PA             U.S.A. 27 Canada  6   Margaret Rux Joyce Davenport     USA 14-15,15-14,15-5,15-11 Catherine Cobb Lulu Chou Shivani Ruparell Carolyn Roper USA 12-15, 15-9,15-10,15-9 Kat Grant Molly Pierce Kim Watson Cathy Tuckwell USA 15-5,15-11,15-10 Whitney Roller Tracy Greer Judy […]