PREVIEW ~ 2012 Atlanta

The 2012 Lapham-Grant Matches, together with the Lawrence-Wilkins and Crawford Cup Matches between Canada and the United States, will be held in Atlanta, Georgia over the weekend of March 15-18, 2012.  This will be the 90th anniversary of one of the oldest international sport competitions in the world.  The trophies consist of the Lapham Cup, […]

Lapham 2012

  Lapham Cup March 16-18,2012 Piedmont Driving Club Atlanta,GA USA 14 Canada 11 Winner Scores Ahmed M.Hamza,Atlanta,GA David M.Letourneau,Calgary,AB Can 16-14,11-9,8-11,11-7 Preston B.Quick,New York,NY Matthew Serediak,Toronto,ON Can 8-11,11-4,11-9,11-4 Justin D.Mather,Atlanta,GA Matthew Serediak,Toronto,ON Can 11-2,11-4,11-4 Allen Post,Atlanta,GA Keith Pritchard,Calgary,AB Can 7-11,11-8,11-7,11-8 Michael Coombe,Cincinnati,OH Iain Crozier,Winnipeg,MB Can 11-6,11-4,11-5 John C.Hatcher,Louisville,KY Michael Leckie,Vancouver,BC Can 11-6,11-5,11-8 Peter S.Logan,Detroit,MI Robert […]

Grant 2012

Grant Trophy March 16-18,2012  Piedmont Driving Club Atlanta,GA  USA 17 Canada 10 Winner Scores Eric Vicek,Rowayton,CT Preston B.Quick,New York,NY David M.Letourneau,Calgary,AB Matthew Serediak,Toronto,ON USA 15-10,15-10,15-11 Ahmed M.Hamza,Atlanta,GA Jeffrey Mulligan,New York,NY Michael Leckie,Vancouver,BC Timothy Loat,Toronto,ON Can 12-15,8-15,15-7,15-9,15-4 Peter N.Cipriano,New York,NY William J.Villari,Atlanta,GA Iain Crozier,Winnipeg,MB David M.Letourneau,Calgary,AB Can 11-15,15-13,10-15,15-7,15-12 Eben Hardie,Atlanta,GA Alexander Dean,San Francisco,CA Eric Watson,Calgary,AB Robert […]

Lawrence-Wilkins 2012

Lawrence-Wilkins Trophy March 16-18,2012 Piedmont Driving Club Atlanta,GA USA 9 Canada 6 Winner Scores James A.Gibbons,San Francisco,CA Richard E.Rice,Rochester,NY Jim Bruce,Toronto,ON Molson Robertson,Toronto,ON USA 16-13,18-15,11-15,9-15,15-12 Christopher B.Tatum,New York,NY Theodore R.Marmor,New York,NY Molson Robertson,Toronto,ON Robert Dubeau,Montreal,QC Can 15-10,15-6,15-10 WilliamA.Palmer,ColoradoSpringsCO Richard E.Rice,Rochester,NY Rea Godbold,Toronto,ON Molson Robertson,Toronto,ON Can 15-10,15-10,15-10 Frank A.Schmidt,San Carlos,CA Charles C.Benedict,Atlanta,GA Rea Godbold,Toronto,ON Anthony Ross,Toronto,ON […]

Crawford 2012

Crawford Cup March 16-18,2012 Piedmont Driving Club Atlanta,GA Canada 22 USA 8 Nikki Todd,Saskatoon,SK Karen Levine,Vancouver,BC Ann McGowan,New York,NY Katherine M.Rowan,Portland,OR Can 17-14,15-11,17-15 Laura Letourneau,Calgary,AB Danielle Letourneau,Calgary,AB Viveca Gruen,Brooklyn,NY Sarah McGowan,New York,NY Can 15-11,15-11,15-9 Cairn Meek,Toronto,ON Karen Levine,Vancouver,BC Viveca Gruen,Brooklyn,NY Beth A.Rasin,New York,NY Can 15-5,15-11,15-8 Judy Martin,Montreal,QC Susan Bell,Montreal,QC Marie Johnson Vicek,Rowayton,CT Katherine M.Rowan,Portland,OR USA […]