Lapham 2001

Lapham Cup February 9-11,2001 Toronto Cricket S&C Club Toronto,ON Canada 12 USA 3 Winner Scores Tyler Millard,Toronto,ON Michael Bittner,Rochester,NY Can  3-0 Robert Nigro,Toronto,ON Scott Brehman,Berwyn,PA Can  3-0 James Geddes,Vancouver,BC Kevin Jernigan,San Francisco,CA Can  3-1 Jonathan Gale,St.Johns,NL Stephen Joyce,Buffalo,NY Can  3-0 Robert Warden,Toronto,ON James Zug Jr,New York,NY Can  3-0 Marc Lalonde,Moncton,NB Eben Hardie,Atlanta,GA USA  3-0 John […]

Grant 2001

Grant Trophy: February 9-11, 2001 Toronto Cricket S&C Club, Toronto, ON Canada 9 USA 6 Winner Scores Michael Costigan,Cambridge,ON Michael Bittner,Rochester,NY CAN 3-0 Tyler Millard,Toronto,ON Brehman Scott,Berwyn,PA Scott Leggat,Hamilton,ON Stephen Joyce,Buffalo,NY CAN 3-0 Ward Meek,Toronto,ON Lachlan McIntosh,Philadelphia,PA Robert Frost,Toronto,ON James Zug Jr,New York,NY CAN 3-1 Robert Warden,Toronto,ON Kevin Jernigan,San Francisco,CA Clive Caldwell.Toronto,ON Peter De Rose,Buffalo,NY […]

Lawrence-Wilkins 2001

The Lawrence-Wilkins Trophy is presented by Edgar Bracht of Toronto for competition between male players over 70 years of age. It was first presented in 2001. Lawrence-Wilkins Trophy: February 9 – 11, 2001 Toronto Cricket S&C Club, Toronto, ON    Canada 2 Capt.Edgar Bracht,Toronto,ON USA 1 Capt.Michael McGorry,Buffalo,PA Winner Scores Norman Seagram,Toronto,ON Nelson Graves,Buffalo,NY Can […]