Team Canada Sweeps Lapham-Grant Matches

Team Canada led the way in this year’s Lapham-Grant matches, hosted in London, Ontario, at the London Squash Club, this weekend, April 23-26, cruising to victory over Team USA with a 70-28 overall scoreline. The annual Lapham-Grant matches take place between four different competitions: the men’s singles competing for the Lapham Cup, men’s doubles competing for […]

Crawford 2015

Crawford Trophy April 23 – 26, 2015 London Squash Club London, Ontario Canada 27 USA 17 Won  Scores Rebecca Hazell,Oakville,ON Stephanie Edmison,Toronto,ON Tehani Guruge,Jersey City,NJ Logan Greer,Portland,OR USA 13-15,15-13,7-15, 7-4, Def – Injury Laurie Savage,London,ON Heather Maclean,Toronto,ON Logan Greer,Portland,OR Tehani Guruge,Jersey City,NJ USA 15-12,10-15,15-8, 15-10 Nicole Garon,Clinton,ON Anne Smith,Elginburg,ON Beth Rasin,New York,NY Wendy Nolan,New York,NY […]

Lawrence Wilkins 2015

Lawrence – Wilkins Trophy April 23 – 26, 2015 London Squash Club London, Ontario Canada 11 USA 3 Wob By Scores David Bogert,Toronto,ON Robert Dubeau,Montreal,QC Theodore Marmor,New York,NY Donald Mills,Cincinnati,OH USA 15-12,12-15,15-13, 10-15,15-13 Peter Hall,Cambridge,ON Rea Godbold,Toronto,ON Charles Ogelsby,Bryn Maur,PA Alan Fox,Long Beach,CA Can 12-15,15-8,15-10, 15-8 Molson Robertson,Toronto,ON Anthony Swift,Toronto,ON Richard Rice,Rochester,NY Kit Tatum,New London,NH […]

Lapham 2015

Lapham Cup April 23 – 26, 2015 London Squash Club London, Ontario Canada 22 USA 7 Winner Scores Trevor Tyson,London,ON Elias Sarraf,Amherst,NY Can 11-9,11-5,11-7 Cory Shannon,London,ON Peter Logan,Grosse Pointe,MI Can 11-9,13-11,13-11 Michael Blythe,Dorchester,ON Kingman Basset,Buffalo,NY Can 11-7,11-8,11-4 Nicholas Guest,Mississauga,ON Henry Clutsam,Cincinnati,OH Can 11-9,11-6,10-12,8-11,11-9 Gary Delavigne,Sarnia,ON Mark Pagon,Haverford,PA Can 11-7,11-6,11-9 Nathan Drew,Burlington,ON Beau Jamison,Cincinnati,OH Can 11-8,8-11,6-11,11-2,11-4 […]

Grant 2015

Grant Trophy April 23 – 26, 2015 London Squash Club London, Ontario Canada 17 USA 4 Winner Scores Graham Smith,London,ON Bradley Hanebury,London,ON Michael Coombe,Cincinnati,OH Jay Hatcher,Louisville,KY Can 15-9,15-14,15-13 John Bowering,London, ON     Lindsay Smith,London,ON Liam Culman,New York,NY Robert Burton,Holland,MI USA 15-10,10-15,14-15,15-14,15-4 Darryl Saari,London,ON Cory Shannon,London,ON Jay Hatcher,Louisville,KY Mark Pagon,Haverford,PA Can 15-14,15-12,4-15,10-15,15-10 Jay Nash,London,ON                       Keith Flavell,Montreal,QC Scott […]